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damla รถzekici industrial design portfolio 2017

Hi, I’m damla özekici ‘‘I am graduated from industrial product design department at METU. I love drawing, creating something new for people. I want to leave a mark on people’s lives with my ideas. Now, I am a first year student in PSSD ! This is a selection of my works. ’’

resume education Politecnico Di Milano Milano | Italy Product Service System Design, Graduation , June 2019



FabricHouse İstanbul | Turkey Industrial Designer

Turkish | native English | advanced Italian | elementary

October 2016, -

Userspots İstanbul | Turkey UX Camp’16 Participant July- August 2016

Futerodesign Ankara | Turkey Graduation Project February- June 2016

Middle East Technical University Ankara | Turkey Industrial Product Design, Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy, İstanbul | Turkey Graduated as an honour student, June 2016 Industrial Design Intern


July- August 2015

design thinking, project management, storytelling, product development

Hexagon Studio, Kocaeli | Turkey Industrial Design Intern

computer skills Rhinoceros | 3ds Max | Keyshot Photoshop | Illustrator | Indesign After effects | Sony vegas | Unity 3d

Inoksan A.Ş. Bursa | Turkey Manufacturing Processes Practice

technical skills hand drawing | digital sketching 3D Printing | Laser cutting working with wood, styrofoam, metal, plastic, clay.

interests academic experience design interaction design brand identity marketing interior design personal photography | theatre | cinema | fashion painting | illustration

June - July 2015

July- August 2014

awards, exhibitions & activities Dubai Design Week - Global Grad Show -Epilink 2017 TOFAŞ -FIAT & TEV Master Degree Full Scholarship FIAT Müşteri Deneyimi Hackathon 2017 - First Prize Domus Academy Think Out of the Box Competition - Second Prize 2017 TUBITAK Industry Oriented Graduation Projects - 2016 Turkey Design Week 2016 Graduation Projects Exhibition - 2016 Interdisciplinary design studio, METU , 2015

content Mio

|Y| Station

Vehicle Asistant System

Temporary Work Station




Buggy Rapid Intervention Vehicle

Hexagon Studio Automotive Design Process

The Bathroom Faucet

Square Modular Cooker Set

Fiat Customer Experience Hackathon First Prize


Vehicle Asistant System

Vehicle key and application system that aims empower traffic and service experiences of users by using gamification. Collaboration with Himmet Samet Çaktı Yasin Yüksel


user experience

problem definition Technical service and maintenance times are disturbed by the user and the customercompany relationship is damaged, which makes it difficult to maintain brand awareness and image. Depending on the need for personalization, emotional connection can not reach sufficient visibility.

project dimensions



empower communication


interpretetation of tamagotchi

omnichannel new touch point


empower relation between user and system

After user purchases of vehicle candidates, in their experience service, maintenance and repair processes irregular progression, conscious use necessity to be encouraged.

Tamagotchi emotional connection responsibility control feedback personalization mobility

how to work service


say hi to mio






sustainability map

& visibility accessory market new potential customer


social media

increase vehicle life cycle sell second hand vehicles in good situations

EPILINK Epinephrine auto-injector

Smart and reusable epinephrine auto- injector for people who have allergic anaphylaxis reaction and allergic emergency cabinet for public spaces. Collaboration with 2016

research what is anaphylaxis?

1 in 25

people suffer from a food allergy

Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. It typically causes more than one of the following: an itchy rash, throat or tongue swelling, shortness of breath, vomiting, and low blood pressure. Common causes include insect bites and stings, foods, and medications.

