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Creating the Seeds of Success From Within

“Creating the Seeds of Success From Within”

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“Creating the Seeds of Success From Within”

By Dan Cavalli of

Let Experience of Others Teach You Most people I talk with agree that experience is the best teacher. People learn from experiencing things personally or through observation and then applying what they have learned to themselves. Surprisingly most don’t realise it’s not their personal experience that is the best teacher. The best teacher is learning from the experience of others without the agony or ecstasy of a personal experience. Let me tell you a story. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was wound up in my own success, killing myself and working 15 hour days. I Started the day at 5am and went through to 8pm snacking on goodies every 2 hours and enjoying $400 lunches. I ended up gaining 45 kg weighing 130kg and sat in front of a computer doing very little else. What was worse was the more successful I became the busier I was. I was caught in a vicious cycle, a roundabout and I couldn’t seem to get off. I was like a raging bull charging straight for the matador only to have his sword plunged between my shoulder blades down into my heart. Casually, during a conversation, a colleague said to me in a light hearted manner, “What are you going to do with all your money when you’re dead?” It was like a 10 pound hammer had hit me between the eyes and I felt dizzy as though I was seeing yellow stars! Bad Example Here I was an overweight person doing nothing to improve the quality of my life. No exercise, bad eating habits and neglecting my family and social life. I’d wake up to only one thing, work. I’d go home to only one thing thinking about the next day’s work. Previously, I had seen this behaviour in others but somehow I didn’t think it applied to me. I had become a victim of my own ignorance and world of self importance. How much easier would it have been if I took the advice of others before me? Instead I had to experience it and pay the price of not learning from the experiences of others. REMEMBER: Personal experience is not always the best teacher. Remember when we were children, we learned our way around the kitchen. However, helping mum cook in the kitchen was a dangerous pastime. Most of us have been burned at one time or another.

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That was when we were young and had no concept of learning except through our own experiences and mistakes. As adults we grew in knowledge and intelligence and found there was another way. We can learn from others! We saw the pain our parents or siblings experienced when they crushed their finger in the car door as it slammed shut. We soon realised that to avoid the same pain, we had to keep our fingers well out of the way of a closing door. Didn’t we? Not at all! I’m sure there are still adults who slam their fingers in car doors. It seems that even as adults some still have to experience the personal act before they learn the lesson. Examples Take for example people that smoke. They know the possible consequences of smoking but do they stop? They often stop when they are in hospital and the doctor advises them to quit or they will die. What about speeding? Speed can maim or kill if in an accident. And yet people still speed. In these examples as with most experiences the person knew about the consequences of their actions however refused to change until they personally experienced devastation.

The Astute The astute person watches others to end up with the desired outcome they are interested in having. It’s simple really, assimilate the experiences of others and don’t do something that has an outcome you don’t like. Now, relate that back to the situation above and ask if it would be wise to be motivated by my story. Do you want to be free of stress and have a healthy lifestyle? Ignorance Price Many times my advice has been ignored by those asking for it and in many cases this has cost them dearly. That’s their prerogative, I can only empathise not sympathise with them for being fools. On one such occasion I asked an individual who had just lost $750,000 this question: Why did you not take my advice? They said, “Just because I get advice, I don’t have to take it”. The answer blew me away. What a foolish man. He is and will be paying for that attitude for many years to come. Asking for, taking and paying for advice is something to be valued. Learn from the experience of others. Don’t play the ignorant fool and have to learn from your own personal experience. The Advice People are looking for so They Don’t Have to Experience the downside I recently analysed the data gathered from feedback of one of my lists of over 22,000 people to identify what challenges they most wanted to learn how to overcome. My aim is to address these challenges and give specific advice on how to overcome them. That way if they apply what they will learn they will have the chance to enjoy the better things in life. The 3 biggest challenges were: -I can’t save money For your free 5 day mini-course on “How To Make More Sales In 5 Days Or Less” go to


