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A Message from Dr. Burkey and Mr. Drzal ™

OUR MISSION Our learning community will inspire, challenge and empower all students always. OUR VISION District 158, together with our community, leads by inspiring everyone to be: • Lifelong, self-directed learners who are active participants in an ever-changing world with the confidence to take risks and “fail forward” • 21st-century thinkers equipped with the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration • Globally aware, ethical, empathetic, culturally responsible citizens • Champions of personal growth and development • Developers of today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders


Huntley 158 residents, In last year’s annual report, we centered our discussion around the theme of becoming a Destination School DistrictTM. The high-quality education we offer students has continued to attract new families to the Huntley area. We also are pleased to report that the wide reach of our reputation has also aided us in recruiting talented staff with a diverse set of backgrounds, both to fill high-demand vacancies and to help us continue the growth of our innovative offerings. Word of our groundbreaking Youth Residency Program (medical internship) reached millions of readers from coast to coast thanks to an Associated Press article that ran in numerous print and online media outlets in December 2016. In its inaugural year, the program placed 24 Huntley High School seniors alongside medical professionals in all areas of Centegra Health Services facilities. Believed to be the first program of its kind, the Youth Residency enables students to gain hands-on experiences and mentoring from professionals on rotations, providing them a huge head start on their college health science courses. That success is just one example of many significant “firsts” accomplished within our District in 2016-17. It also serves as an example of our philosophy to continue evolving, to break down the constraints of the traditional school day, and to provide students with the best preparation for college and career readiness. This document details many more examples of “firsts” we’ve achieved and provides a report on our successes in accomplishing District-wide goals stemming from our strategic plan. We’re firmly rooted in the community that continues to support us as a Destination School DistrictTM but we’re not done advancing. As always, thank you for your support.

John Burkey, Ed.D. Superintendent Huntley 158

Donald Drzal President Board of Education



Continuously improve student achievement and growth. Indicator


84% of students will meet or exceed expected growth in reading. 84% of students will meet or exceed expected growth in math. 43% of Limited English Proficiency students will meet or exceed the benchmark in reading.

36% of Limited English Proficiency students will meet or exceed the benchmark in math.

41% of students with an IEP will meet the benchmark in reading. 39% of students with an IEP will meet the benchmark in math.

The number of students in AP or Dual Credit courses will increase by 2%.

The number of AP tests taken and Dual Credit passing grades will increase by 2%.

ACT composite average score will increase by 0.2 over prior year.

1:1 Learning Chromebook rollout will be implemented for all high school students.

Plan for HHS Alternative School will be completed.

Complete studies of potential Fine Arts and Global Studies academies at the high school.

Complete PreK-12 literacy review with recommendations ready by March 2017.

Implement SAT college readiness assessment sequence for grades 9-11.

Pilot new reporting and communication structure in grades 3 and 6.

Total 12/15 3

Huntley 1 of 10 Illinois Districts Piloting Competency-Based Education Huntley 158 is one of 10 Illinois school districts selected to participate in the first cohort of Illinois’ Competency-Based High School Graduation Requirements Pilot Program. The program is targeted to spur innovation among school districts to develop competency-based learning systems. Each school district chosen to participate in the pilot will create a competency-based learning system. In competency-based learning, educators assess and advance students based on demonstrated mastery of specific skills, abilities, and knowledge rather than on time in the classroom. Competency-based learning allows for a potentially more relevant and personalized learning experience for students, in addition to deeper integration of technology and better utilization of teacher talent.

“The 10 school districts participating in the first cohort of the Competency-Based High School Graduation Requirements Pilot are opening new doors for students and educators,” said State Superintendent of Education Tony Smith, Ph.D. “These districts are modeling the future I want to see in Illinois – innovative, led by educators, supportive of the whole child and of every student reaching their full potential, and with schools at the center of healthy communities.” Huntley High School’s pilot will attempt to break down the walls of the traditional classroom and allow students to progress at a personalized pace. Teachers will guide their progress and offer seminar-like instruction, allowing students to demonstrate mastery of learning standards across subject areas rather than completing courses. Photo by Mark Loewe



Provide safe, healthy and nurturing environments conducive to learning and wellness. Indicator


Students earning Healthy & Fit or Outstanding designation in fitness testing will increase 2%.

Wellness Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Education for a change in policy by March 2017.

