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Regional Training Course

Enhancing Business Performance of Water Utilities through Quality Management and Standards Organized by Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft f端r Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Supported by the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW), Egypt

Course Announcement

Alexandria, Egypt September 23-27, 2012

ACWUA – GIZ Regional Training Course

Enhancing Business Performance of Water Utilities through Quality Management and Standards (QMS) Why this course? Water utilities in the MENA region are striving hard to improve their efficiency, the quality of their services and the level of their overall performance. Despite some important differences in the legal status of water service providers and the institutional set-up of the water sector, the challenges throughout the MENA region remain similar. The development of effective and independent regulators who take care of the quality of the water/wastewater services provided to customers would assist the sector. Therefore, capacity building in water utilities should address elements of standards concerning service activities and quality management issues at individual and organisational level. The skills to apply standards are important to enable utilities to strengthen their technical and management practices to improve internal processes, customer services and to effectively cooperate with other actors in the water sector.

Objective of the regional training course (RT) The training aims to enhance knowledge on internationally accepted standards, modern quality management concepts and how to apply them at various workplaces in water utilities and other organisations in the water sector: • • • •

Expand your understanding for "quality" as key to business performance Impart competencies for introducing and implementing "quality management systems" in the water sector Enhance knowledge on "quality management" and "rules and standards" for water and waste water management Create opportunity to learn from each other and to share experiences on good practices from the MENA region.

The training will focus on the following contents:

• The business rational behind quality: Today’s understanding of quality, improving business results through quality; fundamental concepts of quality management

• Starting the "journey of excellence": Overview of quality management systems, e.g. ISO, TSM, TQM, KM

• Assuring the quality of products & services: Overview of quality standards for water/wastewater utilities (e.g. ISO 24510, 24511 and 24512; ISO 9001/2000; ISO/DIS 55000, 55001, 55002 on Asset Management; ISO 14000; ISO/DIN 17025 for laboratories), introducing sector-related quality standards and integrating sectorrelated quality standards in the quality management system.

Who should attend the course? Managers and supervisors in water/wastewater utilities, or other professionals in the water sector from the MENA/ Arab region. They are either involved in QM processes in their departments such as O+M, Labs, customer services, or they are developing or managing QM and rules and standards, TSM, and enforcing or auditing standards. Application: The attached Application Form should be send to ACWUA by email. The selection of about 30 parth ticipants will be done by the organisers latest by 6 September 2012. The selection will be based on qualification, experience, compelling reasons for attending, having a regional balance, and a sound mix of organisational and professional background. The course is announced by the ACWUA secretariat to their members.

Language The official language of the training will be English. The training will be run by a group of regional trainers and therefore, parts of the training, including group work and practical exposures in utilities will be conducted in Arabic.

Participants' preparation. Poster sessions A list of relevant references and sampler of articles will be made available to allow individual preparations. The focus of the training will be practical exercises to acquire skills and to apply them in specific conditions. Therefore, an open mindset and work approach would be most important to benefit from this regional training. Participants are kindly requested to inform themselves about the quality management systems and standards that are applied in the water sector in their home country and at utility level. Participants are invited to prepare presentations about the quality management systems and standards applied by their organisations: visualisation on posters, pin boards, etc.




Agenda (draft 1). ACWUA-GIZ Regional Training Course on "Enhancing Business Performance of Water Utilities through Quality Management and Standards QMS" 22 Sep 2012 from 19 h 23 Sep. Day 1

Arrival and Welcome Dinner Introduction and Welcome Dinner: Getting to Know You

Official Opening. Session 1 Quality Management The business rational. Experiences

9.00 h

Official opening and welcome by ACWUA, GIZ and the Host organisations from Alexandria

9.30 h

Introduction: ACWUA training. MENA-Water CB-programme Agenda. Training team. Organisational issues. Weeks general assignments

10.00 h

Expectations from the group. Experiences from the group

11.30 h

Session 1: The rational behind "Quality Management" in the water sector

13:00 h


14.00 h

Business rational behind "Quality Management": participants views and experiences

17.00 h

Recap of the day (trainers and participants)

18.30 h

Welcome Reception

Day 2

ISO standards

08:45 h

Session 2: Introduction to ISO standards, e.g. ISO 17025, ISO 14000, ISO 90001/2000

11:30 h

ISO series in water sector 24500 + PI’s

13:00 h


14:00 h

ISO Standards 17025 Labs

16.00 h

Poster Session (organised by participants) – Exercise (Sanitation, Water, Consumer Service)

19 h


Day 3

Quality Management through TSM, TQM etc.

