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mention the name of Prajnaparamita from Tham Bahi in his travel account). The Saharsha Prajnaparamita a rare collection of four volumes of highest Buddhist manuscript in this temple complex has aclose relationship with Manjushree. The legendary Caravan to Lhasa leaded by Simhala Sarth Baha also does have main historical significance to its establishment. Some of the travel records made by scholars from India, Tibet and China also did mention about the glory of this temple during the 11th and13th century; still lots of real facts are missing. Dharmashri Mitra, a renowned scholar from Vikramshil Vihar, Nalanda, India is believed to visit Nepal for advance study in Buddhism and Sanskrit in the early 13th Century. He did study in Thambahil, which clearly indicates the high importance of Thambhil and the similarity of the name Vikramshil indicates the name might have been given by him“Traditional Architecture of Kathmandu Valley" by Wolfgang Korn, Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 1976 (Text by Purna Harsha Bajracharya). Recent Archeological excavation in Nalanda got a new light about the existence of Vikramshil Vihar as one of the old teaching institutions for higher study in Buddhism in the early first century B.C. A historical evidence of the restoration of the temple in 408 NS/1287 AD by Hari Singh during the resign of King Parthvendra Malla is being mentioned in the Toran, the semicircular wood archive kept in the main entrance of the temple. (It did have nice carvings of the image of Prajnaparamita which was stolen some 40 years ago; a new Toran is kept now as a replacement). The brick paving and the restoration of the temple complex in Thambahi was done by Hari Simha during the reign of king Parthivendra Malla is also mentioned in one of the stone inscription kept in National Archiev (The stone inscription no.173- Rajvamsi, Sanker Man 2027 VS in Kantipur Silalekh Suchi published by HMG National Archive p.125). Almost all

Prajnaparamita (A short note)  

A short note on Prajnaparamita, Avalokiteswora, Valahassa Jatak, Bikramshila Mahabihar, Bhagwan Bahal, Thambahi, Simhala Sharthabaha, Garud...