Framework for alignment with restorative justice practices will be created.

Begin embedding Social Emotional Learning Standards into Tier One core instruction.

Implement Raptor Visitor Management System at all buildings.




HHS Listed Among Getting Smart’s “100 Schools Worth Visiting” Huntley High School is among 100 middle and high schools from throughout the country listed by Getting Smart as “schools worth visiting” for educators. The list recommends schools that can “give educators a refreshing outlook on what schools can do” and includes schools that achieve extraordinary results for underserved communities, create powerful learning experiences, and/or are innovative blended and competency-based models. Huntley High is included in recognition of its pioneering Alpha Courses Blended Learning Program. Getting Smart describes the program as empowering both students and teachers to modify learning schedules based on student needs.

The site previously highlighted the HHS Blended Learning Program in a feature article. The site also credits success to the District’s commitment to technology as the largest K-12 provider of personalized learning devices in the state, well-designed and flexible learning spaces, including the HHS Hub, and commitment to providing both students and teachers support through the rollout of innovative programs. is a community for news, stories and leadership on innovations in learning and teaching. Users engage by reading, watching, listening, and sharing thought leading perspectives in feature blogs and publications on K-12, Higher Ed and lifelong learning.



Attract, support, develop, and retain the best and brightest staff. Indicator


Actively recruit staff and administrators statewide for high-demand areas.

Offer professional development to support implementation of math and special education reviews.

Offer professional development in key areas of Professional Learning Communities.

Begin new Leadership Academy cohort with a focus on school building administration.

Implement targeted professional development plans for every school administrator.

Finalize and implement Huntley University comprehensive professional development system for improvement of instruction.




Bus Driver Among Several Employees Honored by State of Illinois On one of 2016-17’s most-watched episodes of Huntley 158 Today, the District’s weekly online video series, students shared their thoughts on what made riding Patricia Robinson’s bus one of the best parts of their school days. In addition to winning over the hearts of thousands of students during her career with the District, Mrs. Robinson, better known to many of her riders as “Mama Bear,” was recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education in 2016 among “Those Who Excel,” an honor for individuals who have made significant contributions to our state’s elementary and secondary schools. Eleven staff members, administrators, and volunteers were among those honored by the State.

Visit for an archive of past episodes of Huntley 158 Today. 8


Foster ownership through trusting and engaged partnerships with families and the community. Indicator


Increase District-level engagement with existing auxiliary organizations.

Create online 1:1 resource page for parents to better support personalized learning for students.

Produce at least one high-quality video and expand video production efforts to tell the District story.

Submit at least five proposals to present at high-visibility conferences.

The District will be featured in at least two regional, one trade, and one national publication.




First Class of HHS Youth Residency Program Celebrated at Centegra The first class of students to complete the Huntley High School Youth Residency Program in partnership with Centegra Health System was recognized at a ceremony at the new Centegra Hospital-Huntley on May 9.​ Students were joined by their parents and received certificates from Michael S. Eesley, CEO of Centegra, and Dr. John Burkey, Superintendent of Huntley 158. The program, believed to be the only of its kind in the country, placed students in rotations in more than 20 departments of the new Centegra HospitalHuntley for at least 2.5 hours a week throughout the past school year. In addition, students received mentoring from Centegra healthcare professionals and supplemented their hands-on learning with academic coursework.

The program gained widespread attention when an Associated Press article chronicling students’ experiences was syndicated in newspapers, websites, and television news programs across the country. Both Burkey and Eesley said in their remarks that they hoped the students would build off of the experiences they had in the program to continue their studies in health sciences and ultimately enter professions that will benefit the Huntley area. Members of the class have received admittance to selective post-secondary programs and scholarships at colleges and universities including the University of Iowa, University of Illinois-Chicago, Duquesne University, Baylor University, and others.



Prioritize and allocate resources effectively and equitably while operating with increased efficiency. Indicator


Year-end fund balances must be at or above 25% of operating budget.

Operating expenditure per pupil will be at least 20% lower than the state average.

District will maintain “Financial Recognition” status from the State.

District will maintain AA bond rating.

The District’s 5-year financial plan will be updated with three revenue and expenditure scenarios.

By February, administration will present an Alumni Association/Development Fund proposal. The District will apply for at least 5 grants.

The District will increase local business support for its educational and financial needs.




