LCA Academic Report Card - Fall 2020

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Dr. Scott Wells Dear LCA Family and Friends, Greetings from LCA! It is such a joy to share with you the 2019-2020 Academic Report Card and to highlight our academic achievements from the past school year. Despite the fact that we conducted virtual instruction from March until May due to COVID-19 restrictions, our teachers did not skip a beat and continued to provide high quality instruction and assessment. In addition, although having to change their instructional practices literally overnight, our students were exemplary in staying the course and finishing the school year strong. I want to commend our brilliant teachers and our dedicated students for the achievements outlined in this report card. I also want to offer one more congratulations to our Class of 2020! Admittedly, this year was not what our seniors expected, but they persevered. In fact their perseverance and determination to celebrate as a class was rewarded with an in person graduation ceremony in July. This group of scholars, servant leaders, artists and athletes represent all that we strive for – Faith, Service and Excellence. Well done, Class of 2020! We are proud of you!

Our LCA mission is to “equip and nurture students to fulfill God’s calling on their lives through Christ-centered education.” As you will discover as you read further, with God’s help we fulfilled our mission last year. I am confident with intentional planning and careful discernment of the Lord’s will for our school, we will be even more successful in the future. Without a doubt, our best years are ahead of us. Thank you, in advance, for yours prayers and your faithful support of all things LCA. In Him,

Scott Dr. Scott Wells, Head of School

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MEASURES OF ACADEMIC PROGRESS (MAP) (GRADES K-5) For 2019-2020, Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) administered the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for grades kindergarten through eighth. These assessments provided essential information about our students’ learning and growth trajectory. As a reminder, the MAP testing is not timed, and questions are adjusted to each student’s response. MAP is a good indicator of student progress because it measures a student’s academic growth from year to year. It also provides information on what a student is ready to learn next. This gives teachers the tools and insight they need to provide differentiation for their students. MAP uses data from more than 10.2 million students, which allows us to compare our students to national norms. For the 2019-20 school year, the MAP assessment was administered twice (Fall/Winter). Due to Covid-19, we were unable to administer the Spring 2020 MAP. Below you will find the combined results of our Fall and Winter assessments. For the scores listed below, note (as an example) the kindergarten score of 99% in math. This means 99% of LCA’s kindergarten students scored at or above the national average in math.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

Math - 99%

Math - 99%

Math - 92%

Reading - 99%

Reading - 99%

Reading - 98%

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Math - 92%

Math - 89%

Math - 94%

Reading - 97%

Reading - 96%

Reading - 96%

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TERRI WHITE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL “We are intentional with our MAP scores. As a team of Administrators, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Guidance Counselor, Intervention Team, and Teachers we critically analyze our scores by grade and individuals. Through our collaborative efforts, we determine how we can provide researched-based best practices into our instruction and curriculum in order to promote student success. Our students’ scores are indicative of our process and partnership with parents.”

LEANNA HENSLEY ELEMENTARY GUIDANCE COUNSELOR "MAP allows immediate feedback to our teachers and students. Last winter our teachers met with students to review their scores and set personal goals for the spring assessment. Seeing the excitement of our students as they met their goals, helped to reiterate to us as educators, that MAP has a positive impact on our students and their learning.”

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6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Language Usage - 90%

Language Usage - 91.5%

Language Usage - 90%

Reading - 94.5%

Reading - 92%

Reading - 92%

Math - 82.5%

Math - 82%

Math - 77%

COLEMAN MARSHALL JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL "Overall, our students continue to perform well on their standardized assessments. While this is only one data point, it is good to see our students succeeding. Last year, we transitioned from ACT Aspire to the MAP assessment. The students continued to perform well in reading and language usage. We saw gains particularly with our 7th and 8th grade students in math. MAP allows us instant information, which the teachers, Lisa Bacon, Director of Curriculum & Instruction and I analyzed to identify areas of strength and growth areas. I want to commend our math teachers for targeting those growth areas and helping our students grow.�

7th Grade English - 72% Reading - 59% Math - 69% Science - 74% Writing - *

ACADEMIC HIGHLIGHTS SCIENCE FAIR Several of LCA’s Junior High students experienced success at the 2019-2020 science fair competitions.

