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4) Who would be the audience for your media product? To help me find who my audience would be for my media product, I used a website called, ‘UK tribes’, which gives a huge range in terms of stereotypes, types of people e.g. their styles, looks, actions etc. My target audience I feel would be classed as, ‘Young Alts’ (left). Young Alts are described as people who are slightly undecided about their style, tending to listen to a huge variety of bands, which suits my magazine perfectly as it means they will have a genuine and common interest in the bands that are featured in my magazine. Their style is slightly undecided, tending to try out skater, emo and urban fashions, so their style should fit such fashion extra that would be featured in my magazine, and adverts that would also be featured, for such shops as Topman, River Island etc. which they should be attracted to, since they tend to love mainstream fashion and music. In a style of list, here are some of the things that my audience like:    

Music – typical icons for young alts are: Kurt Cobain, Hadouken, Greenday, Bring The Horizon, You Me At Six. Shop – H&M, River Island, HMV TV – Kerrang, any music channel Internet – Facebook, Myspace

Looking at this information, it would be sensible to feature adverts in my magazine of such brands as River Island, latest fashion in the style of their icons, and latest tv news for their favourite programmes.

Target Audience