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to collect relevant and current information on the urban tendencies of Skopje. The gathered information feeds the interactive-web-platform which is a medium that connects the research with the citizen and is user friend-

SkopjeCreative.Net is an cross disciplinary urban research that feeds in an interactive, public web-platform.

ly. The research group then proposes scenarios for development for one particular area by activating existing

The project started as a part of Rethinking Skopje: Interdisciplinary Urban Research workshop during the

and abandoned infrastructures both physical and virtual. The only similar initiative has been the online plat-

Skopje Creative Hub 2014. The project is on-going and aimed at becoming an independent and long-term re-

form that is limited to one housing area in Skopje.

search collaboration. The future of the platform is to become a residence for interdisciplinary urban research that will host both loSkopjeCreative.Net reacts to the overall lack of publicly accessible analytical data about the potentials for

cal and international experts to work and analyse new sets of relevant data and develop strategic scenarios for

urban development of Skopje oriented towards empowerment of the citizens. In the recent years Skopje has

sustainable growth of the city.

experienced rapid growth and extreme transformations catered to the private developer while its urban fabric has been re-engineered many times. Yet, the plans and transformations are relying on out-dated, 25 year old, statistical data without current population census available. Besides these transformations, we believe that the citizens do not have either the access to the relevant data nor the tools necessary in order to react and become engaged in these processes. They are merely passive spectators in their own city. In contrast to the current tendencies that reshape our surroundings, we propose scenarios based on analysis of spatial relationships, social layers, youth unemployment, economic value, abandoned buildings and underused infrastructure which are oriented towards sustainable and inclusive growth of Skopje. How would the current transformations the city change if we already had an analytical and scenario based proposals for growth like the ones we develop at SkopjeCreative.Net? Can we imagine this type of engagement as a tool for influencing policy making? What if we develop scenarios that can contest the taken for granted transformations of the city? Certainly, these kind of initiatives do not exist in Skopje and the violent changes are perceived as unalterable reality. Would their policies lose credibility and interest if we propose viable alternatives? This is precisely the type of thinking that we are challenging with this project. Instead of speculating we orient towards in-depth research. The research collaborative group is consisted of students, young professionals and experts from various creative fields (architecture, cultural studies, urban planning, sociology, web-design) that deploy techniques of mapping, overlap of mapped data, observations, interviews, field survey and statistical data analysis in order





Digital version of our book about Skopje Creative Hub 2014 - new content in public space


Digital version of our book about Skopje Creative Hub 2014 - new content in public space