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By Damiano Shehu

BBC Ethical Code

What Is It?

How Will It Specifically Effect Your Work?

Truth And Accuracy

The BBC want to always find out the truth and make it as accurate as possible. Accuracy isn’t just getting the facts but finding relevant information to get the truth. All the subject and nature will be sourced. Anything they don’t know will be founded and avoid speculation.

This could effect my work because if someone is not telling the truth then this could be false and also not what I would want to get across.

Impartiality And Diversity of Opinion

This lies at the core of the BBC’s commitment to their audience. They will be fair and open-minded when examining evidence and weighing material facts.

When making my documentary I have to make sure that I am not biased and make sure that I am fair to both sides of my argument. This being for and against tuition fees.

Editorial Integrity And Independence

The BBC is independent from outside interests that could be negative to the BBC. The audience should be confident that the BBC hasn’t been influenced by outside interests, political or commercial pressures.

I have to make sure that people do not change my views on the government when making my documentary.

Serving the public interest

The BBC aim to find the truth and explain it in the correct way. They will have expert people to keep authority. They will try and get question from those who hold public office.

When interviewing David Cameron or someone else, I have to make sure that what they say is the truth.


The BBC output will be based on fairness, openness, honesty and straight dealing. Contributors and audiences will be treated with respect.

Everyone who is in my documentary will be treated fairly and have open views.


The BBC respect privacy and will break the privacy without a good reason. Private behaviour, information, correspondence and conversation will not be brought into the public domain unless there is a public interest that outweighs the expectation of privacy.

When trying to get interviews or any other sort of information, I will make sure that I respect their privacy.

Harm and Offence

The BBC aim to reflect the world as it is. They also balance the content in which they show. They will be sensitive in what they show, also keeping to expectations of the audience. They will make sure to keep children safe.

I need to make sure that when I interview people going to university that they do not say any harmful words.


The BBC will make sure the children they use are safeguarded. They will make sure that their physical and emotional state is preserved. If the content is inappropriate then it will be scheduled in the correct way.

Regarding children, I will make sure to get permission from their parents before I can interview them or before they can be on my documentary.


The BBC is accountable for their audience. The trust of the audience is critical to their relationship. The BBC are open to acknowledgement for mistakes.

I will make sure that my work is correct so that the audience trust me. Also if I make mistakes I will make sure to listen.

BBC editorial guidlines  
BBC editorial guidlines  

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