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Water Arabia

Volume 1, Issue 2 July - October 2011

Editorial Exchange Platform for Water and Waste Water Utilities in the Arab World

Dear ACWUA Members and Friends, We are proud to welcome you to ACWUA new website which has had a complete makeover! A number of pages are still under construction, but please visit the site ( on a regular basis as we will complete and improve the website continuously. At the moment, the website is only available in English, but Arabic language will be prepared and added soon! We hope you will enjoy your visits to our site and find the information you are looking for! We are pleased also to extend our sincere thanks to all members of the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association ACWUA for their continuous support. This Issue - the second issue of first ACWUA newsletter - will include different news from ACWUA achievements and its future programs. It will also highlight the latest developments in the water sector activities in the Arab region as well as worldwide. Please find below a selection of news from ACWUA activities. Mohammed T. Obidallah

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The Arab Spring- An Eye on the Future The winds of change are blowing on the Middle East. Taking our countries to a new era where the people are the leaders, decision makers and the driving wheel for all. People are looking for real reforms in all aspects of life; education, health, scientific researches, transportation, reform of wages, and of course reforms in water and wastewater infrastructure and services. Restructuring water and wastewater utilities is one of the most important scheduled reforms, because it affects and interferes in all the aspects of one‘s life. The development of the water sector is a top priority in this drought region, due to the scarce water resources and due to the climate change that is affecting the rainfall average. In addition to the weak water technologies and the skills that manage them. ACWUA is there to help Water utilities in the Arab world to stand the change efficiently and effectively, by building capacities of their employees, disseminating best practices and guarantee a useful sharing of knowledge and experience, by doing a matchmaking between water utilities to encourage the cooperation between Arab Countries. Khaldon H. Khashman

Regional Center of Excellence to provide Best Practices for Water & Wastewater Utilities in Arab Countries

ACWUA at Glance

ACWUA the Official Partner of WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2013 It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) became an official partner of WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2013. ACWUA is looking forward to this partnership to stabilize the vital role of ACWUA in the Regional and international level. ACWUA is planning as well for a strong presence for the Arab Water sector in this big event, and to open new horizons for our members to get introduced to the latest technologies in the water sector. For the first time, Arab water utilities and companies are going to be presented under one umbrella – a large special booth for Arab Countries is going to be set. WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL trade fair and congress, with a clearly defined focus on water and wastewater, is the ideal platform for this important partnership Read More

ACWUA a member of the World Water Council (WWC) By joining the World Water Council; ACWUA will demonstrate its interest in taking part in the global debate on water security and further contributing to the collective work engaged by the World Water Council and its members. Read more ACWUA is selected as Steering Committee member of Global Water Operator Partnership Alliance (GOWPA) for the Arab region Where the second annual meeting of the International Union for the water service providers in 03.22.2011 was held in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, and in the presence of more than 150 Operators and service providers of water and sanitation around the world and in meeting Public body ACWUA has been chosen as a representative for Arab utilities .

ACWUA signed cooperation agreement with the Euro-Mediterranean Association for Cooperation and Development e.V. (EMA) EMA organized the 1st Hamburg Environmental Forum on the 7th & 8th of June 2011. The Environment Forum discussed a wide range of environmental, financial issues - with a special focus on the sectors of waste management, renewable energies, water management and climate protection. The ultimate goal of this event is to promote economic, scientific and environmental exchange between Germany and the EMA region. The EMA maintains a lively contact with important figures in the EMAregion. ACWUA represented in its Secretary General Eng. Khaldon Khashman presented ACWUA important role in the region signed agreement of cooperation with EMA to build cooperation linkages. Read more

Volume 1, Issue 2

ACWUA’s 4th Best Practices Conference: Water & Wastewater Utilities Reform “Changes and Challenges” 7-8 December 2011 Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt ACWUA is organizing its 4th Best Practices Conference: “Water and

Wastewater Utilities Reform -

Changes and Challenges” Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt , 7-8 December, 2011 This year focus area will be Water and Wastewater Utilities Reform: Changes and Challenge. Conference key themes:

1. The paradigm shift in managing water utilities 2. Challenges prohibiting a successful utility reform 3. Capacity building in water utilities reform 4. Best practices in water utilities reform Some other activities will take place within this Conference. A workshop organized by IWA and a training course organized by GIZ. The annual meeting for ACWUA Board of Directors will take place on the first day to discuss ACWUA‘s achievements during the year and to discuss the upcoming plans for the coming year. For more information visit:


Study Tour: Integrated Sanitation & Sewerage Infrastructure Project (ISSIP2) Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) has organized a study tour for Integrated Sanitation & Sewerage Infrastructure Project (ISSIP2) under the title of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Technologies, Applications and Reuse for 13 Egyptian Delegation from top and middle management from water sector in Egypt. Read More Page 3


