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Sabrina Esquerra

Short story Beauty Belongs To The Flowers


Rela ation Techniques To Combat Stress

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Message from the Editor


ver the years I have come to realize that we are all far more powerful than we imagine ourselves to be. Our limitations are a direct result of our lack of confidence and inability to acknowledge our own true potential. As human beings we use only 10% of our brains. Why is this? Could it be that we haven’t tapped into the other 90% because we are mentally limiting our own progress by the way we think? Thus stunting ourselves from reaching our highest heights? Wise men and women have always said that you are what you eat. But could it be even deeper than that? Could it be that you are what you think? Is it possible then that the world around us could also be manipulated in this way, on a larger scale? Recent strides in the realm of science point to this very possibility through advances made in the field of quantum physics. So, as one collective human race could it be possible for us to reach peace on earth by simply unifying our collective thought process? By disregarding prejudices, religious and cultural differences and living our lives in solidarity? In this issue, we explore some of these ideas in the article “Believe Your Soul Mate Is Out There”; where writer Arielle Ford discusses the “Laws of Attraction”. Ford says, “The basic law of attraction states, that you will attract to you those things that match your state of belief.” Other thought provoking articles include “Globalization and Poverty,” which takes a hard look at the use of GM modified crops and its effects on third world economies and their peoples. And for your visual pleasure we have artists Ankhyora, Grace Li Wang, Sabrina Esquerra and French artist Stepke. In closing always, remember to approach life with your arms wide open. Spend each moment in your life loving what you do and those around you. eace, Love and DY


On the cover : Faithfull Shadow By: Sabrina Esquerra, Bio on page 18

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DY Remembers By: Damon Youmans page 5 Artist Spotlight: Ankhyora Page 7 Poem: Nameless Beauty By Dipa Rani Page 9

Artis Bio

Ankhyora page 6

Believe Your Soulmate Is Out There By Arielle Ford Page 10 Wellness Tip: Techniques To Combat Stress By Melita Miller Page 12 Globalization And Poverty By Davinos Greeno Page 22

Artist Bio

Grace Li Wang page 14

All Around The World Page 30 Short Story: Beauty Belongs To The Flowers By Matthew Sanborn-Smith Page 33 Poem 12C Tyree Daye Page 36 Confessions on Facebook Page 40

Artist Bio

Sabrina Esquerra page 18

Artist Bio

Stepke page 24 Grace Li Wang


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The is the only national health agency dedicated to finding the cause and cure for Graves’ Thyroid disease. For more inforamtion, or for giving options, visit www.NGDF.org

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an editorial thought

By Damon Youmans

DY talks on the Truth


ften we get caught up in what’s not the truth, but you don’t want the truth you can’t handle the truth! “You scramble around until it’s believed with no proof,” I enjoy hearing profound and powerful statements such as this from musical artist Damont’e, in a song called “Phone Ring”. I am trying to bring clarity to that quote and I keep asking myself, how can the truth ever be understood if it’s built on so many lies? I look at our relationships today and see many unhappy significant others. I look at trying times from the economic struggles. We see some folks becoming landscapers and heading over to where the grass is greener on the other side, so they choose to vacate verses continuing to build the dream. Was there ever a dream? Is there a vision on building a relationship? Is that what the relationship starters of today are thinking? Why do we not seek answers to some of these questions in the heat of the relationship? Whose responsibility is it to mention some understanding and truth finding in a relationship? I can recall being informed by someone that they don’t want to hear about another’s previous experience nor even care about past relationships. “For crying out loud you can’t even rent a car without them knowing your driving history” and I am only talking about renting! But hey these new relationship standards are a ridiculous joke. We are seeing the pain on some faces along with the results of some unacceptable decision. I’m wondering how many relationships exhibit the truth. So I suppose all of the pain from what is told as the truth brings forth tears of joy. They say that truth hurts. To all my relationship folks out there I say please “Learn the truths as it’s being taught don’t create what fits your satisfaction, it’s only the beginning of a lie that you’re creating.” DY Magazine 5

