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The Bear Essentials Volume 8, Edition 1

September 2011

Letter  from  the  Principal   Glenside  Families,     Welcome  to  the  fabulous  new  Glenside  Elementary  School!    We  are  cer-­ tainly  glad  to  be  back  home  and  could  not  be  happier  or  more  grateful  to  be   here.    The  time  away  from  400  Harrison  Avenue  sure  did  go  fast.     By  now  I  hope  all  of  you  have  had  the  opportunity  to  tour  the  new  building.     It  is  a  tremendous  facility  and  I  believe  you  will  be  both  pleased  and  im-­ pressed  with  its  completion.    If  you  missed  the  Open  Houses  in  August  we   hope  you  will  visit  us  soon.    We  look  forward  to  a  great  evening  Wednesday,   September  21  ¹  our  traditional  Back  to  School  Night.    Please  plan  on  attend-­ ing.     Our  student  population  has  grown  and  it  is  now  expected  that  we  will  have   additional  classes.     One  of  the  greatest  attributes  of  Glenside  has  always  been  the  strong  sense  of   community  and  parental  involvement.    Returning  to  our  home  site  can  only   enhance  this.    We  remain  dedicated  to  excellence.    This  is  strengthened  with   the  bond  between  home  and  school  working  together  to  provide  the  best   learning  environment  and  education  for  all  children.    We  continue  our  school   ZLGHWKHPH³,QVSLUHWKH'HVLUH´DVZHHQFRXUDJHDQGLQVSLUHHYHU\FKLOGWR do  their  best.    As  always,  we  will  be  here  to  assist  you.    Many  of  you  know   the  Glenside  staff  well  and  are  aware  of  their  devotion  and  expertise.    We   look  forward  to  a  successful  year.     A  special  welcome  to  all  of  our  new  Glenside  families.    We  hope  you  will   find  Glenside  a  warm  and  welcoming  school  community.     Sincerely,     Bruce  J.  Williams   Principal  

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Letter from the Principal


Meet & Greet


Pottery Barn

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PTO Board Member Contact Info.




NEW Glenside Pics.

The Bear Essentials

Kindergarten Meet and Greet P TO - We Wa n t YO U !

PTO Participation is .H\«

For those of you who have an incoming kindergartener (if you know someone that does, please pass the word) save the date:

In the success of all of WKHH[WUD´SHUNVµDQG special events that kids at Glenside receive. The HYHQWVGRQ·WKDSSHQE\ themselves. It takes a lot of preparation to make these events happen. Glenside PTO

Mon, Sept. 5th, 10-11 AM

raises money every year that provides teachers

(will meet inside if it rains)

with a start-up fund for

Come have some refreshments on the Kindergarten playground and meet some of your new classmates!

with Someone Special,

THE NEW GLENSIDE ELEMENTARY 400 Harrison Road, Glenside 19038

Get acquainted before school begins! Any questions? Please contact

Becky Messa: 215-884-2772 Carrie Peck: 215-266-7418 Vivian Go: 215-572-5736

their classroom, buses for field trips, Donuts etc.

Will YOU volunteer to help us this year? We need you and welcome EVERYONE!

The Bear Essentials

T h e N e w, I m p r ov e d G l e n s i d e

PTO Board Members 2011-12 School Year Co-Presidents: Nancy Bower ( Tom Durso ( Vice President: Bruce Williams ( Treasurer: Don Milley (dmilley@acquisitionassociate Recording Secretaries: Kelley Funk (

Carrie Toledo

( Corresponding Secretaries: Kelly Durand (

Shira Neuberger


Pottery Barn & Fundraising Glenside  Elementary  recently  signed  up  with  Pottery  Barn  Kids  &  Pottery  Barn  Teen   to  receive  a  percentage  of  purchases  made  by  members  of  the  Glenside  community.   Here  is  how  it  works:  First,  login  in  to  either gearuptogiveback  or  On  the  lower  right-­hand   VLGHILQGDQGFOLFNRQOLQNVD\LQJ³VLJQLQWRVWDUWVKRSSLQJ´DQGWKHQHQWHU *OHQVLGHœVPHPEHU,' 411080140002  )  and  password  (WS9141730).    Begin   shopping  and  VIOLA!,  Glenside  earns  rewards.     This  money  will  be  used  to  support  all  PTO  activities  at  Glenside,  such  as  field  trips,   buses,  special  guests,  etc.  See  additional  info.  about  this  promotion  on  page  4.    

Fundraising Coordinators: Kathleen Brown (

Nicole Oliver

( UPR Representative Dana Walker (

The Bear Essentials

The Bear Essentials

M a r k Yo u r C a l e n d a r


Upcoming Events September


6th -

First Day of School

3rd -

UPG Mtg. (7pm)

6th-7th -

Kindergarten Coffee

19th -


21st -

Back to School Night

21st -

Family Fun Night

26th -

PTO Mtg. (7:30pm)

24th -

UPG Mtg. (7pm)

29th-30th - NO SCHOOL

Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Ogiwadong!

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Our sincere thanks go to -

i All of the staff for packing, moving, and unpacking all of the school supplies this summer. The building looks fabulous and ready for a new school year!

i School Opening Event Planners - there were many of you - for the marvelous, wellplanned celebrations!

i Becky Messa, Carrie Peck, and Vivian Go for their amazing planning of the Kindergarten Playdates.

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