Conferences and Exhibitions ACWUA in the World Water Week 2011 ACWUA has participated in the World Water Week 2011. In a joint forum with IWA, ACWUA has presented 3 case studies about Water Utilities Reforms. Eng. Khaldon Khashman, ACWUA Secretary General, gave a presentation about Water Utilities Reforms in the Arab Region. ACWUA utility members; Eng. Ahmad Nizam, the general manager of South Lebanon Water Establishment, and Dr. Ahmad Moawad, the head of Technical affairs in the Holding Company for Water &Wastewater in Cairo, gave 2 separated presentations about Water Sector Reform in Lebanon, and Water Sector Reform in Egypt before and after the establishment of the Holding Company which encompasses all Water utilities in Egypt under its umbrella. Read more

ACWUA in the Water & Climate Change International Conference ACWUA has presented the challenges and impacts of Climate change on the Arab region. The Jordanian Minister of Water and Irrigation, Eng. Mohamed Al-Najjar was a key guest and had discussed the phenomenon impacts in Jordan. Whereas many important guests representing different companies, regionally and internationally took part in those discussions and suggested solutions and that would reduce. The Arab Countries Water Utilities Association, with its 90 public and private utilities in 16 countries, made climate change one of its important topics. Read more

ACWUA in WASSER Berlin International 2011 Besides the numerous international companies from the Middle East, ACWUA has participated for the first time in Wasser Berlin International 2011; representing 91 water and wastewater utilities from 16 Arab countries. During the congress, the representatives actively participated in lectures, presentations and meetings besides visiting the large number of trade fair booths. ACWUA Secretary General introduced case studies about utility reforms in a number of Arab Countries, like: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen. The Jordanian Minister of Water presented the water sector in Jordan. Other ACWUA Members were there too to present water sector in their countries, like: Dr. Salah Bayoumi, the project manager in the holding company for Water and Wastewater, and Eng. Ramez El-Titi from Palestine who presented the role of GIZ in developing and serving the Water Sector in Palestine. Read more

ACWUA in the 2nd Interdisciplinary Alumni Conference Leadership in Transition: Opportunities for Change- 16– 19.6.2011 Cairo, Egypt The conference aimed at gathering people from a variety of professional backgrounds and countries across the region as a response to the ongoing changing situation in the MENA region. ACWUA Secretary General gave a speech introducing case studies about recent reform processes that were implemented in water utilities in the Arab region, for the aim of sharing and exchanging the local experiences with the audience from different sectors. Discussion and comments were targeting and focusing on identifying best practices on water utilities reform.

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Training Programs: The Water Utilities Management Capacity Building Program (WUM-CBP) ACWUA has accomplished three training modules successfully in cooperation with Engicon O&M and the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste (DWA) the within the Water Utilities Management Capacity Building Program (WUM-CBP). 1.

Operation & Maintenance of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants 2-7 April, 2011. This course was attended by 8 participants from Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.


GIS application for Water Utilities 26-30 June, 2011. This course was attended by participants from Palestinian Water Authority, Salfit Municipality, Kuwaiti Ministry of Public Works and Sa‘adah Local Corp.


Non-Revenue Water Management: 18-22 October, 2011

3rd Regional Training Course: Enhancing Business Performance of Water Utilities through Quality Management and Standards (QMS) This training was accomplished and organized in a cooperation between ACWUA and GIZ in May 22-26, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. Water utilities in the MENA region are striving hard to improve their efficiency, the quality of their services and the level of their overall performance. Thus, this training course aimed at building capacities in the water sector to enhance knowledge on internationally accepted standards, modern quality management concepts and how to apply them at various workplaces in water utilities organisations.

4th Regional Training Course ―Negotiation & Cross Sectoral Coordination for Good Water Governance‖, 16-20 October, 2011 ACWUA in cooperation with GIZ is planning for the 4th Regional Training course within the "Water Utilities Performance-WUP" Program in October (16-20), 2011 in Amman.―Negotiation & Cross Sectoral Coordination for Good Water Governance‖ training course enables participants to analyze and understand conflicts over competing water resources, to be part of a water dialogue process, to explore and implement fair and equitable solutions in the allocation and efficient use of water, and to act as change agents in a complex institutional setting towards solutions for sustainable water uses following the internationally accepted principles of IWRM. Read More

Technical Working Groups: Consultancy Agreement for the support of 2 Technical Working Groups ACWUA has signed a consultancy agreement on Thursday July 14th with the local Jordanian Consulting Firm ECO Consult, to provide consulting services for the support of two of ACWUA‘s technical working groups; 1. Utilities Management 2. Utilities Reform Page 5

WATER ARABIA Continuing the Public Awareness Program Series: 25-29 Sep. 2011, Amman—Jordan ACWUA in cooperation with GIZ, have successfully accomplished the series of Public Awareness encounters that started in 2009 and was hosted in different Countries; Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Berlin and finally back to Jordan. Aiming to raise awareness about water scarcity, water degradation and about the resulting imbalance between availability and demand, the workshops brought together important number of participants from different Arab countries namely: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen for the sake of sharing and exchanging their different experience and ideas about awareness campaigns and studies. The focus topic for this course, was about social marketing and behavior change communication, a topic that was widely welcomed by the participants and proved to be essential as being a base line in public awareness. Read more

