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Electric bill is one of the most expensive utilities for many households. In today's bad economy situation, more and more people are trying to find way to reduce their expenses, and electric bill is among the important bills to be reduced. There are a few very effective ways to cut down your electric bills significantly. You can always start with simple ways to enjoy immediate electric bill savings while working out for long term plan to convert your home energy source to cost effective energy alternative. Here are the 5 simple ways to reduce your electric bills: 1. Use Efficient Compact Florescent Bulbs The most instant electric bill savings is changing your home's old fashioned light bulbs with efficient compact florescent bulbs. With a few dollars spending to buy those bulbs that are designed for energy efficiency, you can significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. Those efficient compact bulbs just use a fraction of the energy than what traditional light bulbs are used; they can last 10 times longer and enabling you to save money that is needed to replace bulbs. 2. Reduce The Energy Waste Of Your Heater Do you know one of the major electric consumption home appliances is heater? If you want to reduce your electric bill significantly, then you must do something with your heater to prevent the waste of energy. What you need to do is to check the temperature setting of your heater. Normally it will be set at above 120 degree mark to stay away from potential harmful bacteria. In fact, you don't need to set at the degree high than 120 to waste energy. If your heater is set at higher degree than 120, then re-set the setting to 120 degree will helps you to save your electric bill. 3. Set Air Condition At The Right Temperature If you do use air condition to cool down the air temperature of your home during summer time, then don't set the air condition's temperature too low to waste energy. Statistics show that 20 to 25 degree of temperature should be comfortable for most people. Although setting the temperature below 20 degree will give you more cooling feeling, but it will also mean more energy will be used and you will need to pay more electric bill at the end. So, set the air condition at the right temperature will help you to save your electric bill. 4. Switch Off Un-used Electric Appliances & Computer and Lights Most people will let their room light on even they are not at the room; they turn off their computer

without switching off the main switch and let other electric appliances to be at the standby mode for ease of uses. But these practices waste more energy and cause you need to pay more electric bills. You should switch them off if you do not want to use them so that you pay less in your electric bill. 5. Convert To Solar Energy Source For long term purpose, converting your home energy to be powered by solar energy system will help to reduce your electric bills significantly. Although it might be a little bit costly to install a solar power system, but for long term, it still the most cost efficient energy source that will save your electric bill significantly.

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==== ==== Exclusive access to outstanding deals on the essential services people use everyday! Click on the link below to explore the services that best suit your needs. ==== ====

5 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bills