Huntley #2 Most Fiscally Efficient K-12 District in Chicagoland Area Huntley 158 maintained its position as a model of efficiency, with a per-pupil spending rate lower than all but one school district in McHenry and Kane Counties, and lower than all but one school district among unit districts in the Chicagoland area.

construction and in remodeling of existing buildings. As highlighted in a recent report from the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center, the District has realized savings of more than $660,000 a year through energy efficiency projects.

At $9,769, the District’s per-student rate was about 25% less than the state average of almost $13,000.

The Huntley High School addition project, which wrapped up construction in 2016, increased the school’s footprint by approximately 25%, yet resulted in no net increase in utility costs.

Despite growth in enrollment, staffing needs, building space, innovative programming, human resources, materials, and other costs, the District has maximized efficiency to keep its spending rate low. Among these efforts has been a commitment to investing in energy efficiency, both in new

In addition, the District manages several in-house operational departments commonly outsourced by school districts at higher costs, including Transportation and Food Services. 12

FINANCIALS Fiscal Year 2016

Operating Revenues: $93,952,802 Operating Expenditures: $92,715,331

Fiscal Year 2017

Operating Revenues: $97,821,399 Operating Expenditures: $97,587,155

Huntley 158 maintains one of the highest ratings for financial efficiency in the Chicago area. While in recent years having increased employee compensation to levels competitive with surrounding districts, our operational expense per student rate of $9,739 continues to rank #2 among all unit districts in Chicago and its 10 surrounding counties.

Operational Spending Per Pupil vs. Benchmark Districts (2016) Source: Illinois State Board of Education




l nt




EAV Per Student (Tax Base) vs. Benchmark Districts

Tax Rate

vs. Benchmark Districts

Crystal Lake 155


Woodstock 200


Barrington 220


Yorkville 115


Naperville 203


Kaneland 302


Geneva 304


Crystal Lake 47/155*


Crystal Lake 47


Oswego 308


St. Charles 303


Belvidere 100


Indian Prairie 204


District 300


Kaneland 302


Geneva 304


District 300


St. Charles 303


Yorkville 115


Plainfield 202


Huntley 158


Huntley 158


Woodstock 200


Indian Prairie 204


Plainfield 202


Naperville 203


Oswego 308


Barrington 220


Belvidere 100


Source: Illinois State Board of Education

*Combined tax rate for elementary and high school districts.


EAV per student is a measure of the property wealth on which the District may levy taxes. As indicated in the chart on the left, our tax base is low in comparison to benchmark districts.


TAX RATE (per $100)

Despite a relatively low tax base, the District also maintains a low tax rate in comparison to benchmark districts. This unusual combination reflects our commitment to the highest degree of fiscal and operational efficiency.







LOOKING AHEAD at the State’s 2018 budget and revised school funding formula,

Huntley 158 expects to receive additional state funding approximating $600,000 to $800,000. While finalized numbers have not been communicated to the District as of press time, this long-overdue additional funding is welcome. The new funding formula represents a strong effort to provide a basis for adequate and equitable funding for all school districts, accounting for disparities in property wealth and regional cost adjustments. However, Illinois continues to have one of the country’s least balanced structures between state and local funding sources for education. The District will remain vigilant in ensuring state education funding benefits all students always.


RECOGNITIONS Huntley High School was again named to the Washington Post’s Most Challenging High Schools in America list. The list primarily reflects the Post’s own Challenge Index score, which measures the number of college-level tests given at a school in the previous calendar year divided by the number of graduates that year.


In the final year of the ACT as the State of Illinois’ statewide college entrance exam, HHS students matched the school’s highest average composite score of 23.0. HHS successfully transitioned to the the new SAT suite of assessments for the first time, with scores to be available in the coming year. Huntley 158 opened the doors to its Alternative Learning Opportunities Program (ALOP) in spring 2017 for students who struggled to succeed in the traditional school environment. Among the 26 high school and 2 middle school students enrolled in the first semester, huge leaps were made in academic success. High school credits earned increased from 26.5 in the first semester to 65 in ALOP, and the attendance rate increased by 16%. In addition, two students successfully completed graduation requirements.



Increase in AP/Dual Credit enrollment

HHS hosted its first-ever IACACRecognized College Fair, attracting more than 125 colleges and universities and students from 22 area high schools. Recognition as a host site is a marker of both the local area’s importance as a high-growth population center and as a producer of high-quality, college-bound students.


