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6) What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Throughout the creation of my 3 magazine products, I have used a lot of software, the majority of it being completely new to me. This new technology has not only broadened my range in skills in internet applications and creating and editing my own publications, but it has also given me a better insight as to how the media works with and creates its own magazines. Photoshop has made the biggest impact throughout my project, in terms of creating the magazine, but also in me discovering/ learning about new technologies. Before creating my products, I had never used a photo editing software before, and therefore did not know much about how media institutions constructed there products, so Photoshop gave me the greatest teaching in that aspect. Some useful tools I used in Photoshop were things such as ‘spot healing’, and ‘content aware’, which really helped me adjust the images to how I wanted them, making them look right. To the left are just some examples that I regularly used, most prominently the bottom tool, called the ‘magic wand’. I found this tool especially helpful throughout the creation of my products, as it helped me transform my images into exactly how I wanted them. This also gave me a better insight as to how bigger distribution companies are able to cut, and blend separate photographs, giving the impression that they’re all one shot.

Here is a picture of one of my original photos, in which you can see the use of a white backdrop. This adds a simple but effective background to any photo, especially effective for close-ups, but also can give the illusion that there is no corner line at the back joining to the ground. Also the backdrop gives good lighting to the photograph, brightening up your image, also giving a clearer definition to the models shapes and features.

Blogger is a new program I used. This is what we have to present all of our finished and planned work on, which is incredibly useful in terms of organisation and presentation. Using things for analysis, as you are able to display Flickr analyses, which has been a great help in

displaying my work. This is different to more traditional ways of evaluating, such as essays, but In my mind is a lot easier and more preferable to evaluate my finished products and research. I believe this because it allows you to keep everything all orderly, and in one place, also giving you the option of sub-groups, to divide certain pieces of work with each other. Also it allows you to edit previous pieces of work with ease, compared to an essay on a piece of paper, where if you made a mistake, you would be required to write it out again completely.


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