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graduated cum laude with a thesis on the voids of

“muscle up” to do something to engage us, that will

activities within its programs for: Non-Formal Edu-

New Orleans and their reconsiderations after the

keep us euphoric and will bring us a sense that we

cation, Analysis, Research and Creation of Youth and

events of 2005. She has published her research in

managed to do something that others enjoy ... because

Education Policies, Youth activism. MOF defines

ACSC - Autonomy Cultural and Social Center

Urbani Izziv, Built Environment and Follies, and


the following strategic priorities: Development of


critical thought of the youth, promotion of freedom

ACSC is a friend to all progressive ideas and values,

have lectured on urban transformations in post-so-

gender, sex, natural rights and the common good.

cialist contexts in Ljubljana, Seville, Sofia and Tartu.

SAM - Skate Association of Macedonia (Skopje)

of expression and informing of the youth. Promotion

to different political and ideological attitudes, to

She is an assistant at the Faculty of Architecture in

SAM is a multidisciplinary group of young creatives

of the youth policies on local and national level. Pro-

the disadvantaged and marginalized, to the fight

Skopje and at present she is completing her PhD on

and skateboarders. Using multimedia stories and

motion of the youth organization and youth activism,

for human rights and the fight for a better and more

the theme of post-socialist transformations of capital

physical interventions they present to the citizens

based on the principles of democracy, human rights

righteous society, and is the number one enemy of

cities at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.

of Skopje their initiative for making the city more

and pluralism.

political manipulation, limited party interests, rac-

skate-friendly. Their work also includes developing

ism, nationalism, homophobia, sexism, defamation

Giulio Margheri and Roel van Herpt (Strelka

multifunctional urban elements incorporated in the

Matra Mojsova (Skopje)

of people, bias, media spins, lies, religious intoler-

Institute, Moscow)

city space that create fluid interaction between the

Marta is an interior designer, currently working as a

ance and any type of violence. ACSC in fact aims

Giulio Margheri and Roel van Herpt work together

skate culture and the citizens.

general interior designer in “GMS- project” studio.

to embody the creative resistance against the system

She has studied in Skopje and Barcelona, and has

and the agents of political and economic power.

on urban strategies and design solutions. They started to collaborate as an interdisciplinary design and con-

IZLEZ - Student magazine (Skopje)

BA degree in “Interior Design” and MA degree in

sultancy team while working at the Strelka Institute

Association of Citizens “Student organization

“Interior Design for Commercial Spaces”. Her port-

for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow in

IZLEZ” was established in March 2010. The organi-

folio documents her multiple interests in projects that


zation aims to support student initiatives to create

involve sustainable and eco design. She organized

opportunities for free expression and / or improve

and participated in various workshops in her current

the quality of higher education as well as student life

biggest interest - Reuse Design.

Public program

in Macedonia. The organization is run and operated Tiiiit! Inc. (Skopje)

entirely by students and young people.

Tiiiit! Inc. is a small flame of excitement shared

FRIK (Skopje) Frik is a collective created in 2008 in Skopje. They

by four Skopjanki (girls from Skopje) who want to

MOF - Youth Educational Forum (Skopje)

act in public space through direct interventions using

rejoice in this city. And when those situations are

The mission of the MOF is to provide positioning of

visual arts, music, performance in order to initiate

becoming rarer and circles increasingly closed up,

the youth as а relevant social factor in Macedonia.

diverse readings, meanings and answers to the ques-

we decided to take the air, start enthusiastically and

MOF accomplishes its mission through realization of

tions about existing concepts in the understanding of





Digital version of our book about Skopje Creative Hub 2014 - new content in public space


Digital version of our book about Skopje Creative Hub 2014 - new content in public space