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Tell Your Startup Story

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Things investors careabout (youraudience)

Elements of your Pitch (what you have tosell)

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Secrets of Storytelling (how messages stick) Rules ofDesigning Slides

Important ThingsWhen Presenting (Howtostand &deliver)



What Investors Care About 3

What Investors Care About Market Potential

What is the size of the market. They want to know if there is real money to be made and growth to be driven.

Competitive Edge

How are they sure you can do this and defend it and not have someone copy you overnight. Is it a complex enough problem.

Team (you)

You and your partners may not be able to run it when it becomes a $10B company but are you the rigth people to launch it. 4


Elements of your Pitch (what you have tosell)

What is the problem? Is it serious enough that people will pay for a solution? What is the effect of this problem?

Who is your customer, really? What do they care about? Why do they need this? What are they doing now? What is your solution and how is it different, defendable and unique? How are you addressing the issue differently? 5

What is the market opportunity? What is possible? How far can you grow this and what does it mean Who loves you. in dollars and cents?

How do you make money? What is your business model?

Tell us about your team? Why are you the right person? What is your expertise?

Now put all these elements together to sell your story.


Secrets of Storytelling (how messages stick)

Keep it simple

everyday language the most important (first) analogy

"Our mission is to become the international leader in the space industry through maximum team-centered innovation and strategically targeted aerospace initiatives." “...put a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade."

EnterPRize is the American Idol of Puerto Rico Entrepreneurship

Use the unexpected

beat the guessing machine not gimmicks curiosity by creating gaps

How much plastic in American is eventually recycled? How many kids do you think get on a school bus hungry because their parents don’t have money for food?

Make it concrete

make it easy to remember

Movie popcorn contains 20 g fat

Movie popcorn contains more fat than a bacon-and-eggs breakfast, a Big Mac, and fries for lunch and a steak dinner with all the trimmings combined.

Build credibility

details statistics

Buried under a sea of garbage

1,609 lbs x person x year

Health 10% plastic Risks

Waste Costs

Make it emotional & personal

make people care make it personal & human not tear jerkers, relevant to people

Get Intimate With Your Customer


women 25-35 who are parents of children with developmental challenges

Sara is a 26 year old mother of Adrain who struggles to speak at 4 years old. She despeartly wants to hear him say “mama.�


Rules ofDesigning Slides

Do not vomit information

6 words to a tweet

Use powerful visuals

Love the Whitespace

Digest the Numbers





budget Mo.


Daily $10.50 = @ Ticket $274 avg.

$100,000 Year per Unit

Use color wisely


Important ThingsWhen Presenting (Howtostand &deliver)

1 Avoid the “umm” “err” “you know” Eye Contact Matters 2 Speak Simply (not your smarts, their 3 understanding) Don’t bulls@$t (if you don’t know say so) 4 Be Conscious of Body Language 5 (stand up straight, don’t distract) Respect theAudience (Don’t cheapen your story 6 Practice, Practice, Practice 7

Tell Your Startup Story Summary  

Here is the summary of the Tell Your Startup Story bootcamp held today to help you prepared for your VC pitch.