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Softball walloped by Wooster


team’s struggles continued in yesterday’s home doubleheader against Wooster, as the team dropped both contests to the Scots. Wooster ing in game two and were shutout 4-0. Allegheny is now 2-6 in the NCAC with six games remaining.

Tennis back on court Gators face eight in five after two weeks By CHARLIE MAGOVERN

Springfest wasn’t the only April. Just ask the Allegheny consecutive gloomy weekends, games- weather permitting, of course. Allegheny has played only once this past week, and with their last conference game coming on April 10, the players are getting antsy to play in a game with high stakes. “It’s kind of like when you have one of those really long innings where your pitcher is walking a lot of people,” said “We’re ready to play and our guys are itching to get out on Allegheny has until Tuesday to get in as many games as possible, and must play at least four to be eligible for the playCHARLIE MAGOVERN/THE CAMPUS Patrick Cole is 6-2 this spring, and will try to stay hot despite not playing a match since April 7. Two wins this weekend will give the Gators the No. 2 seed in the NCAC tournament. By DAN MARCUS

weeks without a match due to inclement weather. In fact, it is a huge weekend with seeding implications for the NCAC Tournament, which starts next Friday. If the Gators can manage to win both matches they will earn the No. 2 seed in the East Division of the NCAC. Allegheny faces Oberlin on Friday and match against Allegheny with a record of 6-14 (1-1), but head coach Jared Luteran said that Oberlin has made marked improvement since their last match. 4-12 (0-2) and Luteran said the team will enter Freshman Patrick Cole, the team’s top sinand cockiness. cannot go out there and think you are going to be handed a win,” said Cole. What makes Luteran most nervous about this weekend is the lack of a solid scouting re-

freshmen and one sophomore for most of the season, while Oberlin starts freshman at the top team has little scouting report about Wooster, and only information on the bottom of Oberlin’s lineup. One key for the players will be to slightly tweak their games according to the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. “During warm-ups I try to see what my opponent is doing and how to best play him,” Cole said. While the weather leading to rustiness seems

currently in seventh place out of nine with a 3-5 conference record, it’s likely going to take more than four wins to make it to the postseason. put a major strain on the Gator -

gled with depth this season.

senior Mike Pereslucha and freshman Kyle Davis are in the top 10 in ERA in the NCAC, the Gators’ team ERA is seventh at 6.35. “We’re really going to need to have some guys bounce back earlier than they normally would and have guys contribute that haven’t contributed as much,” said head coach Kelly Swiney. and Pereslucha today at Oberlin, then senior David Stawser and sophomore Frank Brank tomorrow at home against Kenyon. From there, Swiney will have to be creative. “We hope that maybe Davis can bounce back on Sunday against Wooster, and then we kind of don’t know from there. We’ll see where we’re at,” Swiney said. Gators are hoping that their can drive them into the playAaron Lynch, along with junior Ben Lowmaster, are the NCAC’s top three hitters, with three others in the top 20. “We know we have the offense, and that’s maybe what going to have to happen, some of these games we are going

to have to out-slug the other team,” Swiney said. Outhitting the opposition is a real possibility, mostly because Oberlin and Kenyon’s starting pitching lacks depth. “Kenyon and Oberlin have one ‘shut-down’ guy,” Nichols said. “Beating them would give the second games.” Even if Allegheny doesn’t get the wins they need to move on this weekend, Swiney and the rest of the Gators don’t want Mother Nature to be the one responsible for them missing the postseason. “Win or lose, we just want to get the opportunity to play our said. “I don’t want to be sitting here on Tuesday saying, ‘Well, we didn’t get to play this team or that team, and if we did we against the Gators, but they believe they can make a strong showing at the NCAC tourna-

“It’s just about making the tournament,” Swiney said. “We feel if we make the tournament we have as good a chance if not better than anybody to win it.”

his team can overcome it. days ago, but by the end of practice the level was back up. I don’t really expect it be an issue again,” said Luteran. Senior captain Jake Allmaras credited Luteran for keeping morale high. “Our coach continuously reminds us that we team motivation to work hard and stay focused during practice.”

CHARLIE MAGOVERN/THE CAMPUS the keys for the team in their upcoming eight games.

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days ago, but by the end of practice the level was back up. I don’t really expect it be an issue again,” said Luteran. Senior captain Jake A...