-I can’t get myself free of debt -I want to be financially independent A whopping 46.77% of members said they wanted to know how to save money, be debt free and become financially independent. Although these challenges are different essentially they are variations of the same challenge. They are really symptoms of a bigger problem. So I am going to provide brief but specific strategies to give you confidence in overcoming these challenges. Step one: Plant the seeds of success The seeds of success are not in you if you can’t save... it’s that simple. That’s why it’s so important to apply this first step correctly and as fast as you possibly can. Why? So you can build on this step and overcome the other challenges. Because money is grown from money if you don’t have any to start with that’s where you stay… broke. It doesn’t matter what the amount is just save some so that you are planting seeds to breed success. Tip: First save, then pave… I’ve always maintained that if you can’t do something yourself get someone else to do it for you. Not everyone can save so start small even if it’s $1.00 a week. In my case when I started, I got my paymaster to take $10 out of my weekly pay and put it in another special account called “My savings”. This will open your mind’s chakra and pave the way to financial independence. Step two: Allocate part of your pay for bills before you get it Part two of the major challenges was how to “get free of debt”. To get out of debt just create a plan and follow it through. I know everyone is different and some don’t have the discipline to do that. When I started, I also got my paymaster to take $40 out of my pay and put it in a special account called “My Bills”. Then I used the money in this account to pay my debts. I had an authority from my creditors to direct debit what was owed out of that account each month. The amount of money you put in this account will be determined by your present situation. So first you have to save and then pay off your debts. It will take time but if you use the strategies I have suggested you will succeed. There is something magic in the fact that if you get it taken out of your pay first you don’t seam to miss it. Try it it works. If you don’t have enough money to do this either get a second job or cut your spending. Step three: Get advice from a financial expert and use your savings to invest This is the way to financial independence. Build your money and invest wisely. It is a long term strategy but it will work if you stick at it. The category of investments will be determined by your present situation. Finally Part three of the major challenges was how to “become financially independent”. To achieve that you must be in business. In my case before I started in business, I knocked on 341 pizza shop doors and offered to work for free for four evenings a week in return for being taught how to make pizzas. There are ways to accomplish this if you are willing to get ahead. Are you employed on a high salary or a small one? If you are earning great money you must invest in a business partially or own it outright. The key first is to learn a business that you like and go after it before you buy or create one. It won’t cost you any money to learn. When you’ve done that I’ll show you how to start up your own business and start making some real money.

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Some words of warning, forget about spending money when starting up a business on the Internet [unless you use the strategy I’ve just mentioned by learning it for FR’EE first]. I have spent over $150,000 on building an Internet business and its hard work. Sure you’ll hear all the gurus telling you something differently… start with nothing a build a business that gives you $5,000 a month. But ask yourself would they say the same if they didn’t have a product to sell you. No… learn the way I have suggested first then buy or create your business knowing what you are doing. Research the Internet find those who are willing to give you help without paying for it just yet. Work out which way is the best way to go. Learn more about how to become financially independent go to my blog: where you will learn: 1. How to turn your money worries into infinite sources of cash using ancient wisdom and modern intelligence. 2. How I generated 35,000 paying customers in 18 months 3. How I created over 21,500 subscribers for my Internet business in less than 5 weeks I know this is a skeleton outline of what to do but what else can you do to get ahead?

Create Belief in Your Ability to Do It You have a choice to make in everyday situations. You have to choose whether what you have been told is the truth, an untruth or somewhere in between. When it comes to your mind telling you whether what you are thinking is true or untrue (or in other words it is telling you that you are not as good at something or as good as you feel you could be) what should you do? Here are three strategies to take on board to strengthen your belief systems in yourself: 1. Don’t permit yourself to think about failure. Only think about success. 2. Keep telling yourself that you are better than you think you are. 3. Think and believe big. Your success is determined by how big your belief in yourself is. To enable you to do this, I suggest that you start and continue to develop your self image and belief in yourself through a self development course. When you implement this training make sure that you include the essential elements of an effective training plan. 1. Provide the proper content, what to do. 2. The “what” is based on attitudes and techniques of other successful people and how they think and the way in which they apply thinking. 3. Give instructions on how to do it. 4. The “how” is based on guides to implement the tasks involved. 5. Show what can be achieved. The achievements are explained along the way giving you a sense of feeling worthwhile. The various targets and concepts I present here may look impossible at first but I will teach you how to evaluate and conceptualise each task so it can be achieved. However, one person will determine how much success you will enjoy. That is “You” and you alone.

Strong and concentrated thoughts are strong and concentrated forces.

