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the buildings. This is why even today the Pradhans from this locality do not have open roof-tops in their houses. She was then asked which portion of the rice she wants to have- the first, middle or the last. She spoke to have the first one thinking herself as senior so this is how she got the sticky water (Jati). This is how even today the sticky water (Jati) is being poured to the image of Jatika Ajima, before reaching the rice bowl to Garud Bhagwan. Simhala Sarthabaha was nominated as the leader of the community as all members of the Royal family were killed by the she devil. This is how he got a new name Garud literally meaning army chief and later on was able to become the king and called Garudjuju. (Pradhan, Bhuban Lal, 2047, Kathmandu Upatyeka ka Chirka Mirka Page 82) The ministers and the people decided to offer the crown to Simhala. The crown was then offered to Simhala who accepted it on the condition that the people would obey him without question. On assuming the throne, he raised a powerful army and invaded Tamradvipa. When king Simhala with his army marched upon Tamradvipa, the rakshasis surrendered to him and agreed to leave the island. The island was then colonized by Simhala and was called Simhaladvipa after him. Simhala Sarthabaha donated land and is believed to have established Thambahi in his home town; with the wealth he earned from Lhasa (the traders usually bring Gold from Tibet). Later on being the chief of the army was able to become the king and got coroneted to the thrown so he was called Garud juju. Later on with his spiritual power and intellectual knowledge, he gained popularity as a form of Divine God –Dipankara Garud Bhagwan. His wife also is

Prajnaparamita (A short note)  

A short note on Prajnaparamita, Avalokiteswora, Valahassa Jatak, Bikramshila Mahabihar, Bhagwan Bahal, Thambahi, Simhala Sharthabaha, Garud...