% 50


food allergies in children 1997- 2011

statistics & opportunity

% 4-8

of world allergic 2000 - 2 million people 2010 - 3 million 2030 - 5 million (estimated.)

user experience

problem definition Ergonomic considerations for both use Lack of guide while injecting Lack of allergy points for public spaces Safely injection Medical fear of carrying/using

User interviews and research on anaphylaxis shows us seriousness of emergency & user- centered problems.

project dimensions


ergonomic for both use

easy to use

in emergency event


cartirdge system


should give instructions

synchronize with smart devices

No feedback mechanism


Inadeuate needle length


no accidental injection

sterilized needle system

I analysed main auto- injectors and their


cartridge mechanisms which are used for other diseases such as diabetes.

ideation form analysis through hand drawings & 3d modelling

mechanism & cartridge system solution sketches

wallmounted allergy point alternatives for public spaces.

I’ve done lots of 2d & 3d mock -ups to achieve ergonomic form for auto -injector.


private usage scenario of Epilink in daily life

In emergency, place your outher thigh, push down hard.

Read instructions and take out cartridge from its cover

Place cartridge to your auto - injector holder part and carry Epilink in daily life.

Hold on outher thigh and wait 10 seconds to deliver drug.

After injection, remove injector and massage injection site 10 seconds to spread

In emergency, turn to remove safety lock and release medicine..

Epilink will inform emergency services when device is used automatically.

restaurant usage scenario of Epilink on uncoscious patient People are having a dinner in a restaurant.

According to age of person, it is easy to be decided to use which Epilink. Just rotate the lid and take it.

One of the persons started to show allergy to the one of the ingredients of meal..

Take the appropriate injector Use the Epilink on patient and run back to the patient. according to instruction written on its screen..

Staff noticed the situation and immediately reached the Allergy Emergency Cabinet to get an Epilink.

Hold firmly 10 second, massage injection site.

technical details & working princle device is off situation

device is ready to use

injection is started

medicine is injected

1. Cabinet Box 2. Junior Housing Lid 3. Adult Housing Lid 4. Safety Lock 5. Safety Knob 6. Main Board 7. Battery 8. Safety Knob Screw 9. Cartridge Holder 10. Label 11. Spring 12. Medicine Cartridge 13. Needle 14. Belows 15. E- ink Screen Module 16. Main Body 17. Injector Housing

product interface & software app The interfaces are designed for facilitate the usage of inejctor and complete injection safely. ( Repeated interfaces will be seen as an animation.) 1. interface will be stayed on screen all the time. After unlock safety, battery starts and directions related to product usage continue.

final model & jury

BUGGY Rapid Intervention Vehicle

Buggy is rapid intervention vehicle which is designed to be used in big factories in industrial regions. Its main aim is that making first response to the fire and rescue people if somebody get stuck in the factory environment.. Group project with Azra Tuğçe Süngü Birnur Şahin Jemma Forster Yashar Kardar

Collaboration with 2015


Storage and placement of personal protective clothes. BOATS, GLOVES, CLOTHES, BREATHING APPARATUS

Small vehicles can move easily in indoor places like big fabricas.

Storage and placement of equipments which are used during operation. HOSES, CUTTERS, HAND TOOLS.

Portable solutions for rescue operations. TELESCOPIC LADDER, PRECASSUVIE RESCUE TOOLS.

OSTIM & KURTULUS Fire Stations in Ankara were visited and user interviews were organized with firefighters.

user experience

problem definition timing Timing, the main fire station takes too long (10 plus minutes) Fire gets out of hand after 5 mins Provides communication and knowledge of situation to larger crews reducing the time it takes to formulate an action plan accessability Fire fighters cannot assess indoor industrial fires well. Vehicle provides support and safety for firefighters when entering the building. Electric car can be safer and easily manoeuvrable for fire fighters

‘‘The most important thing is first intervention.’’ Ahmet, 52

rescue Quick access, provides immediate fast response into area. It should provide immediate first aid to victims before other crews can arrive.

project dimensions


communication inside team and with outsiders adaptability for different conditions flexibility in vehicle organization

hierarcy & order in equipment organization


create a lot of initial ideas and analyse them by discussing.

usage scenario

The firefighter adjusts water- foam ratio in control box.