Title: Vibes DY Magazine 6





t has been a tremendous journey over the past year as we continue to quest the globe looking for young artists and musicians. Across each continent, you will find similar stories, people who are tapping into a culture. Whether that is the popular culture we see in the media or the self-culture (reflections of our ethnicity, environment, and language). Artists are advocates and in some cases political activist who challenge us to think with visual depictions—sometimes critically, with occasional humor, but more often deeply about whom we are and the spaces we occupy. It is not surpris-

ing that in our journey, we often come across raw and unfiltered talent. For us, this translates into individuals, who have not been formally “schooled” in art theory and practice. They choose to pick up the pencil, pen or paint brush and use this to empower their voice and speak art directly from their soul. Their pieces reflect the dialect between trying to color inside the boundaries and then refusing that they even exist, and thus you have artist like Ankhyora. Self-educated artist, AnkhyorA hails from France and started to feature her art in public venues at the age of Continue on page 8

DY Magazine 7

Title: Cuba

24, exhibiting mainly in Paris, France and London. Her art specifically addresses what is central to her own identity, Afro people (as she terms it). Inside her canvas, their lives, narratives, and beauty are seen in the myriad colors and mediums. AnkhyorA evolves her style as well as the mediums she incorporates into her art, exploring Continued on page 46

Title: vase et fleurs DY Magazine 8

POEM A Nameless Beauty A Nameless beauty, With a ever known name, Contained treasure of unconditional love.. A maid, became a goddess... In deep eyes with unlimited silent tears shedding from eternal Dreams, desires in a waiting case, offered peace hanging on longing wall.... Yet the tender heart unaware of forsaking hope wondering over years carrying a fate of love..... For a fake promise of her beloved.... By Dipa Rani

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elieve Your Soul Mate Is Out There

By Arielle Ford


elieving that your soul mate is out there is critical to the preparation of manifesting him or her into your life. The basic law of attraction states that you will attract to you those things that match your state of belief. I believe that the Universe is always mirroring back to us our beliefs about ourselves and the world. If we believe the world is a loving and friendly place, then most of the time that will be our experience. If we believe the world is a chaotic, stressful and fearful place, then that becomes our reality. So, believing and knowing that your soul mate is out there is part of the formula for manifestation. If you do not yet believe with 100% certainty that your soul mate is out there, let’s begin to

look for things that will make a believer out of you. Do you believe you are loveable? If you are reading this then I am certain you are loveable. Why? Because, loveable people want more love in their lives. But, if you believe you are not loveable, I’m going to ask you to challenge that belief. Take a moment to identify at least three (or more) lovable traits that you possess, such as being generous, compassionate, friendly, kind, considerate, thoughtful, interesting, funny, etc. Write these down and then memorize them. You will be using them shortly for your treasure map. I know many very attractive, successful single people who have some very negative, limiting beliefs when it comes to finding their soul mate. The list usually goes something like this: I’m too old. DY Magazine 10

I’m too fat. I’m too damaged. I have too much baggage. I am too successful. I am not successful enough. All the good ones are taken. Nobody I want wants me. These are just kneejerk excuses to keep you stuck. There is plenty of evidence that love is available to everyone regardless of age, weight or income or any other feeble excuse. What if I told you that it’s not your job to know HOW your soul mate is going to appear? It’s only your job to be ready, willing and open to love. You don’t really know where air or water comes from but you totally believe that they are there for you. As a human being you know that air and water are your divine right. You know that no matter what mistakes you have made in the

past, you are still going to wake up every day and have access to air and water. The same is true for love. It’s there for you. It’s always been there for you. You just need to remember the love that you are and once you do, the Universe will deliver to you the perfect soul mate. There is nothing for you to do, there is only a way for you to BE. Arielle Ford is a professional, previously unmarried woman who is revealing her secret to finding romance, love, marriage, and a perfect soul mate. She discovered how to take her professional success and apply it to her personal life, and she has never been happier. Now she wants to share that secret with you. Learn how to find your soul mate at http:// www.SoulMateKit.com. Source: Articlecircle.com

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Well-Being Tip of the Month


Rela ation

Techniques To Combat Stress By Melita Miller

DY Magazine 12


ith the increased pressures of modern life more and more people find it difficult to switch off and relax at the end of the day. This can lead to sleepless nights which create further anxiety that can make life feel more unbearable.

need to be able to switch off from work - and that includes your phone! This is important to do as once your work colleagues get into the habit of being able to contact you at all hours they will. Remember, the phone is there for your convenience, not just the caller’s.

