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“The Early World’ ‘Los Primeros Pasos’

Dana Donaty Designs


‘The Early World’ Art designed to teach & engage young minds 31’-0” x 10’-0” Acrylics on Canvas l Mural Installation A seamless blend of abstract, photo realism & cartoons Head Start & Children’s Services Program 100 Chillingworth Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida Interesting Stuff The mural was painted in our studio on canvas Installed onsite like wallpaper It can be removed (carefully) and relocated &

Painted with No VOC paints * non-toxic paints Dana Donaty Designs


Table of Contents Mural Description Mural Site Before & After Mural Details Mural Process Artist’s Contact Outtakes Manny & the Matador Moon poem

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‘The Early World’ is Colorful & whimsical mural tailored to be an interactive learning tool with Head Start’s learning areas which include creative arts, science, language, literacy, mathematics, imaginary, dramatic and manipulative play

The mural is designed to be compatible with the existing architecture, low maintenance & non toxic paints


‘The Early World’ is one of four murals painted by Dana Donaty Designs at Head Start in West Palm Beach Other murals include, ‘The Magic Treehouse’, ‘Math Rocks’ & ‘Chapter One” Combined, the four murals are approx. 700 sq. ft in size

Dana Donaty Designs


Mural site before

Dana Donaty Designs



‘The Early World’ After the mural is installed

Dana Donaty Designs


Mural Details

Dana Donaty Designs


‘The Early World’ El Pájaro Pinky Pinkerton dancing with the stars on an upside down piano bridge

Pinky’s iTune playlist; KC & the Sunshine Band-Boogie Shoes Dana Donaty Designs


‘The Early World’ Brilliant Bouncing Skylight Stars Perfecto para bailar

Dana Donaty Designs


‘The Early World’ Upside down rainbow piano bridge Para caminar, no para jugar

Dana Donaty Designs


Miss Ella Font ..........this is how she rolls y necesita usar gafas para ver Dana Donaty Designs


Ella es una artista y esta pintando la Mona Lisa

Dana Donaty Designs


Number Newel Posts uno, dos, tres quarto, cinco Dana Donaty Designs


Manny the Matador Moon & Mindi the Cow La luna y la vaca juegan junots Dana Donaty Designs


Early World Observation Deck Plataforma de observaci贸n Dana Donaty Designs


The ‘Brolly Boat Bright’ sets sail for England El barco saliendo hacia Inglaterra Dana Donaty Designs


Left side window panel

Dana Donaty Designs


English Bulldog, Henri-Émile plays a French horn El perro Inglés es músico Dana Donaty Designs


Beluga, a curious parrot discovers treasure El Loro verde Dana Donaty Designs


Ruler Trim Hand painted wood to encourage learning mathematics Dana Donaty Designs


Right side window panel

Dana Donaty Designs


Jupiter and Star make a daring & fashionable escape from the fishbowl Bill, the spoonbill watches their every move Dana Donaty Designs


Orange Flowers with basil blueberry eyes & tomato smiles

Dana Donaty Designs


‘Lil’ Debby’ & ‘Skippety Doo-dah Oh là là Hoopy Hoo' flores de naranja

Dana Donaty Designs


‘Los Primeros Pasos’ ‘La Mariposa nueve de azul’ Vuela con las estrellas Dana Donaty Designs


‘The Early World’ libros Dana Donaty Designs


The Process Contact l Consult l Confirm l Create Research, Renderings, Meetings, Painting, Mural Installation, Onsite Painting

This is a Public Art that process works Its a little different then privately commissioned work Artist selection process occurs in three phases

Phase one: Artists apply with their qualifications and the Short List Committee selects three artists/ artist teams. Short list artist selection is based on quality of artist’s past work, artist’s experience and qualifications. Phase two: Finalists attend a pre-proposal site inspection & develop a site specific design proposal to meet the Project’s goals. Artists submit conceptual designs, list of proposed materials, written narrative, itemized budget l timeline l maintenance guidelines. Finalists make a live proposal presentation to the Final Selection Committee & an artist is selected. Phase three: Dancing (optional)........we opted for dancing

Art in Public Places Program Palm Beach County

Dana Donaty Designs


Dana Donaty Designs


The Process

Research l Content l Composition l Renderings

Computer generated rendering Dana Donaty Designs


The conceptual design is first a computer generated composite rendering incorporating animals, objects, landscape, & architecture The image is then painted on canvas

Computer generated rendering

Dana Donaty Designs


The Process Painting in my studio Pintando en mi studio

Dana Donaty Designs


The Process Skim coat knock down wall texture to make it smooth for canvas installation Prime & paint walls

Dana Donaty Designs


The Process

Installing the mural & wood trim

Dana Donaty Designs


The Process Onsite Painting & Installing ‘Ruler’ trim Painted with No VOC paints * non-toxic paints Con pintura sana

Dana Donaty Designs


‘The Early World’ Mural installed

Dana Donaty Designs


New view from the teacher’s lounge........Awesome

Dana Donaty Designs


All of our projects are bespoke Designed to your specifications 4 simple steps to begin your project

Dana Donaty Designs



Dana Donaty Designs


Mindi & the Manny, The Matador Moon They came alive while I was painting. I named them & wrote a poem in half Spanish & half English People write poems for paintings, right ?....pinturas pueden hablar, verdad !

‘Los Primeros Mundo’ Mural detail Dana Donaty Designs



Venga a jugar Conmigo


I don't know, is that a party sombrero? If you wanna fiesta we’ll be the besta friends If you wanna siesta see ya mañana silly banana


Señorita, no soy Chiquita Soy la luna y quiero que venga a jugar Congmigo en suenos dulces Puedes saltar y bailar Conmigo


You admire me from afar ! Come down to earth where we go olé for this day ! Milk it for the cream, not some silly dream Twinkle our toes, cut a rug doin the jitterbug


Pero mi quierida amiga Podemos tener una fiesta de nuestros suenos y otra fiesta cuando despertamos


oh my what to wear, two fancy affairs ! I’ve only got this big cheesy grin, stars on my ears & spotted purple hair I’ll add some super to my stars and duper to my savoir faire


Tu eres hermosa No importa la ropa que llevamos puesta Somos buenos amigos


Anyplace we gos, we gos together Awake or in dreams your udderly the best friend a girl cud have One more diddle my Matador moon Where is the dog, the cat, the dish and the spoon ?

Dana Donaty Designs

a n a D


Outtakes are In My awesome studio chair

Fotos mientras estaba pintura ‘Los Primeros Mundo’ Mural Dana Donaty Designs


Outtakes are In Studio feet

Dana Donaty Designs


Outtakes are In Lunch studio style.....comida muy bonita

Awesome food by Barry Bernstein

Dana Donaty Designs


Outtakes are In Lunch studio style.....huevos, broccoli y tomates con sonrisa

Dana Donaty Designs


Dana Donaty Designs


Dana Donaty Designs


2012_Dana Donaty Designs School Murals, "The Early World" Head Start Schools  

'The Early World' is an an interactive learning tool. It is an animated seamless blend of abstract, photo realism & cartoons, art designed t...

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