When fire alarm is on, they take their gear from the vehicle and get prepared to enter the building.

When the accident occurs, they open storage part and choose proper tools to rescue workers.

They begin to extunguish fire.

They clear scene using cordless cutting tools to access and apply first aid to injured.

The firefighters work together with external crew.

If needed, they can use a scoop stretcher to carry injured to ambulance.


Electric Utility Vehicles ATX240E power and resistance, zero emission superlative load capacity


New Generation Delivery Vehicle Project aim is designing a next generation delivery vehicle that specialize on driver’s needs and delivery process for international market.


Because of the confidentiality agreement some details have been omitted from this portfolio.


user experience


problem definition

Disorganisation of cargos in the back part of the vehicle and difficulties of drivers in distribution are main focus on problem area.

The vehicles of existing delivery firms are analysed in terms of interior and exterior design. (FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.)

project dimensions safe

safety of cargos


the organization of cargos and driver’s personal stuff


accessable inside of the vehicle


adjustable solutions according to drivers’ needs

long-life cycle of vehicle with modular ergonomic driver cabinet and features dashboard

ideation driver cabinet & dashboard

organize inside of vehicle

access to cargos from outside

reflection of functions to the exterior design

Refinement of Ideation

final alternatives

Scanner Notepad

Flat Surfaceto write or eat Cup Holder

Usable areas during driving

Compartment Storage Food Storage Personal Storage Clothing Storage

Storage areas during rest

Hanger Cleaning Equipment Emergency Items

Dashboard Layoyut 1. Storage areas 2. Secondary usage area

Storage areas during rest

3. Primary usage area 4. Indicator & Control panel 5. Primary usage area 6. Door panels 7. Storage under the tray

Usable areas during driving

8. Alternative storage 9. Door panels 10. Storage behind the seat 11. Storage behind the seat

Indicator & Control Panels

Analysis of Vehicle Types


Temporary Work Station

For this project, Temporary Work Stations aim to meet the needs of new office environments, practices and Y generation office workers by answering office furniture and work culture trends. Collaboration with 2015

research informal flexibility

sceptical standing work

working posture


individualistic team player


inspired meeting habits



risk-taking healthy

long-hours sitting

market research &emerging trends

the characteristics of generation Y

user experience

problem definition


project dimensions interaktive

with its environment According to user interviews


and office visits, new work

meet different needs

environments should be


designed according to new generation workers’ needs and its unconventional approaches by ensuring productivity and creativity.

support different work habits


incuding smart solutions

flexible Office Visits Artı Mobil | İstanbul Moysec

| Ankara

Odakgis | Ankara

adaptable for different conditions


support team works


relaxation in office environment

different working types

standing work both side access

workplace including areas to socialize


usage scenario sitting & standing working possibilities

product details

product options vertical projector


spot light

roll-up projector screen

plug socket

different textures


adjustable desks

control panel fabric cover

technical details

parts & material , finishes, shaping processes 1 | main structure aluminium, anodized, cutting, moulding, welding 2 | tables & covers plywood, plastic cover, cutting, sanding 3 | prjc. screen fabric (syntetic weave) 4 | spot light aluminium, cutting, bending 5 | LED light strip led ,light embedden on section 6 | sockets brass, steel, plastic ( for insulation)



| | | |

| | | |

motor | DC brushless rail | adjustable height ( 110 75cm) roll-up projection screen hinge

motor -rail- switch table - power source projection spot light

possible contexts


exhibition areas


In model making process, cardboards were used for main structure and acrylic pieces were used for transparent surface. All parts were painted and presented with scaled human model.


The home bathroom faucet

Developing a sustainable bathroom faucet inspired by flow of water on plants through incorporating biomimicry approach 2014

research biomimicry approach As a design method biomimicry was used in this project. Through nature trips, samples were collected and analysed in terms of form and function. .Different features of plants were explored to be inspired for this project.