Eventually this can create a feeling of being overwhelmed or stressed out. However, there are lifestyle changes that you can make in order to reduce your stress and promote relaxation in your life:

3) Compile some chillout tunes Put together or buy a CD of relaxing music to ease your mind and help you switch off from the outside world. Research has shown that even from the womb relaxing/classical music can be beneficial in promoting well-being.

1) Get regular massages We all know about the reputed benefits of a massage in aiding relaxation of the body and mind. Whilst you could get a partner or close friend to give your shoulders, back or feet a good rub down, to truly feel long-term benefits you should enlist the services of a trained professional to give you regular massages. Don’t think of this as an indulgent treat but rather an essential part of your well-being routine. For as well as relaxing the muscles (and making you feel as chilled out as an Eskimo), the benefits of regular massage include improved blood flow and a boosted immune system. 2) Hang up your phone When you leave the office you

4) Read a good book Emily Dickinson wrote, “ There is not frigate like a book to take us lands away,” which is a great way to sum up the way in which reading a good book can help you to get your mind off your worries - if only for a while. 5) Practice yoga Yoga is a great way to escape from everything going on around by taking you into your own little world. As well as being a good form of working out, it can help you to build your self-esteem and confidence, helping you to bring about a positive change in your life. Continued on Page 47

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Artist Spotlight

Title: Lets Go Play

“I want to express the Joy, the Brightness and the Warmth of the Sun’s Radiance to Touch and Uplift All” DY Magazine 14


Li Wang


ang thinks of Nature as a force in the universe, which forms the character of a person. “I want to express the synergy of Nature by focusing on images that I feel represent my vision and a sense of timelessness.� Grace was born in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, in 1953. She arrived in the United States in 1964. Grace graduated from the School of Design at the North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree in 1974. Over the years she has participated in numerous international, national, and regional design conferences as seminar panelist and jurist. After working many years in the Art and Design sector as a Director for major corporations, Grace became the gallery director for The Grace Li Wang Art Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Grace’s work has been exhibited and collected by private and public sectors regionally and internationally. She is the recipient of numerous international art and design awards, including the Designers Choice4

DY Magazine 15

Title: Roads To Swirling Sun

Awards from the International Design Publications, the Distinguished Art and Design Graphics Awards from the International Society for Technical Communications, among dozens of other art and design awards. Grace believes her art is ment to energize and enrich the spirit in each of us. Her passionate expressionistic works reflect her extraordinary love and celebration for beauty and Nature. Grace’s art conveys her distinctive joyful exuberant style, as shaped by intense colors and graphic forms in her diverse works of subjects. The immediate strong character of the vibrant and passionate colors along with the innovative and stylized forms found in her paintings, transforms and transcends that sense of radiant vitality into her wondrous world of imaginative and captivating scenes.

DY Magazine 16

Title: Radiance Of Life

DY Magazine 17



Sabrina Esquerra

S Title: il fiore al cappello

abrina Esquerra was born in Ecuador, South America. After having graduated with a degree in the visual arts, she went on to specialized in illustration. Her pieces reflect the experimenter and intersection of her own personal style. Sabrina works has worked as a freelance artist for various graphic studios. She has also presented her work in numerous art showings. Currently she has taken her work to a different level designing her own T-shirts. When not working on her own projects she produces didactic plan and illustration materials for books. In 2000, she obtained a grant to go to Italy (currently where she resides) to pursue a specialized courses in illustrative techniques and she has taken various other courses to enhance her artistic drive. She also forms collections using various objects, accessories and materials such as dolls, mirrors etc. From 2004 until 2009, she Continued on page 20

DY Magazine 18

Title: My neighborhood is inside of me

DY Magazine 19

Continued from page 18

operated a shop out of San Gimignano, which exhibited all her creations accompanied with music that became known as “CANTIDIPINTI”(PAINTED SONGS). She has accepted this as a current stage name.

