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Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Owner's Meeting Results – March 22, 2014 21 Attendees

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Future Direction(s) - Check those you like, and make comments where possible: Love it!


Farm / Supplier Tours for members •

Public relations strategy, Connection / education

This would be great. Lots of people ask about it and good promotion for suppliers. Also creates a sense of community.

Some co-ops overseas do this kind of thing in 3/5/10 day food tours where they visit a whole lot of producers in an area - for example we have a lot of Nelson / Golden Bay suppliers.

Good bonding activity o

I agree - hearing that Gianni's winter crops were damaged in the storm means much more now that I've met and worked with him - and I generally pick his produce in the shop over others just because I know who grew it and I want to support his families' efforts.

Love this idea, be great to see where the food is coming from.

A booklet in store showcasing producers and supply chains. Less work than the tours. Can be for suppliers outside Canterbury. o

Could have booklet for suppliers further away and tours of local suppliers. Best of both worlds.

Farmer's market delivery program •

May be an idea to survey Co-op customers in case the concept has slipped past.

People like to buy their own produce? [Editor's note: the program was delivery only, so that people could walk/cycle/ferry to the market and not have to lug their groceries home afterward.]

Good idea to promote and expand

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Feed a family of 4 for $15/20 - organic can be affordable •

Website - compare to big supermarkets?

Very useful to counter the idea that organic is always expensive. Easy recipes would make it easier for people to try to make the change - and to realize you can make nice meals with things like lentils.

Very important to let people know about cost vs. health benefits

Great idea - would be very helpful

Hold a workshop evening to develop / share the recipe range - similar w/unusual food recipes.

Make packages up to sell or distribute o



With recipe ideas included

Eat seasonally

I think that EASY recipes are the key to this catching on

Would be happy to supply one recipe per month - sure others could / would love to do the same.

Not just eating seasonally. But using "basic" ingredients - potatoes, silverbeet.

Hate the word "Frugal"

"Take three ingredients" for example

Re using left overs

Could do a cooking display outside shop with the mobile kitchen using this principle

There are some good food co-op websites from the USA where they do this and have a sample meal plan for a week and then links to the recipes.

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

"Unusual food" recipes - with an aim of a cookbook by holidays •

Based on local produce unique to the area

Website is lower cost than printing a cookbook, publish later based on hits

Workshop evening to build the recipe range (lines also to Feed a family of 4 and Cafe/Community Kitchen)

Especially / Including wild harvested, locally foraged available could be linked in to workshops.

Love this idea - you can also include blurbs and photos on different producers as part of the cookbook.

Would be nice for it to be a real iconic representation of the harbour and the co-op and its values / mission.

Can use recipes from Feed a Family of 4 for $20.

Ties into workshops as well - how to work with unusual ingredients. o

Also newsletter

Gathering and distributing seasonal eating information •


Via website / newsletter


Newsletter for non-members

Zines would be good for this

Love this - making zines and selling in shop -> Affordable, easy to produce

Great for the website & Facebook.

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Website opportunities - Members pages? Supplier blogs? •

Twitter / Facebook specials


Sign-in ordering systems where they can stock up money, a bank, and regular shopping list option to be delivered weekly / fortnightly / monthly.

Using social media to reduce shrinkage - Twitter / FB/Email specials on near expiry date food.

Recipes with add to cart function for ingredients

Post information about co-ops as a business model that can be used by schools teaching business in NZ

Community garden / producer &/or sales link •

School, Co-op, Community Garden

Using local vacant spaces

Would the school kids be doing all the growing? Man power in garden a problem and garden has some problems re organisation.

Connect with Garden 2.0, Agropolis... they are a local growing supplier business... expanding and need outlets to sell produce.

Wonderful idea o

Awesome √

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Living wages / staff equity / wage structure •

Yes, the wage thing needs looking at

A living wage is essential to maintain staffing

I'm happy you guys are getting a pay rise. Well deserved.





Do it. o

Yeah :)



Implementing KPIs/Metrics - What to measure? •

Shareholder engagement o

% membership who shop regularly


Demographics of members

Not too key

What do they buy?

How often?

Who spends the most?

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Shop reorganization & new layout options including Bulk Bins •

More predictable please! (Meant in a friendly way)

Keen to be involved in this

If we can make the space more efficient then we could have a lot more in bulk. o


Space for small children like there used to be & space for a couch like there used to be for the likes of breastfeeding mums or people that just need to rest.

I would love to see traditional shop fit out like in the 1900's wood shelves, draws, shopkeepers with apron - you know the style... Fresh + bulk store without packaging and a weighing station for the customers as well. o

Seconded the weighing station for customers.

