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So this is my new website, i ended up making it on Wix because it just worked out the best in regards to how i could customise it all - i started with a blank screen & built it all up from scratch. Though wix makes it all quite managable, plus i aslojust got into the habit of watching tutorials when i got stuck. I really love how it turned out, i think it embodies my artwork perfectly - i didn’t want it to be boring, i wanted it to be fun & interactive and stand out. Something i’d be interested in looking at. I know a lot of illustrators choose to go simple but it just wouldn’t have been the same in a perfect white grid setting. I wanted to create this vibe of a journal/ collage/scrap book - imitating my own journal, and linking in with how my social media like tumblr and instagram look & feel. All the bit’s of text are click on, including little things like the journal link, click on the book and it takes you t to another page. The pages are a working progress at to moment, but i hope to have all the links up and running soon There’s lot’s of movement & gifs on each page too, so it doesn’t come across as too flat, i want to take advantage of the fact that this is a web portfolio & not a print. - so it’s bright RBG colour & gif’s all the way.

I’ve used tumblr for about four or five years now, and in the last few I’ve gotten so I use it a lot more professionally. I created my pixel blog in 2013 (although I didn’t really get into pixel art until 2014), it’s had a few name changes since then and gotten a lot more stream lined, but it’s still very me. It’s a lot more informal than my website & even my Instagram, definitely more social & interactive which I enjoy about it. I post regularly, aiming from weekly, it’s always updated with something new to see. I like to change the look of the blog sometimes too so it’s something fresh every once and a while, but right now this is my overriding theme ( I created the sky backdrop) which is continued on my web portfolio. This blog also has it’s own little logo which is just something so my art is recognisable when it’s up on peoples feeds.

Drawins is a newer tumblr I started because I wanted a separate space to post my more experimental & mixed media work – generally just anything non-specifically pixel. Sometimes the two thinks link, but other times it works as a place I can show illustration that’s a bit different to what I usually do, which is helpful. This is also quite informal, but aesthetically the look & layout is cohesive with my other social media/website presences

My instagram follows the same theme, i update regularly and i also link back from my blog from time to time to do a bit of promoting. Whereas my my tumblrs are more separate in their content, both things come together on my Instagram – I think it shows how both sides of my practice link. I do sometimes post personal things like photos etc, but only if it’s in keeping or part of my inspiration – I also try to keep a nice colour flow so the page looks aesthetically pleasing, in which case uploading a pretty photo in between helps even things out & make in more diverse & interesting.

I chose a square format because i think it’s a little bit different, and it kind of reminds me of a mini art print or even an instagram post. I can imagine it’s something people might actually want to keep - you could pin or tape it up on a wall/ cork board and it’d look cool whilst also serving the purpose it was made for. I think it would also be a nice thing to send out when i get my online store up and running, it would arrive in the package - and again serve the same kind of dual purpose (people like to think they’ve got a little freeby) like a mini print. This is my card - front & back. it’s one of my favourite pixel pieces combined with some of my nice pencil textures. I was thinking i might get some alternate designs for the front made - maybe a selection of colours/styles of lucky-cat heads? So it’s a bit of a pick-a-mix, and i can be smart with which i give out - match the styles to suit the subject. For my info on the back i just wanted it to be true to me ( i hate digital font and i never use it in my own work) so it’s in my own handwriting, which is quite a personal touch. Maybe there’s too much info on their but i wanted it to be precise and to the point, this is where i am, come & find me sort of thing. Also considering the dual purpose i wanted all those platform on there, someone who bought some stickers might want my tumblr, whilst someone who wants to hire me for work might just email or check my web portfolio.

Creative presence - Presentation Boards - 602  
Creative presence - Presentation Boards - 602