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“Help you, help yourself”



MISSION STATEMENT In an ever competitive graduate job market employers are increasingly seeking graduates with specific skills set refined and honed outside of their academic disciplines. The aim of this scheme is to furnish participants with a large proportion of the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in the job market. The scheme is accredited by Eric Ollerenshaw OBE MP and designed to contribute towards the Lancaster Award accredited by HSBC; KPMG; NPOWER; The Co-Operative and PWC. The scheme will be centred around four core themes: Communication, Community, CoOperation and Co-ordination. The goal of the scheme is to help students, especially those with an interest in politics, build the transferable skills needed to succeed in the world of work and provide an insight into practical politics.

“I strongly believe that the Lancaster Award offers students a real chance to improve the skills that companies value in the graduate job market. I would recommend the Lancaster political Award for any enterprising student seeking good graduate employment.” Eric Ollerenshaw, OBE, MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood

PROGRAMMEME STRUCTURE The programme is a 20 hour programme open to 20 participants on a termly. Each programme will begin with a workshop at a local venue introducing the participants to the key skills and tasks in the course, this will be followed by a networking event where participants will have an opportunity to relax, drink and get to know their fellow participants.

Working with Lancaster Students in the Lancaster area!

To successfully complete the programme participants must attend three canvass sessions designed to improve communication and confidence and attend at least one campaigning action day of five hours. The last half of the course is designed to improve participant’s team working skills

“Help you, help yourself”



through completing one of two options. Participants will be put into four groups of five and be given either (1) large task of around 10 hours or (2) two smaller tasks of 5 hours each. Two groups will each be assigned a ten hour task to organise and perform a fundraising task for a local charities. The two remaining groups will be asked to organise and attend an event each for the local Conservative association and then attend a five hour social action evening organised by Lancaster University Student Union Involve (LUSU INVOLVE). Each group will be assigned a mentor who they will meet for 30 minutes three times during the programme whom will aide, guide and advise the groups on the direction of their projects and provide support throughout the duration of the course.

COMMUNICATION The ability to articulate and communicate complex problems clearly and articulately is a key requirement of any graduate programme. The Lancaster Conservative Political Award is designed to help participants gain the necessary communication skills to succeed in both graduate interviews and the workplace. The programme will help participants to:   

Engage with a wide cross section of the general public Assess, analyse and deal with problems Gain an understanding of different communication methods Develop Public Relations and brand management skills

CO-OPERATION Co-Operation is an integral part of all graduate jobs be it working as a journalist or working in a big business. To succeed in this internship participants will be required to build healthy and successful working relationships. In the program you will: 

“Help you, help yourself”


Interact and work with other participants on projects in small and large groups Be expected to have run at least one canvass which involves being in charge of upwards of 6 people. Be expected to develop networking skills through working with a variety of professional people Develop office and management skills through working in our office should you wish to


CO-ORDINATION Demonstrating initiative for turning ideas into action with energy and enthusiasm is exactly what graduate employers are looking to see from students. A key part of this scheme is to harness participant’s ability to co-ordinate themselves and others. In the scheme you be expected to:    

Undertake work yourself taking in as many decisions as possible Take on projects and project manage fellow participants Be creative and come up with innovative ideas and solutions Indentify, correct and deal with press problems

COMMUNITY It is important that when entering the world of work you understand the world around you and have broad life experience. The Lancaster political internship is designed to ensure that participants put something back into the community and understand social responsibility. In the past members of Lancaster Conservatives have helped at a Local Homeless Center’s and held a charity ball for Derian House Children’s hospice raising over £1000. The scheme will encompass:    

Volunteering within the local community Organising fundraising events for the local charities Raising awareness about problematic issues such as homelessness and poverty Aim to instil the long term benefits of charity work

“I believe that it is never too early for students to

increase their appeal to graduate employers. The work I did with Lancaster Conservatives was enjoyable and greatly increased my skill base helping to get me the job I am in today.” Nick Vose, Account Executive, Four Communications, London.

ALL IN ALL The Lancaster Conservatives Political Internship program will help contribute to student’s skill base in this ultra competitive job climate. It’s a great program so come on and get involved, today!

“Help you, help yourself”



Timeline of Programme Stage 1 Saturday 23rd October (Week 2 UT) Introductory meetings /speeches for the participants at a local venue. Free food provided afterward. Groups for Political and Social Action tasks announced and mentors given.


Stage 5

This is the deadline for Social Action Projects (UT Wk 8) and prize for group that makes most money. The first political project. th Political Action Day to take place Saturday 30 October (Wk4 UT) in Fleetwood. All participants to attend.

Presentation of awards by Eric Ollerenshaw, OBE, MP and Drinks Party in January.

Stage 3

Lancaster Political Award

Stage 2 Stage 6


Monday 25 (Wk 3 UT) of October groups go for meetings in Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) with an info pack about their group specific political/ charity project delegated. These projects are to run from Wk 3 – Wk 8.

The second political event. Thank you drink for the participants and end of term meet up (UT Wk 9)

Stage 4 For Weeks 5, 6, 7 , 8 there will be 3 Canvasses held weekly totalling 9. All participants must turn up to at least 3 of the 9 Canvasses. Approximately 1h 40 minutes each to make up 5 hours of the course.

“Help you, help yourself”



“Help you, help yourself”

“Help you, help yourself”