The flow of water in plants was inspirational in terms of form to indicate where water comes and where it is stored naturally.

user experience

problem definition

project dimensions

In this project, problem area focus to encourage the effective use of water (for daily use and cleaning) in households and the design solutions aims to empower productuser relationship through:


1 encouraging and engaging product-user interaction,


2 enabling visibility of resource consumption, and appealing to the needs and preferences of diverse user groups (e.g. elderly, children, adults, etc.) User interviews and observations revealed some common expectation from home-usage bathroom faucet..

easy to clean



awareness of resources

distance to sink

adjustability hot-cold water

water- saving by adjusting flow rate


explorations through section

enough length to reach

sink or wall mounted options


wall-mounted version

sink version

Ease of cleaning with rounded section. Adjust easily through long flow rate control. Effective use and visibility of resources through hierarchy between controls. Stabilization for temperature of water.

Easy assembly for different sink types. More visible controls to adjust hot & cold water. Aerated filter to save water. Chrome matte & polished alternatives. High aesthetics quality.

usage scenario cold temperature & closed

When faucet is closed, controls’ angles are 180,so users can realize right position.

warm temperature & half flow rate

When control sticks are near to the midpoint, temperature will warm and flow rate will increased.

hot temperature & maximum flow rate

In the 90 degree position, it reaches maximum temperature and flow rate.

please check product intro & design process video

technical details A

Flow rate control



Hot water inlet

Cold water inlet

Water outlet

WALL Temperature control



Water outlet

Hot and cold water comes.

Flow rates are adjusted in here.

Adjust mechanism where hot & cold water are mixed


Flow rate control

Faucet Body Hot - cold water inlet

Ball Valve Hot- Cold Adjustment Mechanism

Temperature control

Aerated Water Filter

In this project, to make model of proposed design, I used clay modelling. To create organic forms and smooth surfaces, clay is a effective model-making tool.

Square Modular Kitchen Electric Cooker Set

Project aims is designing a electric cooking unit that can support different cooking process scenarios in different environments and enhance it with different accessories. Group project with Mervenur Sökmen Zeynep İrem Şişmantürk



user experience

problem definition enhance user experiences in kitchen environment


Multi-purpose heating equipment can be necessary Modular pieces facilitate storage and usage Outdoor and indoor activities requirements

project dimensions personalized

according to user preferences

Different cooking types and machines that exist in market are analysed. Preparing and cooking processes can combine in one platform.

According to user interviews and observations, in home context, some cooking equipments can be insufficient. Multi- purpose units can meet needs of users in different places like kitchen and garden.

easy to storage for accessories


usage in different context


interchangeable parts


cooking & serving modules

heating type: place resistance into modules

assembly & repairablity

different cooking types


product details & accessories

cooking & serving The platfrom has variety of cooking surface options including ragged grate, stone and clay. When the cutting board is rotated , it can be used as serving eqipment.

usage scenario

The platform can be mounted on an island type countertop for double sided usage with parts ranging between 2,4 and 6.

The parts of the platform can be arranged in different variations for more personalized usage. By this way, it is easier for that multiple people can cook together.

With the transparent surface of the parts, it is clear to see if the resistance is heating or not. To change or repair the parts, since the bottom of the parts are open, it is easy to access them.

Apart from the island type kitchen, it can also be mounted on regular one sided countertops with parts ranging between 2,4 and 6.

The platfrom can be used in outside with its specialized structre and their electricty can be linked for simultaneous cooking.

The parts of the platform can be moved outside with its special frame, which can either be put on top of the structure or directly on table.



The structure for outside usage can be folded for easier storage. With the wheels, transportation becomes effortless.

technical details Main part Heating surface



Folding Mechanism

Radian resistance Insulator and electricity system

Metal Structure Handle

Case for units Base

Plug in

Shelves Covers

thank you damla รถzekici +90 536 870 06 93

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Portfolio damlaozekici 17