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daniel nichols

landscape architecture portfolio email: phone: 484.459.2136 address: 1104 spruce st apt 3r • philadelphia pa • 19107

daniel nichols 1104 Spruce St, Apt 3r Philadelphia, PA 19107 484.459.2136

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The Pennsylvania State University • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture • State College, PA • 2012 Mang’ula, Tanzania: Parks & People • Ecotourism Design for Biodiversity Conservation • Summer 2011 The Pantheon Institute • Art, Architecture, and Urban Evolution Studies • Rome, Italy • Spring 2011

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Viridian Landscape Studio • Designer & Urban Planner • Philadelphia, PA • Oct 2012 - Sept 2013 Project: Pickering Creek Audubon Center Master Plan • Easton, MD Responsibilities: master plan development • land use plans • conceptual design for constructed wetlands • site plan and perspective renderings Project: Temple University Stormwater Planning District • Philadelphia, PA Responsibilities: analysis and summary report on Philadelphia city planning regulations’ impact on Temple’s Campus Master Plan and Stormwater Improvements Project • site analysis and documentation • recommendations for green infrastructure implementation Project: Onondaga County ‘Save the Rain’ green infrastructure initiative • Syracuse, NY Responsibilities: planting plans for rain gardens, streetscapes, and public parks • before and after renderings for public meetings and approval process Project: Philadelphia Zoo Parking Lot • Philadelphia, PA Responsibilities: parking lot layout and striping • planting plans for +10,000 sf rain garden Project: Viridian Landscape Studio website Responsibilities: redesign website Self-Employed • Freelance Carpenter and Laborer • Greater Philadelphia Metro Area • Summer 2010 Mt. Cuba Center for Native Plants • Intern • Hockessin, DE • Summer 2009 Responsibilities: design and installation of native woodland gardens • promotional and educational materials for Mt. Cuba Center website

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Community Design Collaborative • Pro Bono Designer • Philadelphia, PA • April 2013 - present Project: Hagert Street Playground Responsibilities: schematic design for neighborhood park and playground • presentations to community members • collaboration with Philadelphia Parks and Rec and the Philadelphia Water Department to implement agencies’ goals

Autocad • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign • Rhino • Sketchup • hand rendering • sketching

Tavis Dockwiller Viridian Landscape Studio Co-Founder and Principal 215.482.7973

Brian Orland The Pennsylvania State University Distinguished Professor of Landscape Architecture 814.865.9511

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05 Pickering Creek Audubon Center Master Plan 11 Philadelphia Zoo Tiger Lot 13 Temple University Stormwater Improvement District

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15 Containers 19 Community Design Collaborative 21 Sketchbook

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23 Cranberry Creek Strip Mine Reclamation 27 Udzungwa Mountains National Park Canopy Walk 33 The Lower Don Lands Dockside West

pickering creek audubon center master plan lo c a t io n c li e n t c l i en t g o a l s


11450 Audubon Lane Easton, MD 21601 Pickering Creek Audubon Center (1) Create a functional infrastructure that complements the natural beauty of the site (2) advance educational programming with the introduction of an improved trail system that links outdoor classrooms within each of Pickering Creek’s major habitats (3) convert agricultural land into habitat for Audubon Society priority species: wood thrush, American woodcock, and grasshopper sparrow.


Project Phasing Plan Projects 1-7: Trails, Signage, Classrooms and Overlooks

Key Project 1: Taste of Pickering (ToP) Trail, Shrubland Classroom and ContemplaĆ&#x;ve Overlook Project 2: Shrubland-Wetland Trail, Shrubland Overlook and Wetland Deck Project 3: Wetland Trail and Wetland Classroom Project 4: Pond Trail Improvements Projects 5 and 6: Creekside Trail Improvements and Forest Classroom Project 7: Forested Wetland Trail and Oak Forest Node 8


Master Site Plan Projects: Trails, Outdoor Classrooms and Overlooks High


rojects 1-7 focus primarily on trails, outdoor classrooms and overlooks throughout the site.

Project Priority

Project 1 - Taste of Pickering (ToP) Trail, Shrubland Classroom and Contemplative Overlook

Project 2 - Shrubland-Wetland Trail, Shrubland Overlook and Wetland Deck

Project 3 - Wetland Trail and Wetland Classroom

Estimated Cost: $47,000

Estimated Cost: $73,000

Estimated Cost: $53,000

An existing trail is improved upon by taking a wet and muddy access route and grading it to provide positive drainage away from the trail. The Shrubland Overlook, the Wetland Deck and their associated furnishings, informational signage and wayfinding markers allow visitors to access parts of the site that had previously been difficult to access.

