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January 19, 2012

3 Inside Secrets to Marketing Your Music By: Dana McMenamin Trying to make it big in the entertainment industry can be a grueling and arduous process. Hearing “no” so many times can be the breaking point on giving up your dream. But what aspiring artists don’t realize is the fact that there are many opportunities given and certain skills that need to be acquired to reach the goal of stardom. These three secrets will help boost your confidence and make you realize why you can pursue your dreams. First you need to realize that there is marketing potential everywhere. Think like an entrepreneur; look around your environment and notice that you can make money from what you see. Musicians, in the same way, should have this same instinct: to know what sells and what doesn’t. Direct all your energy on what is going to have the greatest impression and you will build long term success and accomplishment. Second, you need to negotiate like no one’s business. I suggest that you never take a free offer, which usually ends up being your first offer. If you get a booking for a show, make sure you get the money you deserve. If you were able to get booked in the first place, it means that you have potential, so don’t let the concert promoters sell you short, because they might try to get you for a price that is below what you are worth. Although you love to perform and would do it just as easily for free, you cannot and must not accept that offer. If you do accept the offer, it will highly affect your image as a musician, not to mention as a serious musician, and you may have a hard time stating your price in future bookings. You need to identify your worth and request a price that you deserve.

January 19, 2012 Third, to not overwhelm the music executives, you must keep it simple when selling your music. I would suggest word of the mouth. It really does work like magic and brings about a sense of fascination. When your music starts to get popular, as in you start to sell out smaller local clubs, you should move to a bigger venue and charge a little extra for tickets. You do not want to drown out your execs, because they might get tired of your tactics. But if you keep it simple and slowly start changing up your popularity, this will increase your income little by little and more people will get a chance to hear your music. Changing your venue to different places, but in the same general area, will also reach new fans. This helps your music selling by getting new faces to hear and see your music, keeping it fairly simple. And you never know, those new faces might be music executives looking for new talent.

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3 Inside Secrets to Marketing Your Music

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