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Water Science and Technology Association (WSTA), in Collaboration with Abu Dhabi University Center of Excellence for Environment, Health and Safety and Geology Department of UAE University will Organize

WSTA Regional Meeting and Workshop On

Environmental Impact Assessment

Baseline Data Generation and Impact Prediction Techniques 3-4 April 2013, Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, UAE


9.15 AM Registration & Coffee

The meeting goal is to place an emphasis on Environmental Impact Assessment objectives that would shape the research agenda that environment and water professionals would pursue. The intent of the meeting is to strengthen the linkage between environmental scientific research organization and the needs of various countries and their development.

9.45 AM Facilitator’s Welcome and Opening Remarks


WSTA members including water and environment professionals from each of the GCC Members states: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

WORKSHOP BACKGROUND The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process by which the consequences for the environment of a proposed project or policy are identified early in the decision-making process so that they can be taken into account in the design, approval and management of the proposal. The objective of the EIA is to find ways to enhance the beneficial environmental effects of a proposed Project and to suggest ways to mitigate any adverse environmental effects. The primary objective of the Workshop is to provide guidance on the EIA process, correct the methods of baseline data generation and impact prediction techniques. The workshop will cover the assessment process that involves the prediction, evaluation and public discussion of the direct and indirect effects that proposed policies, plans, programs and development projects might have on the environment.

Meeting Moderator

Meeting Co-moderator

Dr. Fares M. Howari,

Dr. Ahmed Murad

Professor and Chair Department of Applied Mathematics and Sciences Managing Director, CoEHS College of Art and Science, Abu Dhabi University, P.O.Box 59911 Abu Dhabi, UAE; Tel: 971 50 8176960 Email:

Board member, Water Science & Technology Association Associate Professor of Hydrogeology Geology Department Faculty of Sciences UAE University Mobile: +971-50-6496162 Fax: +971-3-71306944 E-mail:

10:00 AM The definition of Impact • Positive and adverse (or negative) effects • Temporary and permanent effects • Past, present or future effects • Any cumulative effects (i.e. the total effect when other factors are added, or affects that may accumulate over time. Identify the Components of Affected Environment • Natural, e.g. soil, air, water, wildlife, vegetation • Built, e.g. Buildings, roads, and any other modified features • Social, e.g. activities and values (transport, recreation), historic/heritage, neighbors and local groups • Amenity, e.g. noise, landscape, privacy • Analyses and baseline data Consultation • Who should be consulted? • How should be consulted? Sections for EIA • Project purpose and need • Alternatives • Affected environment section • Environmental consequences • Comments and coordination section • List of preparers 10.45 AM, Morning coffee break 11:00 AM Project Purpose Section • Clearly states need for project • Supports need for project • Why is agency proposing to spend large amounts of funds while also causing significant environmental impacts? • Explains why project is necessary and worthwhile • Justifies why impacts are acceptable based on project’s importance

Alternatives • Reasonable alternatives • How selected • Clear basis for choice • Rejected alternatives • Projects must connect logical termini • Have independent utility • Not restrict consideration of future transportation alternatives • To gather support for the scheme or to reduce opposition by eliminating the fear of the unknown

11:00 AM

The process of environmental assessment • Project description • Project need • Alternatives considered • Impacts

Environmental Components • Description of the Environment • Environmental Impact Prediction and Evaluation • Mitigation Measures • Monitoring Program • Impacts, Mitigation, and Monitoring Summary • Mitigated Impacts • Residual Impacts • Risk Assessments

1.0 PM, Lunch 2.30 PM Comments and coordination • Example EIA Contents • Cover Sheet • Table of Contents • Description of the Proposed Action • Project History • Project Purpose and Need • Alternatives • Project Impacts • Socioeconomic Impacts • Air Quality and Noise Impacts • Disposition • Comments and Coordination • Appendices Case studies and example on impact prediction 4.00 PM Mitigation • Proposed fencing or landscaping to reduce the impact • Orientation of second story windows and use of opaque glass to ensure privacy. Group discussion and reviews 2nd day 9.30 AM Coffee 10:00 AM • Review

Discussing Abu Dhabi Technical Guidance Document for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Legal Framework and Standards • Statement of Need • Project Location and Scale • Project and Activity Descriptions • Project Status and Schedule

Hazards and Effects Register • Control of Major Accident Hazards Report • Environmental Management Framework • Environmental Management Program Objectives • Roles and Responsibilities • Training and Competence • Communication • Monitoring and Reporting • Audit and Inspection 2.0 PM, Lunch 2.30 EIA and Fate and Transport • Hydrodynamic Processes in Fate and Transport • Abiotic and Biotic Processes in Fate and Transport • Non-point Source Contaminants • Multiphase Flow / Remediation • Transport Models 4.00 PM Discussing case studies Group discussion and reviews • Overview and Conclusions

TARGET AUDIENCES Key Enterprise: • Municipalities • Environment agencies • Environmental Service companies

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The training course will be held in a hotel venue to be confirmed later, and the room can be arranged in classroom, roundtable or U-shape style depending on the trainer’s preference.

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Without restricting the training style of the facilitator/trainer, we typically like it to be as interactive as possible, and therefore encourage the facilitator/trainer to include group discussions, exercises, brainstorming sessions and small breakouts where possible.

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Conveyer: Prof Fares Howari

Dr. Howar’s passion is research and education in sustainability, environment and water resources related issues. In the past 15 years his studies have focused on EIS-soil-surface-water-environment issues in semiarid and arid areas and the integration of physical, chemical, geological, modeling and remote sensing analyses and approaches. Dr. Howari has a broad interdisciplinary grasp of environmental-energy-water issues and their technical, policy, human and social dimensions. Participation Fees: 400$


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Prof Dr. Fares Howari is the Chair of Applied Sciences and Mathematics at Abu Dhabi University. He also serves as the Managing Director of the Abu Dhabi University Center of Excellence in Environment, Health and Safety. Before joining Abu Dhabi University, Dr. Howari worked as a Professor of Environmental Sciences at University of Texas at the Permian Basin. Prior to that he served as an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, where he worked at Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy (CIEEP), and the Bureau of Economic Geology focusing on water resources, and carbon storage research projects. Dr. Howari served in various capacities at Texas A & M University, United Arab Emirates University, and Washington University in Saint Louis.


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WSTA Regional Meeting and Workshop On Environmental Impact Assessment  
WSTA Regional Meeting and Workshop On Environmental Impact Assessment  

Baseline Data Generation and ImpactPrediction Techniques