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D’PENTAGON Inspired by the crystal quartz, D’Pentagon uses the elements of geometric shapes, clear glass-like appearance and sleekness in its design. Each levels of the building has a different angle from its level above and level beow, this arrangement helps to achieve an illusion of the building to look like a crystal quartz.

FLYING MACHINE Inpired by the movie Howl's Moving Castle produced by Studio Ghibli. This flying machine was created by using parts from a CPU.

FOOD STALL New design and layout for a food stall at the hawker centre. This new design allows the customer to eat at the stall.

My translation of the word “GLAMOROUS” inside a void.

CONCEPT The concept is to create a comfortable working environment that also allows people to have intimate moments with each other similar to when they are talking a café or walking in the garden. The coworking space provides opportunity for people to have collaborations and meet new potentials clients or partners.

SHOPHOUSE As the cost to rent a good office space in Singapore is getting more expensive, small companies and freelancers are having difficulty in finding a place for them to work and meet their clients. This leads to people coming to fast food chains like McDonald's or Starbucks to do their work or meet their clients. However, these restaurants do not have a proper work space for them, they also cannot stay too long in the restaurants especially during peak hours. This shophouse is a combination of a coworking space infused with a café. The intention is to allow the working nomads and freelancers to have a proper working space with a low cost.

My translation of the word “GLAMOROUS” inside a void.

SCREENING DEVICE created based on a video demonstrated the two verb: “pulling” and “sliding”.

Seperate modules

Bar counter


Table & chair


Plan view

This space allows people to enjoy Lavazza coffee in a location where there are many people walking around. The design allows the people inside the space to catch a glimpse of the fast-pace lifestyle through the void on the wall. Light passes through only in certain areas. Thus, the space is dim which create a more soothing atmosphere in a crowded place. The location for it is next to the entrance of Orchard Mrt in ION Orchard basement. Exterior

SENTENCE: The smokes smoothly imprinted themselves on the walls, created beautiful street arts. CONCEPT: The device blows bubbles to capture the sunlight in the alley and imprint the sunlight on the walls as the bubbles “pop”. The movement of the sun is constantly changing during the day, this creates temporary artworks on the walls. This device is designed to focus on the sunlight that constantly passing through the alley and how they reflect on the walls. This device allows the people to see the hidden artworks that were created by the sun throughout the day. HOW IT WORK: The device will be like a seesaw. When one end is push down, it will creates a up and down movement. The woofer will be dipped into the bubbles solution, and when it goes upwards, the wind blows through the holes will creates bubbles.

Inhale. Exhale. “Let the adventure begin.” A Snippet from BEGINS AGAIN

SEMANGAT KAMPONG (CUBE 2015) Given a site at Paya Lebar, my group decided to create a town that connect the past with the future, where we infused a Kampong Spirit in the heart of Paya Lebar.

THE CLOCKWORK STORIES This installation is bunch of characters who breathe bubbles when provoked. These characters breathe bubbles in their own ways as environmental receptors to the phenomenal and unnoticed at Marina Bay. The presence of different surrounding light sources and phenomena such as wind, water current, and human interactions will activate the life of these creatures. The creatures will breathe out bubbles when activated. These bubbles capture the environmental light into a spectrum of colours while they fly and disappear into thin air. These stories with spectacular light spectrum revealed by these bubbling creatures will unfold as time passes.





The design proposal for a new egg carton.



NAME CARD A sample of the first name card.

Our brand name is NOVA UTREM, which means “new chance for bottles” in Latin. Our main material for the chair is plastic bottles and the word “plastic” comes from the Latin word “plasticus”. The word “plasticus” means “able to be molded”, which is similar to our concept that the chair is able to be changed, and the children can play with the bottles in many different ways. Thus, we chose to have our brand name in Latin. Our tagline is “CREATIVITY in BOTTLES” to emphasize that the children can have fun with the plastic bottles in their own creative ways.




MULTI-PURPOSE WARDROBE This wardrobe is inspired by a bookshelf made in the 1990s. It is an elegance wardrobe that has a tint of modernism and minimalism. This is an open concept wardrobe. A glass door was installed for the accessories compartment. This makes the wardrobe looks graceful and spacious when it is installed in a room. This wardrobe is made of stainless steel and painted in black and white.

THE KINETIC LIGHT This light is inspired by Newton’s cradle. The light boxes are able to swing and hit one another. It is a minimalistic light with a slick design. The brightness of this cantilever light can be adjust by pulling the lever at the side of the light. The body of the light is made of acrylic. The light cubes are made of tracing paper and mounting board. The light source is LED.





4cm 31cm


4cm 30cm

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