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kyo Institute of Technology. He is a PhD candidate

which focused on actions for community building


at the chair of Prof. Philip Ursprung, Institute for the

and participation with Elke Krasny from Academy

History and theory of Architecture gta/ETH Zurich

of Fine Arts in Vienna, Miodrag Mitrosinović from

Ensamble (Zurich)


and guest researcher at the Curatorial/Knowledge

Parsons New School of Architecture in New York

Ensamble is a group of young architects, teachers

CCN is NGO that operates as an international net-

program of Goldsmiths University London. His dis-

and STEALTH.unlimited from Amsterdam. He is co-

and makers in Zurich. The group met at ETH Zurich

work of young professionals from various creative

sertation investigates the rise of a new professional

founder of City Creative Network (CCN) and works

and EPFL Lausanne in Switzerland, where some

disciplines based in Skopje. Our work is defined by

figure: the international planning expert, during the

on various initiatives, projects and research that con-

currently teach and research. They are working with

cross- disciplinary, critical and innovative approach

rebuilding of Skopje after the devastating earthquake

nect urban planning, activism and city authorities.

drawings, books, buildings, everyday objects and

to urbanity. We develop strategic concepts and con-

in 1963, characterized by a comprehensive Unit-

duct research for activating and development of pub-

ed Nations expert mission. He is co-founder of City

lic space. As both practice based and educational net-

Creative Network (CCN) and works on various initi-

work, CCN connects authorities, planners, architects,

atives, projects and research that connect urban plan-

Neda Firfova (Skopje/Tokyo)

entrepreneurs and citizens for a more sustainable,

ning, activism and city authorities. He is a contribu-

Neda is an artist, designer and researcher. Her

strategic and balanced urban development. CCN is

tor to the exhibition: Metabolism: The City of the

practice questions the printed medium as a symbol of

RADiUs Architects (Skopje)

intended to grow into an idea-generating and educa-

Future at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and curator of

established truth in the digital age, and the modernist

RADiUs is an architecture and design studio situated

tional centre with a shared database, a reservoir of

the exhibition titled Performative Archive: Skopje at

invention of the grid as a basic tool for the demo-

in Skopje, Macedonia founded by award winning

fresh design proposals and relevant knowledge for

gta Exhibitions, Zurich.

cratic distribution of printed information. Often

Macedonian architects Martin Panovski / Aleksandar

articulated in – or speculating with – printed media,

Naumceski / Jana Gugulovska / Dusica Dinovska.

alternative use of public space. CCN connects to the


design research. They are seeking for an Idea of a Visual identity and graphic design

construction and design performed in a collective. The centre of their design research, lies in the spatial possibilities in our environment and imagination.

most ground-breaking creative tendencies currently

Milan Dinevski (Skopje/Ljubljana)

her practice suggests more open approaches towards

The team is driven by the need for a sensitive and

existing in Skopje and expands their field of action. It

Milan is an architect, holder of a MArch degree from

information distributions. It frequently stresses re-

responsible development of the physical

is a network that acts on local level but also address-

the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana.

verse editorial processes, such that it invites – and

context in which people live/act. Radius architects

es general problems in urban space on regional and

He worked at the BevkPerovic Architects office in

integrates – interventions by collaborators, and the

have been actively involved in the architectural and

European level. CCN is a place where young profes-

Ljubljana as an architect. He was also invited by Ar-

audience. These experiments contribute to a mode of

cultural discourse in Macedonia and in the Balkans,

sionals meet>collaborate>create>act.

chipelagos design studio from New York to collabo-

inquiry that reframes and repurposes the way graphic

having taken part in public debates, exhibitions,

rate on a project proposal for the New National Uni-

designers claim authority. Since 2012, she co-runs

research and publications organized or initiated by

Damjan Kokalevski (Skopje/Zurich)

versity Library in Ljubljana. As a part of KUD C3

the design platform and studio Modesty, and since

the Association of Architects of Macedonia, the Mac-

Damjan is an architect, holder of a BArch degree

from Ljubljana, he was one of the organizers and cu-

2014 she works as a researcher at Musashino

edonian Biennale of Architecture, the Skopje Design

from TU Vienna and a MArch degree from the To-

rators of the conference titled: Building Public-ness

Art University, Tokyo.

Week etc.





Digital version of our book about Skopje Creative Hub 2014 - new content in public space


Digital version of our book about Skopje Creative Hub 2014 - new content in public space