Title: il fiore al cappello

DY Magazine 20

His Plan Your Choice Ministry for the word of God is living

w/ Ed McCaffrey call in and listen live: 1.914.338.0043

Every Wednesday EVENINGS

11:00 PM EST

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$Globalization $$$ $$$ $$$ $ and $ $ $Poverty $$$$$$$ $$ $$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$ $$$ $ $$$$$$$$$$ $$



By: Davinos Greeno any farmers who traditionally grew pulses and millets and paddy have been lured by seed companies to buy hybrid cotton seeds and other GM crops, which were supposed to make their lives easier and wealthier. Instead they faced bankruptcy and ruin.

Their native seeds have been displaced with new hybrids which cannot be saved and need to be purchased every year at a high cost. Hybrids are also very vulnerable to pest attacks. All pesticides have to be bought from the company that sold them the seeds; there have been reports of blatant profiteering from these companies. It is experiences such as these DY Magazine 22





which tell me that we are so wrong to be smug about the new global economy. It is time to stop and think about the impact of globalization on the lives of ordinary people. This is vital if we want to achieve sustainability.

buy American sugar and coffee than it is to buy locally produced goods. This is because of over production and subsidies in the West which means that they then dump these goods on Africa destroying local markets.

We are repeatedly told that without genetic engineering and globalization of agriculture the world will starve, it is constantly promoted as the only alternative available for feeding the hungry.

When patents are granted to companies for seeds and plants, as in the case of basmati, saving and sharing seed is defined as theft of intellectual property. Corporations which have broad patents on crops such as cotton, soya bean and mustard are suing farmers for seed-saving and hiring detective agencies to find out if farmers have saved seed or shared it with neighbors.

Everywhere, food production is becoming a negative economy, with farmers spending more buying costly inputs for industrial production than the price they receive for their produce. The consequence is rising debts and epidemics of suicides in both rich and poor countries. Cows in the European Union receive on average $2 per day in subsidies. Over 1 billion people live in the world on less than $1 dollar a day. Farmers in the Third World are encouraged by the IMF and the World Bank to produce cash crops for export. There are usually commodities that can be easily bought and sold on the World Markets. With fluctuating world prices, Fair trade is what can drag farmers and communities out of poverty. In some African countries it is cheaper to

As Gandhi reminded us, “The Earth has enough for everyone’s needs, but not for some people’s greed.” This article has been adapted with the kind permission from Food Patents-Stealing Indigenous Knowledge,Anup Shah,2006 About the Author Davinos Greeno works for the fair-trade food and ethical clothes directory that lists 100s of Organic and Ethical Companies and we also have Health Articles for you to read or publish. Source: articlecircle.com

DY Magazine 23


Stepke Above: la traite des anges DY Magazine 24


tepke aka Stephane Richard was born in 1971 and currently resides in Las Mans, France. He has main affiliations with the University of Paris and has participated in numerous gallery exhibitions and performances. Stepke integrates a varied color palette to express the dialectical relationship between good and evil, bringing forth a powerful energy of raw emotions to any viewer. Stepke eloquently states that his 4 DY Magazine 25

Title: etat d urgence

art depicts “The mouths of angels [that have] the image of a world [and] where the face has lost its soul.�

The artist at work. DY Magazine 26

Title: l ange fou

Is April


2011 DY Magazine 28

LOVE By: Damon Youmans DY Magazine 29

All Around the World Your headlines from across the globe!

America’s Presence in Afghanistan Equals Length of Soviets’ War Nine years and fifty days ago, the U.S. and its Afghan allies began a quick rout of the Taliban government. The war was supposed to last only a few months, or perhaps a few years; it wasn’t supposed to be all that difficult. It took the Soviets 9 years and 50 days to abandon Afghanistan after their invasion. On Dec. 27, 1979, 80,000 soldiers arrived; on Feb. 15, 1989, the last one walked home over a bridge. The Soviets believed they were leaving behind a functional, loyal government and sufficiently strong army to hold the country together. But the 250,000 mujahedeen that the Americans, Pakistanis, and Saudis helped fund and train proved too hard to handle, and the rest of the story we all know. Tomorrow, the U.S. war in Afghanistan will officially be longer than the Soviet’s, but the

day will pass just like any other day. The U.S. and its allies have committed to 4 more years of robust military presence. There is little talk of withdrawing in any meaningful way next summer. DY: And so the untruths continue to unravel as we attempt to justify our presence that never should have been there in the first place. Source: TheWorldNewser

