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All Saints is considered one of the most edgy British retailers on the high street. The brand has become very identifiable and is instantly associated with music and rock and roll. Their link with music is irrefutable, as they have been promoting up and coming British bands ever since the brand was established in 1994. Their aesthetic has always been influenced by music, and it continues to play a key role in their image. The brand produces clothes that represent their attitude, focusing their design on distressing fabric, and giving them an unconventional feel.

Their unique approach to fashion is what makes them successful, and ultimately what sets them apart from their competitors who are slaves to trends. Their marketing strategy is interesting seeing as they do not advertise much. They rely on their music connections and new promotional strategies to attract consumers. They also have a very successful e-commerce strategy. They have a very good social media strategy that provides customers with fashion, and music through various dierent channels.


1994: AllSaints was established as a menswear brand selling wholesale to Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Barneys.

1997: The opening of the first stand-alone store in Foubert Place o of London’s Carnaby Street.

1998: The first womens wear collection was launched. 2006: E-commerce website launches. 2009: The new website launches including international versions in a range of languages to target foreign markets.

2010: The Icelandic banking collapse directly impacts AllSaints’ financial backers. Despite the recession, AllSaints posted a 50% rise in profits. The flagship New York store also opens taking in more than $1million in its first two weeks of trading.

2011: AllSaints set to change hands as liquidators of the Icelandic backers of All Saints put the company up for sale. In April 2011, a £102 million deal was struck with US private equity investors Goode Partners and Lion Capital.

2012: AllSaints thrives under new owners Lion Capital, and new chief executive William Kim who worked for burberry before, launching their first television ad which is also featured on their website.

2013: AllSaints are focusing on their promotional strategies to bring in new customers. They are heavily emphasizing their connection to music, and rock and roll. As William Kim, chief executive at AllSaints told the Telegraph “the mission for AllSaints is now about correcting past mistakes.”

Brand name:  

The name ‘AllSaints’ was inspired by the artsy and musical All Saints road in Notting Hill. This road was frequented by many musical legends in the 1960’s and was the home of design and music at the time. AllSaints still has a vital relationship with the music culture and that is translated through their collections, as well as their collaborations with emerging and established British musicians.

Five branding elements: 1. BRAND PERSONALITY •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Different. Distressed. Edgy. Romantic. Dark. Tough. Rock and roll.


AllSaints started as a menswear brand selling to department stores in the early nineties, throughout the past nineteen years the brand has been established as a leading UK retailer on the high street. With it’s edgy and innovative rock and roll aesthetic AllSaints has expanded into an all inclusive brand providing menswear, womenswear, accessories, music and culture.

3. BRAND POSITION AllSaints is a quality brand

Price The Kooples Whistles All Saints

French Connection

Anthropology GAP TOPSHOP

H&M River island

Quality Primark

4. BRAND ASSOCIATION A few of the things associated with AllSaints’ image and band are their connection to music, as well as their muted colour palette. The vintage sewing machines places at the front of most of their stores are also associated with the brand and are easily identifiable. The brand is also associated with distressing garments and making them look worn out. Their stores are associated with exposed bricks and pipes giving their stores a grungy and dark feel.

5. BRAND PROMISE All Saint’s mission statement aims “to

create a brand that blends music and fashion into a potent formula of desirable clothing that expresses individuality and attitude.”

Target customer profile:

Kate George is twenty-two years old. She studies fashion design in London and lives in a flat with two roommates in East London. Kate works part-time as a photographer’s assistant, while also balancing a college degree. She is an only child from an upper middle class family. She loves to shop for quality garments that will last in her wardrobe rather than trendy low quality clothing. Kate also spends her disposable income on going out to pubs and clubs with her friends. She loves art and culture and is very immersed in the music scene. She enjoys going to concerts and other live events like festivals. Kate enjoys rock and indie music, as well as expressing herself through fashion. She does not go shopping often, and saves her money for a good pair of boots or a leather jacket. Her wardrobe consists of neutral colours paired with skinny jeans or leather and her style icons are Gwen Stefani, and Kate Moss.

AAKER MODEL Sincerity: 2

Excitement: 5

Sophistication: 3

Competence: 5

Ruggedness: 4

KAPFERER MODEL •  Physique: Skull symbol logo, distressed garments, vintage sewing machines in store. •  Personality: Young, daring, creative. •  Relationship with consumer: Providing edgy and alternative garments. •  Culture: Music culture. •  Reflection: Innovative and different. •  Self-image: I am a cool and daring individual who is looking for good quality garments with personality at a good price.

