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* NEW Service-Learning Projects * S * * * * * In 2012, the children of Northwest will be involved in several service-learning projects during Sunday morning services and even beyond. The first of these projects, introduced on January 22nd, involves our children with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe offers a program that allows our children to minister to young Senegalese children who are just learning to read in their own language. Once these children learn to read (like our children, many learning to read themselves) they can read the Bible as well! Over the next several weeks our children at Northwest will be taught about Senegal, the children they are ministering to, and will then be engaged in preparing Scripture posters in the Senegalese language. These posters will be laminated, mailed to Wycliffe, and used in classrooms. Some posters will also be presented to children in Senegal to take into their homes. What an exciting way to promote literacy and the truths of God’s Word in Africa! This service-project will comprise a fifteen minute segment of our morning classes from January 22 – February 26th. Ask your child to tell you all about it! And there will be more! Watch the Kidzone newsletters for information about other upcoming learning service projects and for information about how you can get involved! How can my family serve now? In addition to this project, Northwest serves locally on an ongoing basis. Please consider taking time on the 3rd Wednesday of any month during the school year to serve at “Burgers and Books” at the Centennial Elementary School. What an exciting opportunity to serve meals, share books and speak with families at Centennial. Families that have participated in these events are so grateful for the opportunity to serve. What a wonderful opportunity to teach your child about service. Call the church office or watch your bulletin for details!

FRIDAY NIGHT KIDZONE!!!!!!! Yes! So many exclamation points are necessary!!! If your kids have been to Friday Night Kidzone, you know how important play clothes and a strong stomach may be. Not really, but they may need to hold a worm without squirming, be willing to have their face covered in whipped cream and have the fortitude to keep their bare feet in a bucket of ice as they search for slimy, gummy fish with their toes. Okay, okay, they don’t have to do all these things but they have to at least be willing to be an amused spectator. That’s the rule. You don’t have to participate in the game but you do need to at least cheer on the participants. This rule has been quite effective.

If your kid has never attended, now you know what to expect and we hope your kids will come and we hope your kids will bring other kids. Why? Because Friday Night Kidzone is just F-U-N! On Sundays we meet to learn and on Fridays we meet to learn that God is an awesome God who loves us and wants us to love and enjoy each other. Friday Night Kidzone is about allowing kids to be kids and about building relationships with each other. Good, good fun! OUR NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT KIDZONE IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 27 FROM 6 – 8 P.M.! Dinner is always provided (pizza & fruit because we do things high class), so let us know of food allergies ahead of time. Visitors are encouraged!! Just PLEASE RSVP to Leigh Anne Albright at 977-2343 or

WE ARE LEARNING THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE Your child may have mentioned, but just in case you didn’t hear, WE’RE LEARNING THE BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT! Please ask your child what books s/he may need to learn by each given Sunday. If your child meets the challenge each week then points are earned. When enough points are earned, your child will receive a badge of success in our Kidzone program! Points can be earned for learning Bible verses, participating in the Truth Chasers Club, completing service-learning projects and bringing a Bible to church. Please assist your child in completing these challenges each week. Thank you!

Children's Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012 Pt.2  

Children's Ministry newsletter of Northwest Community Church

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