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Whenever we hear the word barbecue, it conjures thoughts not only of meat being slowcooked but also of late afternoons or evenings when family and friends come together to prepare and eat sumptuous grilled foods. Barbecue cookouts, which often turn into cook-offs, always make for excellent fun.

You can find a number of grills to choose from these days making picking out the ideal one a rather daunting process. Grills these days can be classified based on the type of fuel they utilize. Grills can use propane, charcoal or wood pellets. Nowadays, you can also find grills which can be hooked to your home’s natural gas supply or use electricity. A couple of grill attributes which are popular among consumers include deep ash or grease trays and grilling surfaces which are treated with vitreous enamel.

Still, you ought to put more value on the grill’s features which ensure safety rather than its unique functionalities. Gas grills for instance should have mechanisms that allow you to turn it off when something goes wrong or catches fire. Modern gas-powered grills also have efficient regulators. Grills regardless of fuel source should feel solid and sturdy. Avoid grill assemblies which have metal parts that are not joined together by wielding.

More and more homeowners are inclined to buy gas-powered grills since they are easy to operate and maintain. In the following paragraphs, some of the top notch portable gas grills are reviewed.

Cuisinart CGG 200 Gas Grill Review

Cusinart CGG 200 doesn’t have a very big footprint and are thus an excellent alternative if you have modest or small-sized patio. Cuisinart CGG 200 gas grill Reviews also highlight its versatile modular grill surface system which allows you to change grills according to what food item you are cooking.

Weber Q 100 Gas Grill review

Weber Q 100 transforms a barbecuing newbie into a maven with its push-button ignition system and burner valve with infinite control settings. Consumers who sent in Weber Q 100 Gas Grill also underline Weber's remarkable Flavorizer system which makes use of the drippings to produce smoke which in turn makes the meat products taste like they are cooked over charcoal.

Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill Review

Fuego Element is the most light-weight of the 3 at just fifteen pounds. A lot of users who submitted Fuego Element portable gas grill reviews praised its legs which fold onto the unit for easy storage. Additionally, it features an excellent grease management system which means you would be spending less time and effort to clean the grill after use.

Features To Look For In Barbecue Grills  
Features To Look For In Barbecue Grills  

The word barbecue summons memories of sumptuous slow-cooked smoky dishes and fun-filled social gatherings. Barbecue cookouts, which often tu...