2020 Central Kentucky Regional Science & Engineering Fair 1st Place and Bradshaw & Broadcom Awards Jenna Johnson (8th grade - Energy: Sustainable Materials & Design) 3rd Place - Josh Brand (7th grade Environmental Engineering 3rd Place - Ethan Ratliff (7th grade - Physics & Astronomy)

2020 Kentucky Science & Engineering State Science Fair Virtual Event Josh Brand (7th grade) and Jenna Johnson (8th grade) both participated in this virtual event.

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ACADEMIC PROGRAM (GRADES 9-12) As students transition to high school, their academic programs and paths may vary considerably. Students have the ability to select different electives as well as courses at different levels of challenge (regular college prep, Honors, or Advanced Placement.) Academic achievement at the high school is evaluated by means of various nationally standardized tests. This includes the American College Test (ACT) and the Advanced Placement (AP) exam. The ACT measures students’ skills in English, reading, mathematics, and science reasoning. Students are scored on each subtest; scores range from one (1) to thirty-six (36.) An average is then taken to arrive at a composite score. Although sophomores can take the ACT, it is typically taken by juniors and seniors. Our students continue to perform above both state and national averages. Having a composite score 25 or higher is significant. This is typically the minimum score required for application to prestigious schools and for full scholarships at many colleges and universities.

HEATHER RILEY HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE COUNSELOR “Students take part in multiple practice exams during their freshmen and sophomore years of high school in preparation for taking standardized tests for college applications as upper-class students. LCA teachers do a fantastic job of preparing our students for the college placement exams, which is reflected in their accomplishments each academic year. LCA students work hard to maintain their grades in the classroom, perform well on tests, like the ACT, earn admittance to top tier higher education institutions, increase their merit scholarships, and stand out amongst their peers in the city of Lexington and state of Kentucky.”

As we start the 2020-2021 school year, we have already received wonderful news regarding the Class of 2021. CLASS OF 2021 GOVERNOR'S SCHOLAR PROGRAM

Zachary Feller Reese Lycan Joshua Lytle Leah Massa


Sallie Kate Goff

2020 ACT COMPOSITE SCORES National - 20.7* Kentucky - 19.5*

LCA - 25.0 *Reflects 2019 published scores.

CLASS OF 2021 NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR'S PROGRAM National Semi-Finalists Zachary Feller Joshua Lytle

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ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSES LCA currently offers 17 AP courses. At the conclusion of each school year, students have the opportunity to sit for AP exams. Scored on a scale of 1 to 5, students who achieve a qualifying score (3 or higher) are eligible for college credit or advanced placement at more than 90% of American colleges and universities.

2020 Advanced Placement Results 327 AP Exams Taken 49 Total AP Scholars (Avg. 3.48) 23 AP Scholars (Avg. 3.04) 12 AP Scholars with Honor (Avg. 3.47) 13 AP Scholars with Distinction (Avg. 3.88) 1 National AP Scholar (Avg. 4.5) 78.4% of students scored a 3 or higher (116 out of 148) 32% of students taking AP exams were designated as AP Scholars (49 of 148) 52% of seniors taking AP exams were designated as AP Scholars (33 of 63) 59% of seniors took at least one AP exam (66 of 112) 72% pass rate (scores of 3 or higher) 76% pass rate of seniors

Pass Rates (3 or higher) English: 92% Studio Art: 100% Math: 56% Science: 29% Social Science: 68% World Languages: 68%

20% of Test-Takers Earned 5 (highest possible score) in the following subjects: English Language and Composition English Literature and Composition Biology Comparative Government and Politics European History Macroeconomics Microeconomics Psychology United States Government and Politics United States History World History: Modern