Visitors will use the Wetland Trail to reach the new wetland and the Wetland Classroom. Here classes up to fifteen people will have the opportunity to study water and the wetland habitat. A shade structure, a deck overlook, a hardened edge, tables, chairs and on-site storage provide everything needed for a positive outdoor learning experience. In addition to leading to the Wetland Classroom, the Wetland Trail allows visitors to reach the Forested Wetland Trail and the Oak Forest Node.

Project 5 - Creekside Trail Improvements and Forest Classroom

Project 7 - Forested Wetland Trail and Oak Forest Node

Project 1 consists of building the ToP trail with informational signage and wayfinding markers. The Shrubland Classroom is defined and completed with furnishings and storage. At the end of Pickering Creek in a wooded hill, the Contemplative Overlook provides a quiet area for observation by providing visitors with a deck, furnishings, informational signage and wayfinding markers.


Project 4 - Pond Trail Improvements Estimated Cost: $46,000

Estimated Cost: $70,000 Installation of a hardened edge at the east end of 40and lecture 60 80 100 120 the pond allows for20 an improved lab Improvements for the Creekside Trail consist experience while minimizing disruption to Estimated Cost, ‘000furnishings, informational of trail resurfacing, habitat. Trail improvements include trail clearing, signage, wayfinding markers, storage and trail path stabilization, informational signage and switchbacks. The Forest Classroom Council wayfinding markers. Ring is farther from the Creekside Trail to provide Facility Upgrades and Additions a more intimate experience. trail improvements

Intended Program hiking


Project 6outdoor - Forest Clearing classroom wayfinding markers Estimated Cost: $32,000


Estimated Cost: $150,000 140 160 The Forested Wetland Trail is a combination of earth and boardwalk to allow visitors a route through this interesting and sensitive habitat. Informational signage and wayfinding markers educate and direct visitors through the site and to the Oak Forest Node, a raised deck with benches and storage. habitat creation grading and drainage seating

Project 6 establishes an enclosed clearing in the Successional Forest with surfacing and benches. educational programming outdoor dining 9


im ag e b r e a k d o wn


original panorama


block in foreground, soften edges


final image


replace agriculture with wetland


replace sky


add hardscape elements


levels, curves, hue/saturation, overpainting, lighting effects, entourage

philadelphia zoo tiger lot l o c a t io n c li e n t c l i en t g o a l s


3400 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104 The Philadelphia Zoo (1) Retain at least 137 spaces, including 16 ADA spaces (2) improve pedestrian and vehicular circulation (3) capture the first 1� of runoff in attractive rain gardens


temple university stormwater planning district lo c a t io n c li e n t c l i en t g o a l s

Temple University Main Campus Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Water Department (1) Identify projects that can be fast-tracked for construction to galvanize support for green infrastructure projects elsewhere in the city (2) manage the first 1-2” of stormwater runoff with aggressive, surface-based treatments (3) showcase Temple’s campus as the culmination of the Philadelphia Water Department’s “Green City Clean Waters” program.





Temple Main Campus SIP


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nworks Philadelphia Gree




sP as lan ter nin Pla n g In itiativ /





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s ne Zo nt e erm pow m E e s ri

Infographic illustrating which city-wide, local, campus, and transportation-based planning initiatives will impact the development and execution of the Temple Main Campus Stormwater Improvements Project. Infographic illustrating the overlapping goals of various planning initiatives. Intended to serve as an “at a glance” graphic that can direct one to sources of existing plans and regulations for more information on specific topics. 13

Yorktown Master Plan 2015

Green 2015

GreenPlan Philadelphia

DVRPC Transportation Improvement Plan

Philadelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Philadelphia Complete Streets Initiative

Zoning Code

Philadelphia 2035

Greenworks Philadelphia

Temple University Landscape Master Plan

Corresponding goals and key focus points of local planning initiatives that influence the Temple Main Campus Stormwater Improvements Plan