PUSH: Pageant for Pregnant Women Launched If you thought pregnancy was a limitation on a woman’s life, then think again because the “PUSH” Pageant, the first pageant for pregnant mothers in Africa has been launched to bring the hip, beauty, education and fun to pregnancy. The PUSH Pageant is being organized by Ticklz N’ Gigglz to climax the BabyFEST Ghana 2011 festivities. The goal of The “PUSH” Pageant is to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, the joy DY Magazine 30

of motherhood and the art of parenting. Pregnant mothers would be engaged in a fun, educational and interactive event. The aims is to create the awareness to pregnant women that pregnancy does not put a limitation on how well they groom themselves, take care of their bodies and continue to keep themselves attractive to their husbands. DY: Yes, at the greatest stage of a woman’s life it is great to know that you can now compete in a beauty pageant. Source: JoyOnline.com

Madoffs’ Mess The widow of a businessman who had been the single-largest beneficiary of Bernard Madoff’s colossal Ponzi scheme has agreed to return $7.2bn (£4.5bn). Barbara Picower said Madoff’s fraud was “deplorable” and promised to return money accrued over 35 years of investing with Madoff. The trustee recovering Madoff’s bogus profits filed court papers on Friday formalizing the settlement. Florida businessman Jeffry Picower drowned after a heart attack in 2009. US Attorney Preet Bharara called the settlement a “game changer” for Madoff’s victims, many of whom lost their life savings. The $7bn

amounts to about one-third of the money investors’ lost in the scandal. ‘Ease suffering’ Mrs. Picower said: “We will return every penny received from almost 35 years of investing with Bernard Madoff. “I believe the Madoff Ponzi scheme was deplorable and I am deeply saddened by the tragic impact it continues to have on the lives of its victims. The Picower estate’s lawyers claimed he knew nothing about the fraud, but victims’ lawyers argued that he must have known that the investment returns were “implausibly high”. Mrs Picower said in a statement that she was “absolutely confident that my husband Jeffry was in no way complicit in Madoff’s fraud”. Madoff admitted last year to defrauding thousands of investors through a Ponzi scheme, which paid out using new investors’ money rather than from any profits. The scheme, which had been running since the early 1990s, unravelled when Madoff’s investors tried to withdraw about $7bn at the height of the economic downturn. Madoff could not produce the money. Madoff is serving 150 years for the fraud. DY: Is it possible to take the money to offset our increasing budget deficit in the U.S.? Source: BBC.com continued on page 44

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Beauty Belongs to the Flowers

Short Story



atsumoto Miho had seen ten thousand hospital rooms on the feeds, and not one had looked like this. The room did look clean—no cup or chair was out of place—but a proper hospital room, an American hospital room, contained one patient, not four. The patients, even in the Chinese and Indian feeds, did not look like these men. Proper patients were muscular, bandaged or formfleshed, unblemished save for a few cuts and, most importantly, attractive. These men appeared skeletal, with heads of wild hair, bodies shiny and shrink-wrapped in quarantine cocoons. Miho couldn’t have picked her father from the group if her mother hadn’t led the way to his bedside. Daily sunlamp therapy

made him darker than any lab worker should have been. His withered arms, bruised purple along their lengths, rested at uncomfortable angles. His dry mouth hung open, few teeth remaining in it. His eyes were shut, as if in agony. “Otōsan,” she whispered. “Your father is tired,” Miho’s mother said. A cup of barley tea sat by the bed, untouched. Her father could no longer drink, but robot porters brought the cups every four hours. “Should his sheets be changed?” Miho asked. “Your father is a special case, because of the quarantine,” Mother said. “His family is not expected to change his sheets. The porters change them when he is taken away for bathing and recontainment. You would 4 DY Magazine 33

