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Dana Swearingen Professor Pearson JRN 371 Sunday, January 12, 2014 How To Do A Top Knot Bun Did you wake up late and only have ten minutes to dedicate to your hair? Did you wake up and had a bad hair day? Or did you wake up and just felt plain lazy? No worries! Top knot buns are cute, quick, and look like you spent more than ten minutes on, and I’m going to tell you how in five quick easy steps. Step one: Straighten your hair with a flat iron. Make sure hair is brushed and no knots are present. If you have more time, wash and dry hair prior to flat ironing it. Step two: Put your hair in a high ponytail, the higher your ponytail the higher your bun will be. Step three: Take sections of your hair and tease them, leaving the ends un-teased and straight. You should have six to eight sections of hair in your ponytail that is teased, depending on the thickness of your hair. Step four: Brush the outside of the teased sections so you can’t see the knots, and wrap the sections around your ponytail, bobby pinning the section where you see fit. Do this to all the pieces until you have a bun on your head! Step five: Spray hair spray over the finished product, brush over any areas you might see your knots, and you’re finished! Have fun looking fabulous in less than ten minutes.

Writing Assignment: How to do a top knot bun  
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