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There is a famous and well-documented experiment conducted by psychologist Alan Richardson. He divided a group of student basketball players into three groups and tested their ability to score baskets. Each group’s results were recorded. The first group was then directed to come into the gym every day for a month to practice shooting. The second group was instructed not to engage in practice. The third group didn’t step foot in the gym, but instead stayed in their dorms mentally imagining themselves practicing. For half an hour each day they “saw” themselves shooting and scoring and improving. They continued this inner “practice” every day. After a month, the three groups were tested again. The first group (those who practiced shooting every day) showed a 24 percent improvement in their scores. The second group (those who did no practice) showed no improvement. And the third group who, remember, had practiced only in their minds – improved equally as much as the group that had practiced for real! When you focus you influence the thoughts in your mind. Your mind can hold only one thought at a time, so positive affirmation works by “filling” your mind with thoughts that support your goal. There’s no room for negativity to germinate. It’ll keep away these negative things from your life. However, there are three impostors who eventually show up in your life and claim that they control your future. Be aware of each of them, wait for them to show up, and then expose them for what they are – harmless impostors who have no right to influence you. The first impostor is that situations and circumstances of your life keep you down. Dead wrong! Your circumstances and situations never keep you down. The only things that keep you down and keep you stuck are your thoughts. change only after you’ve developed your new consciousness, not before.


Your reality will

Realise that you can’t reach your full potential if you think circumstances control your life. Some people spend their entire lives thinking that they are what they are because of circumstances. You are not where you are because of where you were born or who your parents are. Winners develop a stubborn refusal to let their circumstances affect their future. Life itself is neither out to destroy you nor to support you. Life is neutral, so it will return its joys and rewards in proportion to the efforts you put forth. You will reap what you SOW. The second great impostor is the thought that you are where you are because of what other people have done for you. If you think that other people are responsible for your failure, you will never be a Performer. Almost without exception, every unsuccessful person blames other people for his or her circumstances. Quit blaming other people for what’s going on in your life and start taking responsibility. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, you are never a failure until you start to blame other people, and it’s just an escape mechanism. The third great impostor tries to tell you that events control your future. But you can’t reach your full potential if you think like this, and Performers know it’s not what happens to them that affects performance. How you react to what happens to you is the only thing that makes a difference. For your free 5 day mini-course on “How To Make More Sales In 5 Days Or Less” go to


The great World War II Admiral William F Halsey said: “There aren’t any great men. There are just great challenges that ordinary men like you and me are forced by circumstances to meet.” So, accept that events – the things that happen to you – don’t control your achievements either. The single most important thing that impacted on my life is contained in the words of the Himalayan explorer W.H Murray, “The moment one definitely commits oneself then providence moves too.” Providence is when things can occur to help you when you think you could never be helped. A whole stream of events issue from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man would have believed would have come his way. By 1874, Bell was aware of the power of providence after a decision is made; he knew there were other inventors also working toward inventing the harmonic telegraph. Among them was an experienced professional, Elisha Gray, who was interested in telegraphing vocal sounds. Gray was an accomplished inventor, an expert in electricity, and a successful entrepreneur who received his first patent in 1867 for an automatic telegraph relay. Bell knowing this wrote to Hubbard,” It’s a neck and neck race between Gray and me. I resolve to press on…” On February 14, 1876 attorney and Bell’s partner Gardiner Hubbard filed a patent application on behalf of Alexander Graham Bell, entitled “Improvements in Telegraphy. It had no mention of the word “telephone” and did not refer to transmission of speech. Bell was probably unaware that within a few hours after his patent application was filed; Gray submitted a “caveat” for a “speaking telephone”. But Gray was too late. Providence had intervened already using Hubbard to register the patent. The difference of a few hours allowed Alexander Graham Bell to prevail in the race for everlasting fame. U.S. patent number 174,465, issued to Alexander Graham Bell on March 7, 1876, described a method of electrical induction that formed the basis of the telephone. Grey didn’t stand a chance against Bell’s commitment. Bell’s legacy to the world, ultimately led to the birth of American Telephone & Telegraph (AT & T), one of the wealthiest corporations in the world. It was to be one of the most lucrative and litigated patents in the history of America.

So how do we learn to win and draw on the power of providence? One way is to practice to win and you’ll get better. Become an ace. According to Webster’s dictionary, the term ace denotes one who excels at something. It is also a title given to combat pilots who have at least five in-air victories. World War II produced more fighter-pilot aces than any other conflict with 1,285 pilots earning the title during this period. How did they accomplish this feat? Most did it the traditional way, in dogfights. One, Major Erich Hartmann, is known in military literature as the Ace of Aces. He had 352 confirmed in-air victories.