 59% 29% 2% 2.5% 2%

A total of 1,169 AP tests were administered, and students earned 256 passing grades in dual credit courses, totaling an increase in college credit opportunities of 10% year-to-year.

HHS CLASS OF 2017 plan to attend a 4-year college or university plan to attend a 2-year college or university plan to attend a trade or technical school plan to enlist in the military plan to enter the workforce

46 HHS students were the District’s first-ever recipients of state recognition for mastery of English and another language. 26 students received the Seal of Biliteracy, and 23 received the Commendation of Biliteracy. To qualify, native English speakers must earn a 4 or 5 on an AP Exam in a foreign language. HHS offers Spanish, Chinese, and French.

LIGHT PROGRAM The LIGHT (Life Instruction Guiding Huntley Transition) Program is a special services transitional program that aims to prepare students ages 18-22 for independent living with supports for employment and education and/or training.


The LIGHT Program works with more than local employers, who provide competitive employment opportunities for students while they work on their educational goals.


Photo by Mark Loewe


About of LIGHT Program students are actively employed, substantially higher than the national labor force participation for individuals with disabilities of 20.4%. In addition, each graduate completed over 500 volunteer hours and earned a silver cord.

IN THE NEWS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER HHS promgoers were the envy of millions of teens worldwide when the Grammy-winning duo The Chainsmokers dropped in on the school’s celebration. Invited by a student weeks prior, the group worked secretly with high school principal Dr. Scott Rowe to plan the surprise. Footage quickly went viral and made the rounds on top television, radio, online, social and print media outlets, from the Today Show and Good Morning America to People, Buzzfeed, and MTV. A number of students and staff were interviewed by outlets across the U.S. to tell the story. “The kids weren’t exactly sure what was going on,” Rowe said. “About three words in somebody screamed ‘That’s The Chainsmokers!’ and they just bum-rushed the stage. It says a lot about those guys and how cool they are to their fans.”

ONE-OF-A-KIND EXPERIENCE A Daily Herald article on Huntley High School’s groundbreaking Youth Residency Program, which launched in 2016 with 24 students receiving intensive hands-on experiences and mentoring from healthcare professionals at Centegra Hospital-Huntley, was syndicated across major media outlets throughout the United States over the holiday season. The article was picked up by the Associated Press and ran in both online and print editions of several U.S. newspapers. Among them were the Washington Times, Charlotte Observer, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express News, San Francisco Gate, Seattle Post Intelligencer, and many more. “It’s a pretty unique experience,” said senior Harpal Singh, who is now in college in preparation to become a doctor. “It’s giving a quick glimpse into the future.”

EDUCATION LEADERSHIP From leading the largest K-12 1:1 device initiative in the State of Illinois to pioneering the Alpha Courses Blended Learning Program to creating the one-of-a-kind HHS Youth Residency Program, Huntley 158 has been cited regularly in education industry publications as a leader driving innovation in the U.S. public education system. Education Week, the largest education-focused publication in the U.S., featured Huntley 158 among the 10 districts selected to participate in the State of Illinois’ competency-based learning pilot. In addition, leading trade publications including Ed Tech: Focus on K-12, Tech & Learning and Getting Smart featured the District in articles offering other school districts practical guidance on creating their own innovative programs.



Students in athletics, arts, and other extracurriculars earned too many accolades to list. Below are just some of the highlights from the past year in Huntley 158 activities.

Huntley High School received the coveted “All-Sports” Crown from the Northwest Herald. The award is given to the Fox Valley Conference school with the best overall performances in boys and girls sports. In addition, 2017 graduate Ally Dion was named Volleyball Player of the Year, and senior Dubem Anikamadu took Player of the Year honors for boys track and field. The HHS Poms Team took second in the IHSA Competitive Dance state finals. The team’s hip hop routine, a first at that level of competition, earned a score of 93.04, a fraction of a point behind Class 3A champions Stevenson High School.




The Marching Red Raiders took Best Visual Performance in Class 6A at the Illinois Invitational Marching Band Championships. As shared on an episode of Huntley 158 Today, members credited pre-season ballet exercises with aiding in their victory.