Window displays / front of shop display area •

Very important - First impressions, enticing people in specials, etc.

Need to look at branding front of shop appearance.

Changing displays to attract attention to different products.

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Cafe / Soup / Community Kitchen / Porridge Bar •

Juice Bar - Use it as a space to introduce certain products like herbal teas, health tonics

This can link back to the recipes idea particularly focusing on left overs

I feel it is a must to rent the upstairs rooms. I am for the whole building to become Co-op. A cafe upstairs would complete the shop.

Good space for meeting

I feel the cafe would be interesting and exciting to go upstairs. All cafes in Lyttelton are on ground level and to see a view would be unique to Co-op and a drew card to come. There is no real space downstairs for people to meet and talk. The space downstairs is needed for shop produce. o

I agree!



There is no wholesome cafe space in Lyttelton great niche.

I love the idea of having healing / massage etc space

Expansion upstairs with yoga studio and the rooms rented out to different kinds of therapists. Cafe would be a great way to move the stock faster.

Expanding our knowledge, supplies and love into the next level of food life.

Soup to deal to past-dated veges. Veges can be prepared and frozen for making into soup.

Think there is lots of cafes. Needs real point of difference.

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Garden Centre / Permaculture resources •

Maybe students from BHU would be interested in a project like that.

We have a friend who tried similar in Wellington so she may be able to offer advice. Our email

Keen to be involved in this too

Great idea. I'd work there!

Awesome idea! Can't wait to see this happen.

Definitely the way to go, this is a huge gap in the market that needs filling and we are ideal as that business to do it.

Multiple shops (franchise or outlets) •

Good idea, especially regards adjourning cafe etc.

Use website

No - spread too thin

Create a business model to help and support. Show by doing, support greater community spirit and connect.

Let's work on what we have before we branch out o

I agree with this comment.

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Five years from now we'd like to have / be ..... •

Expanded into the whole building, being a real community hub for education, organics, sustainability and being an example of how a healthy strong community can run. Embracing sustainability and being a real place of sharing and education. o

Three stars and a smiley face posted by this one

Own the building (remove rent)

Be carbon neutral

Own a farm

Consult globally to set up co-ops

1000 members

Contribute to Co-op research - link with academic institutions

An ethical and environmental leader - Fair Trade, Local, Minimal packaging o

Possibility of growing some of the more exotic plants locally // native plants.

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Other topic(s) (please specify) •

Membership growth, drive & engagement

Sacha made a very good point about sourcing / ethical trading product ranges

Reduce audit fees by becoming a volunteer project for one of the large accounting firms

Solar / Wind power on building to reduce power costs

Can shrinkage be reduced?

Cooking classes with community kitchen - videos on YouTube, recipes

Shareholder engagement - Skillset database

Co-op Teeshirts / Caps ?

Budget - increase advertising to maximise website use for webstore

I am vego but feel selling organic meat more holistic

Selling ethical & authentic produce which is guaranteed to be fair trade

To have all products organic, fair trade & less imported and/or dubious ingredients in them.

Monthly workshops on different topics o


Outreach to secondary schools on the economies of co-operative businesses.

Offer suggestion to neighbouring resident groups to host workshops for HC on food co-ops, recipes etc. to expand the knowledge of HC beyond Lyttelton. Also talking at our regular Cup of Tea by the Sea sessions on a Monday morning in Mt Pleasant may spread the word.

Would be nice at some point to take these workshops into schools and workplaces. Send Brian! :)

Got to get the audit requirements changed

Creative commons our constitution, Prospectus, etc

Contact Froob - well done dudes! How's it going? Share hardships, learnings, etc.

Harbour Co-op Limited 12 London Street, Lyttelton Ph. (03) 328 8544

Woofer accommodation upstairs?

Top expenses: o

Wages 114k: more members = more volunteers?


Rent 20k: Buy the building


Shrinkage 8k: Analysis to reduce shrinkage by focusing on 20% of items that are 80% shrinkage cost


Power 7k: Wind / Solar power


Audit 4k: Volunteer time and resources donated by large audit firm

Next meeting: When should the next meeting be held? Circle one:

3 months OR 6 months (AGM)

Three votes for 3 months, three votes for 6 months, most people didn't vote.

Item(s) you’d like to see on the agenda of the next meeting: •

Risk planning - if the building was lost do we have a plan to operate as from a temporary place?

Is insurance adequate to cover loss of building / business interruption?

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2014032202 agenda and feedback form results