Temple 20/20 Vision Plan

Philadelphia Planning Documents Matrix

Temple 20/20 Vision Plan String of Pearls Efficient Land Use Broad Street Gateway Mixed-use, Pedestrian Scale Development Temple University Landscape Master Plan Greenworks Philadelphia Manage Stormwater Proximal Recreation Resources Increase Tree Coverage Maintain Infrastructure Philadelphia 2035 Topography to Direct Land Development Utilize Capacity Modernize Infrastructure Improve Water Resources Restore Streams and Wetlands Manage Stormwater Demonstrate Sustainability Practices Zoning Code Philadelphia Complete Streets Initiative GSI Elements in the ROW Philadelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan Sidewalk improvements Walking Zone Pedestrian Buffers DVRPC Transportation Improvement Plan Septa Station Enhancement Streetscape Revitalization GreenPlan Philadelphia Proximal Recreation Resources Tuttleman Field Temple Quad Green 2015 Transform Under Utilized Land Into Open Space Yorktown Master Plan 2015 Neighborhood Gateways Community Participation Preventative Maintenance Shared Spaces and the Public Realm Streets and Public Infrastructure Revitalize Community Facilities


Planting Design Explorations I have been planting containers on my own time to experiment with different plant textures, color palettes and combinations.



community design collaborative lo c a t io n c li e n t cl i en t g o a l s

2040 E Hagert St Philadelphia, PA East Kensington Neighborhood Association (1) Enhance safety and security (2) significantly increase canopy cover (3) update and add play equipment for kids of all ages (4) provide welcoming spaces that will strengthen the park’s status as neighborhood anchor and primary gathering point (5) accomplish the on-site goals of the Philadelphia Water Department and Philadelphia Parks and Rec in exchange for funding


6’ Fence


Safety Surfacing


Climbing Wall


Multi-sport court Tetherball 6’ Fence Proposed Tree (typ. 20) ExistingTree (typ. 7) Gate

Safety Surfacing 2-5 Year Old Play Equipment Benches (typ. 8) Rain Gardens

Existing Gazebo Picnic Tables (typ. 5) Existing Fountain/Splash Pad



cranberry creek lo c a t io n p r o b le m

Hazleton, Pennsylvania The local collapse of the coal mining industry has caused decline and disinvestment in Hazleton’s core. Meanwhile, new development is consuming the region’s scenic, forested ridges and highly productive farming valleys.

g o a ls

(1) Reclaim an abandoned strip mine (2) provide mixed-use, mixed-income development (3) connect to existing roads and infrastructure.


I was awarded an ASLA Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter Merit Award in the student planning category.

development metrics

first floor retail 56,397 sq ft

multi-family housing 256,883 sq ft

single-family homes 137 units

new road construction 10,103 ln ft


ecosystem restoration

oak-hickory hardwood forest 40 acres

upland meadow 10.8 acres

circumneutral mixed shrub wetland 8.4 acres

riparian buffer 5,384 ln ft

~ Architects building section adapted from Garduno 24

udzungwa mountains canopy walk lo c a t io n problem


Mang’ula, Tanzania Tanzania’s Eastern Arc Mountains are one of the planet’s biodiversity strongholds, but the ecosystem is under threat from illegal poaching and fuel wood harvesting.


There was a compelling need to generate excitement among local leaders and convince them to pursue an ecotourism initiative in the region. Ecotourism has the potential to mend the gap between biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation by providing capital accumulation and diversified wage earning opportunities.


I presented my designs and ideas to the Chief Park Warden of the Udzungwa Mountains National Park who then used my work to pitch the idea to the Head of Tanzanian National Parks. Tanzanian National Parks has solicited a feasibility study and conceptual design, and the project remains under active consideration.



lower don lands dockside west l o c a t io n g o a ls


Toronto, Ontario To further develop a portion of the MVVA design proposal for the Lower Don Lands: (1) finalize the streetscape layout and dimensions (2) create blocks and building masses with a cumulative minimum 1.7 FAR (3) manage stormwater runoff on site with a canal that drains into treatment wetlands. The project was featured in the Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Student Exhibit during the summer of 2012.

Design development sketches of the road layout and building massing Image breakdown of rendering showing (1) Rhino model (2) Vray render of materials (3) final Photoshopped image





thanks for looking daniel nichols 1104 Spruce St, Apt 3r Philadelphia, PA 19107 484.459.2136

Landscape Architecture Porfolio  

by Daniel Nichols

Landscape Architecture Porfolio  

by Daniel Nichols