8.45 h

Session 3: Technical Safety Management (TSM)

11:30 h

The TSM Egypt approach

13:00 h


14:00 h

Total Quality Management (TQM)

16:00 h

Lessons learnt

19 h Day 4 8:45 h


TSM and ISO standards: Field trip to Alexandria Water and Wastewater Companies Group 1: ISO standards in the central laboratory (Alexandria Water Company) Group 2: Discussions on TSM applications (ADSCO Alexandria Wastewater Company) Lunch

16:00 h

Free afternoon in Alexandria

19:00 h


Day 5

Comparison of quality management systems. Closing session

8:45 h

Feed back from the field trip

11:30 h

Session 4: Comparison of TQM - TSM - ISO

13:00 h


14:00 h

Closing Session: Institutional assessment - Personal action plans

15.15 -16.15 h 27 May 2011

Certificates. Official closing Departure

Two daily coffee Breaks at 11:00 and 15:30 (tentatively) Please note that GIZ applies an interactive and participatory adult learning approach (PALA). Therefore, the training team guides participants through the learning experience while participants have the full responsibility for their individual learning achievements and the application of outputs, e.g. in their individual action plans.




Training fee and participants costs There will be no tuition fees for the ACWUA-GIZ regional training course. GIZ will cover costs for international travel, airport transfer and full board accommodation for participants from partner countries of the German development cooperation (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon). Other participants are kindly requested to cover travel and full board accommodation costs.

Contact ACWUA Eng. Mustafa Nasereddin Director of Programmes and Technical Services Mail:

Eng. Ahmad Abu Saleem Programs and Technical Services Officer Mail: Amman, Jordan +962- 962-6-5161-700

GIZ Germany (Programme Department 33A0) Dr. Thomas Petermann GIZ Senior Programme Manager Mail:

Ms. Andrea Notz GIZ Programme Manager (Administration) Mail:

Venue and dates The training will be held in Alexandria, Egypt during September 23-27, 2012. The venue will be announced. Participants arrive on the evening of Sep 22 and depart on Sep 28 (morning), unless otherwise arranged.

Certificate Participants who pass the exam at the end of the course will get a certificate of successful participation in the training. The certificate will be issued by ACWUA and GIZ.

Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) and GIZ A regional, self-sustainable association aiming at assisting members from the region to improve their performance in the delivery of water supply and sanitation services, develop and meet technical standards, and ensure that the very large ongoing water programs in the region are well managed. Moreover, ACWUA provides a regional advocacy platform for its members to interact effectively not only with each other but also with governments, the private sector, as well as donors and international lending organizations to the mutual benefit of all concerned. Further information: GIZ - Broad-based expertise for sustainable development – under one roof. Working efficiently, effectively and in a spirit of partnership, we support people and societies in developing, transition and industrialised countries in shaping their own futures and improving living conditions. ACWUA and GIZ (former InWEnt) are jointly implementing a regional capacity building programme from 2010-2013 under the title "Strengthening the MENA Water Sector through Regional Networking and Training (MENA-WANT)". The programme enables actors in the water sector to manage resources by applying principles of good water governance and best practices to water supply in urban areas. It focuses on supporting regional organisations in the context of network management as well as regional exchange and provides according professional capacity building services. Further information:




Enhancing Business Performance of Water Utilities through Quality Management and Standards  

5th Regional Training Course, 23-27 September 2012, Alexandria - Egypt,

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