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50 Management Ideas You Really Need to Know Edward Russell-Walling Title

50 Management Ideas You Really Need to Know Edward Russell-Walling 9781847241504 Quercus Hardcover with jacket 208 pages 200 x 170mm 25 black & white $24.95 September 2007

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Description The first title in the new Ideas You Really Need to Know series demystifies the management concepts any budding entrepreneur will want to grasp. The 50 bite-sized topics expound the wisdom of the well-known business gurus (from Peters and Porter to Welch and Gates), explain helpful theories and tools (Ansoff's Product/Market grid, the 4Ps, Boston Matrix), expand on management ideas (branding, outsourcing, supply and demand) and cover the latest commercial concepts from the online world. Clear and concise explanations of the following concepts are included: Adhocracy Blue ocean strategy Brand Corporate governance Costs of complexity Diversification Entrepreneurship The four Ps of marketing Japanese management Lean manufacturing Loyalty Mergers and acquisitions Project management Stakeholders Systems thinking Total quality management

Balanced scorecard Boston matrix Channel management Corporate strategy Decentralisation The 80:20 principle Experience curve Globalisation The knowledge economy The learning organisation Management by objectives Organisational excellence Scientific management Strategic alliances Tipping point Value chain

Benchmarking Business Process Re-engineering Core competence Corporate social responsibility Customer relationship management Empowerment The five forces of competition Innovation Leadership The long tail Market segmentation Outsourcing Six Sigma Supply chain management Theories X & Y (and Theory Z) War and strategy

Sales Points â—Ś An accessible introduction 50 the central ideas of business and management â—Ś Full glossary and index included Author Profile Edward Russell-Walling is a writer and editor, specialising in business and finance. He has contributed to a wide range of publications, including The Times, the New Statesman and the Financial Times. Murdoch Books, Pier 8/9 23 Hickson Road, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Telephone 02 8220 2000, Fax 02 8220 2558

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