Individual Subject Pass Rates English Language and Composition: 94% English Literature and Composition: 91% Calculus AB: 48% Calculus BC: 67% Statistics: 43% Biology: 66% Chemistry: 73% Physics 1: 23% Physics C (Mechanics): 100% Comparative Government & Politics: 80% European History: 100% Macroeconomics: 85% Microeconomics: 72% Psychology: 90% US Government & Politics: 100% US History: 60% World History - Modern: 80% Spanish Language & Culture: 68%

JOSHUA PALMER HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE COUNSELOR “LCA consistently offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) Course on a yearly basis. Our students routinely meet the challenge presented by AP Courses and demonstrate mastery of the subject as seen in our AP Exam Pass Rates. This previous year presented numerous challenges from an AP Exam perspective. With the excellent instruction from our AP teachers and the hard work of our students, LCA was able to meet that challenge as demonstrated by the success of our students. This success translates to college credit that our students earn while still in high school and it enables them to take advantage of the many opportunities available at whichever college or university they choose to attend.”

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The class of 2020 graduated 123 students. This represents LCA’s largest graduating class. In LCA’s 31-year history, 2,324 students have graduated from the school. The members of the Class of 2020 were accepted in 79 different colleges and universities with scholarships totaling over $2.4 million dollars. Below are some highlights of the Class of 2020:

DR. CASSONDRA KOETT HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL “Lexington Christian Academy has a long and storied tradition of offering an academic curriculum that is wide-ranging, challenging, and at the end of the students’ journey with us, incredibly rewarding. LCA thoughtfully considers the wants and needs of its families and prepares students at an unparalleled level for achievement on standardized testing such as ACT, PSAT, SAT, as well as taking AP and college-based dual credit courses. LCA students regularly score at or near the top of all Kentucky pupils, those in both private and public academic settings, taking these exams and courses. Several LCA graduates enter college having earned enough AP credits to classify them as sophomores before they even begin their postsecondary education years. Finally, LCA students are well-rounded, combining a robust academic course-load with top-tier extracurricular activities in fine arts, leadership clubs, and athletics. Our students leave LCA prepared for the complexities of the next chapter in their lives and with the potential to achieve excellence in their pursuits while leaving an indelible impact on our world.”

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LISA BACON DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION Our comprehensive cycle of curriculum review is guided by the belief that the process will be faculty led, evidence informed, focused on improving student learning, encompass a program level perspective, and be an on-going effort to continuously improve the academic programs of LCA. This process is an essential component of the advancement of student learning. Through the process of curriculum review, LCA strives to provide an academic program that supports the vision of preparing all students to be successful, continuous learners who view all content through the truth of scripture. We have a 5-year rotation cycle for each area of academic concentration. This year we are continuing our review of World Languages and Bible for implementation in the 2021-2022 school year. We will begin the process of reviewing History (Social Sciences,) Geography, and English (Language Arts and Reading) in January 2021 for implementation in the 2022-2023 school year. Each curriculum review allows LCA teachers and administrators to assess current content and resources and then identify how we can strengthen the program(s) under review. With this in mind, students, parents, and teachers can expect: An articulation of the strengths of the program, · Specific actions to be identified to address gaps within the academic program, An improvement in teaching and learning practices, Critical reflection on the program’s curriculum, and Evidence to drive decision making within the program. Curriculum Guide and High School Course Guide LCA’s Curriculum Guide is a valuable resource for our students and families. It provides an overview of each content area and highlights each specific course description. It also demonstrates the sequence of courses and the academic progression that is instrumental in student success. The High School Course Guide, while providing the same overview of each content area as the Curriculum Guide, also highlights graduation requirements and college pathways, NCAA and NAIA eligibility requirements, Work Release, and schedule change requests and process. Both documents are can be found on the LCA website. For more information, please contact your student’s campus office.

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Average Years of Experience Overall as well as at LCA


Average Tenure at LCA