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Description of stereotypical fan : Rosie is a female in her early 20’s with long blonde hair. She purposely likes to wear individualistic clothing but doesn’t fuss too much about her appearance; nevertheless she does like to stand out. She has a tomboyish personality and doesn’t wear heavy amounts of makeup but instead likes to express herself through her hobbies of art and photography. She lives away at her art college but has a mum, dad and two younger brothers at home where she goes back in the holidays to see them and her friends.

Other details : Rosie’s favourite films might include The Hangover, Reservoir Dogs, The Aura and The Woman in Black. She likes to watch horror films, especially ones of the psychological genre as she enjoys the challenge of working out the plot. She would listen to a variety of music dating back to the 70’s with artists including Ben E. King and The Carpenters. On the other hand she also likes to listen to recent music by Chase and Status, Foals, and Mumford & Sons.

Psychographics : Rosie is an aspirer as she hopes to become a professional photographer later in life. She dreams of climbing society to become a wellestablished name in the photographic industry. She is also partly a mainstreamer as she is happy to go with the flow and be spontaneous. However, her appearance gives her an outsider/indie vibe but feels if people want to get to know her properly, they will make an effort to look beyond appearances.

Demographics : Rosie belongs to the D demographic group as she is currently a part-time bartender in her local. She enjoys her job but only really does it to earn money and would much rather be employed in the photography industry. She also belongs to the E demographic group as she is a university/college student, falling into the lower class category of society but only due to her age and education status. There were 17 people in our survey with 3 females and 2 males voting for psychological horror. It is apparent that females may prefer psychological horrors more than males do, so we can tap into that.

Stereotypical Fan  
Stereotypical Fan  

Stereo typical fan for our horror trailer