The HHS Journalism team placed 4th in state in the IHSA State Journalism Tournament. Individual winners included Courtney Thomas (State Champion, Newspaper Design), Ryan O’Sullivan (3rd place, Photo Storytelling), Madison Barr (3rd place, Advertising), and Emily Kindl (5th place, Copy Editing). It marked the 8th top-five finish since 2006 for the team. In addition, senior Maddy Moffett was named to the IJEA All-State team, the 7th HHS honoree since 2011.


Huntley High School’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America earned national recognition in the FBLA quarterly magazine, Tomorrow’s Business Leader, for receiving the Chapter Challenge Award. Huntley was one of just five chapters in the state to receive the award, which is given in recognition of completing Super Sweeps, Non-Stop November, and Action Awareness activities.


With intelligent moving lighting fixtures, LED pixels, winches for automated flying scenery, and state-of-the-art pyrotechnics, Marlowe Middle School’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat used effects never before used in Illinois.


Two teams from Huntley High School formed an alliance that took first place at the McHenry County College countywide robotics competition and advanced to statewide competition for the first time.


Huntley High School’s Raider Nation News took first prize in the Division AA News Program category at the Midwest Media Educators Association VidFest. The video festival included 43 schools from around the midwest, and HHS competed for the first time as new members of the MMEA. Raider Nation News is produced weekly and aired in all HHS classrooms.


Huntley’s B.J. Bertelsman was voted the 2017 Northwest Herald Wrestling Coach of the Year. The team had its best-ever, fifth-place finish at the Dvorak Tournament, first Fox Valley Conference dual title, first regional title and five state qualifiers. Wrestler David Ferrante took fourth in state and third in his bracket at the USA Wrestling Junior and Cadet National tournament, becoming HHS’s first Fargo All-American.


Students from Marlowe and Heineman Middle Schools split first place for their engineering designs at the National Fluid Power Challenge, a competition in which students must solve an engineering design problem using fluid power.


Longtime Huntley High School teacher and coach Kris Grabner

COACH ENDS announced that he would step back from coaching duties with HHS girls soccer team. Over 14 years at the helm, Grabner HISTORIC RUN the led the team to a 229-75-15 record. TEAM TOTALS 17











GOOD NEWS Huntley High School teacher Erik Lachel was recognized in the media for his efforts in growing the interest in and inclusivity of competitive bass fishing throughout the state.


Huntley High School hosted an international delegation of students and educators through the Philippine Youth Leadership Program, a leadership development program for Filipino students and educators. Huntley 158 students and staff participated in a number of activities to support the St. Baldrick’s childhood cancer fundraiser, helping the local effort surpass its goal of $75,000.

SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS Heineman Middle School eighth-grade students had the privilege of interviewing veterans of the U.S. military, whose periods of service spanned from World War II to Operation Desert Storm.


Marlowe Middle School hosted its annual Veterans Day breakfast and recognition ceremony, honoring more than 100 area veterans. Conley Elementary students hosted 12 enlisted members of the HHS Class of 2017. The Conley students listened to their HHS counterparts discuss their decision to enlist and gave them care packages.

STANDOUT STUDENTS A team of Huntley High School students took first place in the Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT) National Design & Construction Competition in Washington, D.C.


2017 graduate Kyle Ockerlund, already the author of two technical books, was among 10 Illinois high school students to receive the “Fifty for the Future” Award from the Illinois Technology Foundation. 2017 graduate Brady Cairns led an effort to construct an outdoor learning garden at Martin Elementary School for his Eagle Scout project. Cairns attended Martin for third through fifth grades.


2017 HHS Graduate Camille Paddock delivered her anti-bullying message at a number of school and community gatherings. Paddock, who suffers from alopecia, created the nonprofit group Cam’s Dare To Be Different. More than 100 members of the HHS National Honor Society led a holiday gift-wrapping event at the school that covered thousands of gifts for families in need at the Community Alternatives shelter in Chicago. Mackeben Elementary honored the PTA, area fire departments, police, and park districts, the Board of Education, and the Mayor and Village Manager of Huntley as local heroes with cards and letters of thanks.

SPREADING THE WORD Longtime Huntley 158 Board of Education member Kim Skaja received a Distinguished Service Award from the Illinois Chapter of the School Public Relations Association (INSPRA) for her tireless advocacy for our schools. » Huntley 158 received two awards from INSPRA, recognizing last year’s annual report and video work as standouts among Illinois districts. One effort, the Huntley 158 Hype video, has received 50,000 views online. Huntley High School received the coveted Friday Flyover trophy live on-air from ABC Chicago’s Tracy Butler. Thanks to the support of the community, Huntley swamped competitors in the good-natured vote.