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The other pilot who had the same unique strategy was Sergeant “Paule” Rossmann, Hartmann’s mentor. He himself had more than 80 victories. It was Rossmann who invented the approach that ultimately led to Hartmann’s extraordinary success. Early in his career, Rossmann suffered an injury to his arm that never healed, and he was unable to dogfight. In a typical dogfight, victory goes to those with superior physical strength, so he developed a compensating but risky technique. He attacked only when he was in the best possible position to win. Then he would focus all his resources at the ideal target the one that would give him the maximum return on his investment. Hartmann credits Rossmann’s approach, the “see and decide prior to firing” method, with his own success. It also explains how Hartmann survived 1425 combat missions, yet he was never even wounded. I have concluded that the “see and decide” method is based on decision making, if you make one major decision correctly, you can become economically productive. If you are creative enough to select the ideal vocation, you can win, and win big-time. The really brilliant millionaires are those who selected a vocation that involves a close net group of people – one that has few competitors and generates ongoing profits. Alexander Bell realised these principles and wrote, “The whole thing is mine and I am sure of fame, fortune, and success… people can order everything they want from the stores without leaving home and chat comfortably with each other by telegraph wires. He believed and stated that “the real reward of labour such as mine was in the fulfilment of a goal with enduring value, more valuable than any medal made of gold…a medal that will wear as long as history itself!” Bell’s investments provided a comfortable annual income of about $37,000 when the average annual income was less than $400. Yes, the average worker is sick and tired of trying to get ahead. Every time they try, they hit a brick wall. Then when they’re down the knockers kick them in the guts. Let’s resolve now to change something and create something worthwhile. It comes down to me if it’s going to be. Yes this year is still a good time to resolve to do better. Commercialisation of the telephone allowed Bell to realise his goal of financial freedom and liberate him from working to earn a living. The commercialisation of the telephone and deregulation has made it possible for you and I to enjoy similar benefits today. Let’s resolve to remember when opportunity shows herself to take a little risk and meet her half way. All things worthwhile are worth taking a little risk. REMEMBER: Let’s resolve that adaptability alone is not implementation of change is the key to shaping ones future.





Let’s resolve to remember the impostors that are bent on ruining and tearing down our chance of success. Tell the impostor of circumstances, negative people, and events that occur in our life to leave us alone and fight for positive thought.

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Let’s not give up. Let’s think positively not negatively. Fight hard, fight long and fight with heart. Let’s resolve to put on a thick skin so the knockers’ hits will bounce off. Let’s resolve to strengthen our armour against the onslaughts of the scumbags of life. Let’s resolve to get out of the nine to five rat race and get involved in our own business. Take on the traits of the rich, the millionaires, the decamillionaires and even the billionaires. Know the joy is not in the title or gain of riches, but rather the journey we wish to take to get to our destination and to taste life. Let’s resolve not to be beaten by our thoughts but try some action, try some physical exertion, try something before we give up the race not to change our circumstances. Let’s resolve to consider our future instead of adapting to what the world offers us on a plate. Let’s destroy the plate of adaptability and make small changes to our life. Let’s resolve to make decisions and commit ourselves to a better life and kick in the power of providence to move the world to our will instead of our will to the world. Let’s resolve to become an ace of aces by involving ourselves in the dog fight of life knowing the more dog fights we have, the better we become. I believe all workers have experienced the dog fight of life and deserve the better things life has to offer such as a fine car, a house to be proud of, to protect and shelter ones family, and income that provides for your family with what they need. Bell wrote to his wife Mabel, “I want to take off the hardships of life to leave me free to follow the ideas that interest me”. Money generated from the commercialisation of the telephone gave Bell the freedom and opportunity to pursue his ceaseless dreams of inventions and to advance humanitarian causes. Let’s have the freedom to do what you’d like to do without feeling you can’t afford it and have the security to know that you don’t have to work from daylight to dark for someone else.

“Shoot for the stars”, someone said to me and you’ll hit an eagle. I’d like to sum it up by telling you my thoughts on this. Think of yourself as an archer, an archer of life, an archer of good and an archer for your family. When the target seems too distant know the capabilities of your bow and aim a good deal higher than your objective, not in order to shoot so high but so that by aiming high you can reach your target. Know your target, aim high so that you reach it and maybe you’ll not only shine for yourself and your family, but maybe it’ll shine in the hearts of the entire human race. Recommendations The way to use this information to assist you to grow your business massively and make it bigger and better, faster is by understanding and appreciating that for the magic to happen it has to start with you. Actually thinking that you want the bigger and better things in life faster is a start.

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To explore this philosophy of thinking big you may get further information from and join. Here’s to your success in getting the bigger and better things in life faster. Dan Cavalli About the author Dan Cavalli is a small business expert and creator of success business articles, videos and audios.

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