ALLSAINTS TRIBE The AllSaint’s customer belongs to a music enthusiastic tribe, they use music as an outlet and live the lifestyle that goes with the music they listen to. They do not listen to mainstream pop music, instead discovering new rock and indie artists that suit their style, as well as the infusion of old school rock and roll.

AllSaints communicate their ‘Basement sessions’ to their customers through their website, and Youtube channel. Through which they have featured many British artists such as U2, Paloma Faith, and Goldie who record live sessions of their songs in AllSaint’s design studio’s basement in East London.

Geographic location: AllSaints was established in London, and now they have around 57 stores in the UK and are available in 35 department stores in the UK, Europe, and the US. They pride themselves for being a British brand and are very intertwined with British culture, and they include London in their aesthetic and style. Their reminiscence on the grunge era, and British rock and roll drives their product design.

Economy: Upper class individuals who are more concerned with quality and finding key pieces to fit into their wardrobe.

Race: Â Mostly Caucasian, European, but more specifically British people because it represents British heritage. They are currently in the process of expanding and trying to appeal to broader markets.

Common passion: Music, culture, fashion and street art.

Lifestyle: Going to underground gigs, drinking alcohol and smoking at pubs and clubs. As well as listening to alternative music and immersing themselves in the culture around them. AllSaints customers are daring and adventurous. And they are strong individuals who are not afraid to live on the wild side.

Trend aware: Although AllSaint’s are known for not following trends, and sticking to their own aesthetic, they acknowledge the fact that their customers are looking for something that is current, and that sets them apart from others. Therefore, AllSaints pay close attention to their competitors and to the trends, and they translate it into their aesthetic and put their own twist on it.

Spring/Summer ’13 Trend: Monochrome

AllSaints’ trend translation


Strengths Strong Brand Recognition. Successful Online store. Feature live bands on their websites. Expanding internationally. Availability of product online.

Threats The Current global economy. Their competitors. Bankruptcy.



Collaborating with musicians.

History of unstable management. Products are expensive for the quality. Inconsistent quality. Might be read as a themed “rock and roll” store.

Expand their men's wear range. Advertising more in Magazines.

Roger’s adoption curve applied to AllSaints: AllSaints

Innovators/early adopters because they are brave enough to try new things in a careful way. They mix and match key pieces to put a wardrobe together, and once they have caught on to something they like they will quickly adopt the trend before other people even know what it is. Their fearlessness to experiment with style mixed with their timeless pieces is what makes the All Saint’s customer a loyal one.

The Boston Consulting Group Approach

When applying this theory to AllSaints, it is clear that AllSaints is at their ‘Cash cow’ phase of this process. After successfully introducing their products, and establishing their identity as a brand they grew tremendously in just a few years, and are trying to enhance their products and their resources to keep competing in the retail market. They are now promoting their products differently to emphasize product differentiation. They are also expanding to increase distribution. As well as using their connection to music as incentive to encourage customer preference over their competitors.


Coat: £150-£995 Dress: £ 55-£295 Trousers: £65-£195 Shoes: £125-£275 Accessories: £20-£85 AllSaints sell menswear, womenswear, childrens wear, accessories, and leather.

Promotion: All saint’s use facebook (245,000 likes) and twitter (45,739 followers) as a form of promotion. They put up photo’s of their collections, and upload videos of their ‘basement sessions’ as well as updating their status to notify customers about any news. They engage with their customers by featuring their ‘We recommend’, ‘spotted’, and ‘back to the basement’ posts on Facebook and twitter.

They also have a youtube channel where they upload all of their basement sessions, as well as their new video adverts and other behind the scenes video’s. with 4,720,171 views and 9,114 subscribers. Their website is inviting and easy to maneuver through. Where they promote bands on their basement sessions. These bands are a very good example of the AllSaint’s target customer.


All Saint’s biggest competitor on the high-street is Whistles. Although Whistles’ aesthetic is very different than that of All Saint’s, they have very similar price points, and they are both British retailers that have a reputation on the high-street. They are also similar in the sense that both of them have a strong brand identity and do not follow many trends, they set their own.



Coat: £150-£995

Coat: £175-£450

Dress: £ 55-£295

Dress: £ 85-£165

Trousers: £65-£195

Trousers: £65-£195

Shoes: £125-£275

Shoes: £95-£175

Accessories: £20-£85

Accessories: £25-£150

allsaints presentation  
allsaints presentation  

marketing mix and swot for all saints, as well as target customer