understand this if you visited more.” 4 Miho didn’t want to visit more. It had all happened so fast. A month ago her father had been swimming laps around men ten years his junior at their building’s pool. Then a containment breach in his research lab at the pharmaceutical company had turned him into this. Nanos filled his body, more mobile than any cancer. “We don’t yet have the technology to stop this,” Dr. Nakamura had said. “We’ve never encountered it before. Matsumotosan’s organs are slowly shutting down. We could keep him alive with machines, but he doesn’t want that.” “No, sensei,” Miho’s mother agreed. “My husband does not want that.” It would be an undignified life. “It is your husband’s wish that we closely monitor his progress in order to develop procedures for the next patient with such a problem.” “Of course.” It was just like Father, thinking of himself and his life as nothing but a tool to help others. What had it gotten him? The very machines he’d designed to save the lives of others now offered him death. Miho couldn’t bring herself to touch his atrophied hands. They had once lifted her high onto his big shoulders and

bounced her around their home. Those shoulders now stabbed up to form brittle tents in his hospital gown. They spent the evening there. Miho watched feeds with the volume low and closed her eyes as if resting so her mother wouldn’t see the video strips light up beneath her lids. She used a hack common to schoolchildren and young office workers which turned off the video every time she opened her eyes. She navigated the feeds through a simple yes/no decision tree with a billion branches, choosing paths by simple brainwave control: a concentrated happy thought for “Yes,” a sad one for “No.” Miho and millions like her performed complex maneuvers with hundreds of lightningspeed decisions that made most adults quake. One respected Indian psychologist worried that the technology created a hyperspeed bipolar generation. First she caught up on her messages. Tomi would be back from America next week with her maddening friend, Leslie, and would meet her at the high road party. Leslie looked forward to tasting Miho’s latest culinary masterpiece. Ugh. No message from Ichiro. She never expected one, but always checked. Next Miho tried a couple of hospital Continued on page 46

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poem 12c Bus stop conversations turn struggle into comedy Comedy so good that I’m crying now And dying now wouldn’t be be so bad among the dirt That comic’s leave behindFor struggle to hear And for only the struggle to get Trying to catch the dream before America throws a ball at me But for now i set among the crying and the struggle...

Tyree Daye was born July 10, 1990 and raised in Youngsville, North Carolina, a small town with two main roads, leading in and out. He currently is pursuing a degree in creative writing from NC State University.

The Artist

The world is painted with hues that are mixed on the canvas of life. An artist is not boundbygeographiclocations,theyarefree totakethepad,pencil,paintbrush,andthe molding of their hands across the canvas toexpresstheirdeepestemotions,channel their psyche, and even tell us a story about the “ills� of the world. DY Magazine is committed to bringing our readers artists from all over the world. Each issue we choose to

DY Magazine 38

What is Relay For Life?

The American Cancer Society

Relay For Life is a life-changing event that gives everyone in com-

munities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. At Relay, teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events up to 24 hours in length. Relay began in 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon in Tacoma, Washington, ran and walked around a track for 24 hours to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Since then, Relay has grown from a single man’s passion to fight cancer into the world’s largest movement to end the disease. Each year, more than 3.5 million people in 5,000 communities in the United States, along with additional communities in 20 other countries, gather to take part in this global phenomenon and raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer. Thanks to Relay participants, the American Cancer Society continues to save lives.

DY Magazine 39


.O.D. When ur mate is lookin right & you wanna set the mood just right... In ur opinion, what are the “must haves” to set the mood? I want married & singles folks to speak freely!!

standing there with a little cake mix on his nose…I love a man who can cook for his woman.

Are you sure about that… LMAO! ;-)

Sometimes you just need each other that’s all.

Nice music, candles or dim light, body language, a sensual massage.

I don’t know if it comes from my younger years of hittin’ the strip clubs in Durham but I’m visual as hell. I love the baby oil on the legs with some heels and that good smelling body oil.. oooooowwweeeee them damn scents of that oil and body heat together and its ON!!!!!