650 Academic Drive Algonquin, IL 60102


Square Barn Road Campus

Harmony Road Campus

Chesak Elementary School (K-2) 10910 Reed Road Lake in the Hills, IL 60156 (847) 659-5700

Mackeben Elementary School (K-2) 800 Academic Drive Algonquin, IL 60102 (847) 659-3400

Leggee Elementary School (K-5) 13723 Harmony Road Huntley, IL 60142 (847) 659-6200

Martin Elementary School (3-5) 10920 Reed Road Lake in the Hills, IL 60156 (847) 659-5300

Conley Elementary School (3-5) 750 Academic Drive Algonquin, IL 60102 (847) 659-3700

Huntley High School (9-12) 13719 Harmony Road Huntley, IL 60142 (847) 659-6600

Marlowe Middle School (6-8) 9625 Haligus Road Lake in the Hills, IL 60156 (847) 659-4700

Heineman Middle School (6-8) 725 Academic Drive Algonquin, IL 60102 (847) 659-4300

Early Childhood Center (Pre-K) (Chesak Elementary, Door 4) 10910 Reed Road Lake in the Hills, IL 60156 (847) 659-5400

Administration & Transportation 650 Academic Drive Algonquin, IL 60102 Main Line: (847) 659-6158 Transportation: (847) 659-3000

District 158 Performing Arts Center at Huntley High School 13719 Harmony Road Huntley, IL 60142 (847) 659-6107

OUR LEADERSHIP DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION  Dr. John Burkey, Superintendent Terry Awrey, Associate Superintentent, 6-12 Jessica Lombard, Associate Superintendent, PreK-5 Dr. Erika Schlichter, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction Adam Zehr, Assistant Superintendent, HR Mark Altmayer, Chief Financial Officer Dan Armstrong, Director of Communications and Public Engagement

 Notification of Compliance In accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), we are notifying you that District 158 is in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). All District 158 schools and the administrative offices are asbestos free to the best knowledge of all parties involved in the construction of these facilities. To see a copy of the management plan or if you have questions, please contact Doug Renkosik, Director of Operations and Maintenance at (847) 659-6158 or at

Communicate 158 is Now an e-Newsletter The Communicate 158 newsletter formerly mailed to all District residents is now in e-newsletter format. This transition has been made to be more cost-efficient and to align our communications with preferences expressed through parent surveys. All Huntley 158 families as well as residents who have supplied their email addresses to the District should have received an email copy of the Communicate 158 e-newsletter this summer. If you did not receive a copy, please check your spam/junk folder and whitelist the email address If you or someone else would like to sign up to receive the e-newsletter, please email with the recipient’s first name, last name, and email address.

KEEP IN TOUCH BOARD OF EDUCATION  Don Drzal, President Michael Fleck, Vice President Paul Troy, Secretary Bill Geheren Kevin Gentry Lesli Melendy Tony Quagliano

 Email Notifications

Lawn Care & Pest Control Product Applications As required by School Code, notification of scheduled applications of pesticide, herbicide, and/ or fertilizer products must be made to interested community members, parents and staff prior to applications of such products. District 158 will offer email notifications to interested parties prior to all applications and in the event of a cancellation of a scheduled application. If you would like to receive notice of product applications, please send an email to Please include Product Applications in the subject line.

 Main Line: (847) 659-6158  Tip Line: (847) 659-INFO (4636)    

  

 Virtual Bulletin Board As a means to electronically distribute information about activities and programs from outside non-profit organizations and governmental agencies (Park District, Library, etc.) to interested families and community members, District 158 will again offer email notifications for all postings made to the Virtual Bulletin Board. If you would like to receive notice of postings made to the Virtual Bulletin Board, please visit and click on “Email Signup.”

Profile for Huntley 158

Huntley 158 Annual Report 2017  

The annual report provides a review of the successes of the 2016-17 school year, including measures of the progress made toward the District...

Huntley 158 Annual Report 2017  

The annual report provides a review of the successes of the 2016-17 school year, including measures of the progress made toward the District...


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