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Treasure Hunt CMC 3! Project Sarah Rosenblit and Dana Re"e# Ap$l 9 2!9

Dear & Casey,

Y' are now President of ) United States.

Y'r prom"e

to ) Ame$can people " a solution to all ) world’s conflicts. Now +at y' have been elected, +ere " an

impo#ant m"sion y' mu, complete to fulfill y'r prom"In reality, y' w'ld have f'r years to complete +" task, however since +ere " a deadline for final grades, y' have to act quickly. Good luck.

If y' are confused, please continue

/" " a li0le kno1 fact, but because of +eir

altru"tic lifestyle, Mo+er /eresa and Ghan. were

given ) gi2 of prophecy. Because of +" gi2, +ey are able to foresee tragic events even a2er +eir dea+.

To4+er, +ey came up wi+ a way to solve all of ) destruction to come in 'r world.

While ) benefits of +eir gi2 may have o+erw"e been lo, over time, destiny f'nd a solution. Ghan. and Mo+er /eresa had a love child.


Y' are +eir

In +eir la, will and testament, +ey formulated a

,rategic m"sion to ) key for world peacIt was le2 to +eir only descendant so +at he will have ) ability to save ) world from self-

destruction. /" " y'r m"sion, ) time has com-..

/e following pa4s are each ,ep of y'r m"sion.


find ) key, y' mu, solve ) following $ddles +at will take y' to places of pa, destruction.

Proceed wi+ caution...

Riddle Number 1 “Now we send 'r kids to camps but here at +" one +ere were no champs. Here no campers had any fun, extermination awaited every one�

Riddle Number 2 “Even +'gh we hoped to ,ay 't li0le .d we know, enemies were in r'tPlanning an a0ack from ) sky, saying ‘Aloha’, as in goodbye”

Riddle Number 3 “In ) morning on an Augu, day, over ) seas we went to play. We gave +em a surp$se +ey w'ldn’t enjoy, it went by ) name ‘Li0le Boy’”

Riddle Number 4 “When He res"ted 'r persuasion, 'r la, reso# was invasion. Now we give +em a golden ,ar, and we 4t back a great cigar�

Riddle Number 5 “He t$ed to make us colorblind, for ) benefit of all mankind. But some people wanted a new regime, and put an end to having a 6eam�

Riddle Number 6 “Even +'gh ) fighting was ju, a phase and la,ed only 1! days, +ere weren’t many people to survive in +" massive 4nocide”

Finally y' have go0en to ) la, clu-..

“/e key can be f'nd on ) ,reets, recently covered in destroyed concretMany .d not reach +eir destination, but we pray everyday for +eir salvation. /ey will always be remembered, on +" day of September�

“/" key " what y' have been searching for +e answer to all life’s questions and morOur pa, has been a roller coa,er $de, but all of +at can now subsidAll +at destruction can be erased, and wi+ one w"h can be replaced” Press Play

CMC 300 Final Project  
CMC 300 Final Project  

CMC 300 Final Project for Dr. Casey