All I have to do is see him and I’m ready! Don’t need nothing but him bare naked on that bed!! Owwwwwwww Sensual music and I give him the look. My lady turns me on in so many ways but I love her naked and ready. Hey, what about coming home to a well cooked meal and he is

Good for you! You must have picked a good one! Lmao... SMH...

Oooooooooo weeeee yeah! Lmbo Mucho mucho candles, nice smooth music, and then a start with a nice soft passionate kiss......... Ur right there! DY Magazine 40


FACEBOOK You are definitely speaking the truth there! Whew! I am with the one above…now that’s a good look! Whew! Then yall can just let ur minds & bodies do what they do!! SMH... Things will definitely heat up quickly up in there!! Lol...

Have some confessions to share? Do you want to see some of your own thoughts and those of your friends on our pages. If so, send your conversations in a Microsoft Word document to dymagaz@gmail.com. Make sure you type “Confessions” in the subject line.

DY Magazine 41

DY Magazine 42

Check This Out

Hit The Ensembly Line Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Available Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This Check This





continued from page 31

Phantom Eye hydrogen-powered spy plane unveiled Boeing has unveiled its unmanned hydrogen-powered spy plane which can fly non-stop for up to four days. The highaltitude plane, called Phantom Eye, will remain aloft at 20,000m (65,000ft), according to the company. The demonstrator will be shipped to Nasa’s Dryden Flight Research Center in California later this summer to prepare for its first flight in early 2011. Boeing says the aircraft could eventually carry out “persistent intelligence and surveillance”. It is a product of the company’s secretive Phantom Works research and development arm. Boeing says the aircraft is capable of long endurance flights because of its “lighter” and “more powerful” hydrogen fuel system. [DY Insert: I believe George Orwell had it correct back in the 1950s in his haunting 1984 novel. Source: BBC.com Japan to Review Aid for Booming China Japan will review and possibly cut financial aid to China, in light of Beijing’s growing economic power, the nation’s foreign ministry said Friday. “With China overtaking Japan in terms of gross domestic product, it is completely inconceivable for Ja-

pan, which has been outranked, to increase its ODA (official development assistance),” said Japan’s foreign minister, Seiji Maehara, on the floor of the parliament Friday. Last year, China overtook Japan as the world’s second largest economy. Maehara also said he has instructed the ministry to conduct an official review of Japan’s ODA policy for other countries, in light of Japan’s economic challenges. The Democratic Party of Japan, the nation’s ruling party, has been under increasing pressure to cut the country’s spending deficit. Japan has the developed world’s highest debt to gross-domesticproduct ratio, nearing 200%. GDP is a broad measure of a nation’s economic output. The government is also struggling with a dwindling worker and tax base, as Japan ages faster than any other country in the world, because of its long lifespan and low birth rate. Tokyo started extending aid to China in 1979, but stopped fresh loans in 2007. Japanese loans to China during the 2008 fiscal year totaled 3.32 trillion yen or about US $40.5 billion, according to Tokyo. [DY Insert: As the silent giant continues to grow, all of the other giants on the playground do not want to be his friend. Source: CNN.com DY Magazine 44

Relaxation Techniques to Combat Stress Continued from page 13

6) Drink herbal teas Herbals teas such as peppermint and chamomile make better options than caffeine-infused drinks such as tea and coffee. The key to helping you to adapt your choice is to try different types until you find flavours which suit you taste buds. Many varieties are now widely supplied at most supermarkets. 7) Eat Right All too often, and perhaps because of the hype of all the fad diets out there, people underestimate the impact of diet on our health and well-being. Simple steps such as cutting down on caffeine, alcohol and food high in fat or calories can produce beneficial effects such as helping you to feel healthier and less highly strung out or irritable. 8) Work Out Now we’re not talking about hours every day or “going for the burn.” If you haven’t exercised for a while you will want to take

it easy and start off with manageable sessions. As well as the physical benefits of exercise, regular sessions can help to reduce your anxiety levels as “feel good” hormones are released. 9) Breathe It’s just like they say when you have a moment in which you feel you’re going to have a meltdown. Take a deep breath and count to ten. Whilst this is a good start, you should aim to set aside time to sit down relax and focus on your breathing to the point that it slows down and feel more in control. 10) Get back to basics Escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday stresses and strains by getting out to the countryside or a place close to nature. This can often provide the space you need to clear your mind, find focus and perhaps inspiration.

