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The company is well-known as one of the most successful companies in Thailand; over 20 years had being experiences crossing obstacles and crisis. Such theoretical and practical actions with clear mental map and making decision are pushing moving forward and raise the aim of image of company. The image of the company in the current situation comes across region and geographical area such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangaladhish. And they have capital 30 million bath and over 120 employees in different countries. Due to be sustainable development and stable, the problem, weakness, and threat have to be explored like political crisis, wrong person, wrong position, and wrong markets. For nowadays, even though the company has branches in different countries, they focus on developing countries where demand more goods, Electrical things like Myanmar, Cambodia, Loa, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Because the target of the company; Thailand and Vietnam solve political crisis, economic crisis probably cannot run, waiting for good situation. In fact, the company from weaknesses, threat, and opportunities has strategy to change to strengths of company.



The company has strategies that the effective policy, skill, quality are to reach the purpose and aim of company in short and long-term. It is possible to bring about profitable, sustainable development, corporation, operation, competition, stabilities and growth company. The strategies are for short and long-term accordance with situations of the countries for example; marketing strategy, advertising strategy, information technology strategy, brand strategy, product positioning strategy, and competitive pricing strategy. The last one of them is that pricing strategy going to explore. As being distributors of electricity, in marketing countries how much consumers and suppliers demand is researched. Better quality, service, and suit price lead market with their reputation. More quality, more demand and more prices are a principle in market but in the same time, its competition with others alarms to make sure effective strategies not to be fallen down. 3.7

Marketing Program

In order to promote company in sustainable development and stabilities, the main target markets exists in Thailand and Vietnam in where ten branches; seven in Thailand and three in Vietnam has. It means that the company is successful in current situation with promoting customers not only in local business but also in regional area. And for next step they are looking forward in international level as well. Therefore, more new marketing programs in different countries with

effective strategies are looking forward to extend business such as Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Myanmar. In the market of company’s program, the company has the plans to corporates with some brands of product. What are they is such as below: 1. Low Voltage & Fire Resistance Cables Brand “MCI-Draka by Prysmian” 2. High Voltage & Low Voltage Cables Brand “Thai Yazaki” 3. Telephone Cables and HDPE E-Flex Pipe Brand “Bangkok Telecom” 4. Electrical Tapes and Accessories Brand “3M” 5. Hot dip Galvanized & Electro Galvanized Steel Conduits Brand “TAS”, “PANASOSIC”,

“ARROWPIPE”, “PAT”, “NIPPON” and “KOTA” 6. HDPE Pipes Brand “TAP” and “TGG” 7. Grounding System Products Brand “Kumwell” 8. Electrical Breaker and Switch & Plug Brand “Bticino” 9. Wire Mesh Cable Tray Brand “Cablo-Fil” 10. Breakers, MCCB, Consumer Unit and Low Voltage Equipment Brand “Kawamura” 11. Cabinets & Raceway Brand “KJL” 12. Cable Lugs Brand “CALY” 13. Zinc Coated & HDG. Fitting and Accessories Brand “STEEL CITY”, “SC” and “SEC” 14. Watt-Hour Meter Brand “Holley” 15. Busbar System Brand “Millennium”

Most of brands with different products are leading the market in current business. It is advantage to make partner and to promote company. By being partner with them the company needs to do marketing research in order to be more successful.


Marketing Research

The company is leading market in the region that is to reach the goal of company and to fulfill the goal of government that is to be leader in Asian economic integration. Especially where the

company did market research is in garget markets; Thailand and Vietnam. The percentage of types of customers was reported by company in 2013 as below: 1. Project and Contractor Customer (Include Electrical & Telecom Market) 53 % 2. Retailer and Wholesaler 37 % 3. Export market 7% 4. Other 3 %

These are what suppliers and consumers integrate in the market of export to countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Myanmar where are existing branches of company and doing marketing research. Even in target market countries have ten branches; seven branches in Thailand and three branches in Vietnam. Firstly in Thailand one of seven branches is Bang Bua Tong branch which Service area in Nonthaburi and Pathumthani, neighboring province such as: Ayutthaya and Suphan Buri and also expand market to; 

Chai Nat

Ang Thong

Nakhon Sawan


Separate into 2 divisions which are Power and Telecommunication. It services new warehouse with area 11,200 square meter as well. The second branch is Suvarnabhumi Airport branch which Service all area in Samut Prakan and Bangkok (Eastern Area) and neighboring province such as: 



All area in Eastern part

The third branch is Khon Kaen branch which Service all area in Khon Kaen (around 200 km.) and North area of Northeast such as: 

Udon Thani

Nong Khai


Roi Et

 Yasothon  Bungkan 

Nakhon Phanom



The forth is Nakhon Ratchasima branch which Service all area in Nakhon Ratchasima and South area of Northeast (around 100 km.) such as: 

Buri Ram


Si Sa Ket

Ubon Ratchathani

People's Democratic Republic of Laos

The fifth is Chiang Mai branch which Service all area in Chiang Mai (around 70 km.) and neighboring province such as: 






 Kamphaeng Phet 



Chiang Rai

Each of Customer focus on main district in each province. They can easily buy and carry from each branch to their home and industry construction. The sixth is Southern branch which also Service in 3 part:  Southern-West-Coast : Ranong, Phuket, Phangnga, Krabi, Trang  Southern-East-Coast : Surat Thani, Phatthalung, Nakhon Si Thammarat  Southern-South-Coast : Songkhla, Satun,

Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat Customer focus on Retailer is 80%, Contractor (local: 10%, Province: 5%) and Project 5% in its market. In 2012, Establish NR Industries Co., Ltd. by capital investment equivalent USD 2 Million that joint venture agreement between 1. N.R. Engineering Co., Ltd. (80%) 2. Sang Tao Joint Stock Company (12%) 3. Bond Chemicals Co., Ltd. (8%).

In 2013, increased capital investment to USD 2.5 Million and also the company has better potential to develop more in the coming years especially in 2015. %26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26channel%3Dsb

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