The Water Utilities Management Capacity Building Program (WUM-CBP) ACWUA is planning for the next training modules in cooperation with Engicon O&M and the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste (DWA) within the Water Utilities Management Capacity Building Program (WUM-CBP) in Amman, Jordan. Planning & Design for Water and Wastewater Systems 18 - 22 December 2011

GIZ continue supporting ACWUA ACWUA has signed a financing agreement with GIZ, in which GIZ will support ACWUA financially till March, 31, 2012 for the aim of strengthening and consolidating ACWUA in the following areas: 1. 2.

To improve the institutional, organizational and technical framework of ACWUA Secretariat. To improve the exchange of experiences with the German Water Sector. Read More

Past Events  WATER IN THE GREEN ECONOMY IN PRACTICE: TOWARDS RIO+20 3-5 October, 2011 Zaragoza, Spain  ACWUA in the 2nd German-Arab Energy Forum - 20-21 October, 2011 in Berlin Germany  ACWUA is Water Meter Middle East 23-25 October, 2011 in Dubai, United Emirates ACWUA is endorsement partner of the Middle East Water Meter Seminar 2011.

Upcoming Events        

International Water Forum ―AQUA UKRAINE 2011‖ - 8-11 November 2011 German Water Partnership meeting - Berlin, 10-11 November, 2011 EMA Board Meeting, Hamburg, 12 November, 2011 Bonn2011 Conference, 16-18 November, 2011 Arab Water Forum, Cairo, 20-23 November, 2011 Water Governance at Basin Level, Cairo, 23-24 November, 2011 VDMA+GWP Energy Efficiency, Cairo, 20-21 November, 2011 The 10th Gulf Water Conference - 22-24 April, 2012 Doha - Qatar

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Volume 1, Issue 2

News from Our Members The Water Union Service Providers in Palestine elected a new General Assembly, The water union service providers in Palestine held an election on Wednesday 8-6-2011. The elections resulted in the following: Imad Alzeer Chairman of the union, Munther Shublaq Vice Chairman, Abdul Khaliq Al-Karmi treasurer, Simon Larach Secretary General, and Munir Jaradat as a member. Immediately after the election a meeting was held to discuss future matters, such as the increasing awareness publications of the WUSP and the conducting of frequent visits in different areas to exchange expertise. Later in the meeting, the new Chairman Imad Alzeer, confirmed that efforts will be put to provide water for

The opening of Sidi Bishr Customer Service Centre



Alexandria Water Water





cooperation with the General Administration of Awareness and Customer Service of the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) has recently set ―Sidi Bishr Customer Service Centre‖. The centre has been opened in July,2011 by Eng. EL Sayed Nasr Arafaat - the Chairperson of HCWW, Eng. Mamdouh Raslan - vice Chairperson - and Eng. Nadia Abdou – the Chairperson of AWCO. The opening has been attended by the chairpersons of all Egyptian subsidiaries and the heads of AWCO‘ sectors.

every citizen in the West Bank and Gaza strip. He also indicated that more efforts will be put to monitor the available water resources, so as to fairly distribute the water between citizens across the Palestinian Territories.

AWCO has established the Customer Service Centre as a response to Alexandria citizens' needs and to obtain the highest level of customers‘ satisfaction. The water union service providers in Palestine is the first organization of its kind in the Arab region, and it is considered a great achievement for Palestinian water sector especially within the hard conditions caused by the occupation forces.

Sidi Bishr Service centre is well equipped and the staff is highly qualified to deal with customers; in addition to the advanced database system which is designed and programmed by AWCO IT staff, it includes all the information required. The queuing system is also installed in the Service Centre to facilitate and organize the work and to ensure the speed of the service as well.

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Water Arabia ACWUA New Team Members Ahmad Abu Saleem: Obtained his M.Sc. degree in Water Resources and Environment Management from Balqa Applied University, Jordan. Ahmad worked as water and environment design engineer on different projects on public awareness, environmental management, EIA‗s, solid waste management, water demand management. ————————————————————————————

Abbas Hiare: Obtained his BA degree in Accounting from Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan. Abbas has a wide knowledge and considerable experience in all financial issues through his work in different companies as a Accountant and Auditor.

Contact Us For more information: Arab Countries Water Utilities Association, Umm Umarah Street 19 A, Al rasheed Area, P.O. Box 962449, Amman 11196, Jordan Phone: +962 6 5161700 Fax: +962-6-5161-800 E-Mail:

ACWUA Team Khaldon H. Khashman Secretary General Mustafa Nasereddin Director of Programs and Technical Services Mohammed T. Obidallah Director of Communications Abbas Hiare Director of Finance Dana Daqqaq Communications Officer Ahmad Abu Saleem Programs and Technical Services Coordinator

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