About the Author

Melita Miller is a conscious-living enthusiast who contributes to vari continued on page 47

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AnkhyorA Contuned from page 8

oils, acrylics, penciling, wood and other organic materials. She is the aesthetic medium and loves to write, design personal clothing and challenge her own definition of reality through fantasism. Not meant to fall within one particular style, she purposely redefines herself. “My aim is to show the value of Afro people, it’s history, beauty and an identity [for] those who are looking for theirs. I want my art to be accessible to anyone according to his or her budget or personality (AnkhoryA, 2007).” No Marry Poppins does not live here; but you will find the occasional “spoon full of sugar” in curiosity and emotions of a people who have struggled to define their destiny in a society that once considered them less than human. And just like the

sweetness of sugar, which can easily be made bitter, you find voices that are strong and need to be heard in the innocence of children and the power of womanhood. To learn more about AnkhyorA you can visit the following websites: http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc276/ ankhyora/ http://ankhyora.artblog.fr/p/profil/ http://www.ankhyoraart.com/ Beauty Belongs to the Flowers Continued from page 34

shows to reinforce the contrast with her surroundings, but couldn’t bear to watch for long. She settled on selling her collection of synthetic flowers piece by piece as she had done for spending money for the last month, periodically glancing up at Aimi’s perfect face in the upper right corner of the marketplace. Why did she keep that posted there?

While her mother spoke to the doctor, Miho studied the posters in the waiting room, captivated by the advertisement for pore sealing treatment. She synced to the ad, and it came alive through her feeds. The face of the girl on the poster enlarged until Miho could see ultra-smooth skin at the microscopic level. Perfect skin can be achieved. Blemishes a thing of the past. Pure plaz smoothness! If only she could have that for herself. There were no prices. She wanted nothing more than to ask how much it cost, but couldn’t, under the circumstances. Her concern should be for her father today, and for the foreseeable future, but then…pure plaz smoothness. Ichiro might love her again if she didn’t look so plain. His friend, Takumi, told her as much last year. She could even become DY Magazine 46

beautiful. Miho remembered riding a pony at Ichiro’s uncle’s farm at five years of age, holding him tighter than she needed to. She made a game of feigning terror, like she thought was expected of a girl when with a boy. His father, Tanaka-san, led them on foot. The sun moved two of her 4 handspans across the sky as they rode, but in Miho’s memory it seemed like such a short ride. Her head pressed against Ichiro’s rough oxford shirt as she watched the grassy trail bounce below them. She inhaled the heat and the earthy smell of the small, brown horse. When they returned to the stable, Ichiro leapt from the pony and fell hard on one knee. She remembered his quivering lip when he looked to his softhearted father. Miho jumped down to help him up.

“You’re all right,” she said. She kissed him on the cheek like her mother would have kissed her. Little Ichiro’s crinkled face smoothed into wonder and he ran off, amid his father’s soft laughter. The next month at school, Ichiro found Miho on the playground. “When we get married, my uncle will give us a pony to ride whenever we want,” he told her. “It will be a proper robotic pony that knows how to behave itself.” She had taken their eventual marriage for granted from that day. Through how many kite-flying Aprils? How many school trips and birthday parties? Ten years’ worth, culminating in their first kiss. Trailing off into their last kiss. Matthew Sanborn Smith’s work has appeared in Chizine, Albedo One, and Challenging Destiny. He contributes to Hugo

Award-winning podcast StarShipSofa and has his own podcast, Beware the Hairy Mango. Copyright © 2011 by Matthew Sanborn Smith Source: www.tor.com Continued from page 45 ous websites, including self-development website SelfHelpHub which provides tips, tools and resources (some free) to help you achieve success and well-being. To find out more go to: http:// selfhelphub.googlepages.com Source: http://www.articlecircle.com/

Credits: March/ April issue Illistration for Beauty Belongs To The Flowers page 32, By Yuko Shimizu, a freelance illustrator based in New York City and an illustration instructor at the School of Visual Arts.

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