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SHAPING THE BUILDING Defining connection routes between the Romani neighbourhood uphill and rest of the city, bridging the border which separates them. Program of the centre consists of multifunctional classrooms and one large auditorium accompanied by restaurant and various administration and service facilities. It also provide parking space for 25 cars in an underground garage.

Program (sq meters)

Two parts, Administration | Classrooms Spaces above ground are grouped in two parts, classroom wing and administration wing with restaurant.

Opening towards the south Main entrance is from Romani neighbourhood direction. The internal communication stretches towards the valley and the city between the wings, creating a visual and physical connection. These spaces are common areas spanning both floors.

Lifting Ground floor clearing


Park and green space


Basketball court




Multifunctional auditorium




Classroom access

150 60 60

Restaurant Administration Sport club

216 80

Entrance lobby Service

Lifting the entire structure to the second floor level clears large portion of the ground level for outdoor activities. The wings are then slightly rotated in relation to each other, widening the gap looking south and downhill, letting more sun entering the building and creating views.

Rooftop basketball court Free space for park Additionally freeing space on the ground is the relocation of the basketball court to the roof of the building. The court was required by the competition program. Area created by the relocation could be transformed to green spaces used for recreation, extending centre’s facilities outdoor.

Perforated metal skin The entire building is wrapped in a metal skin which is selectively perforated. Beside the practical function of creating shade and serving as a fence of the rooftop playground, it visually unifies and emphasizes the second floor.

Profile for Damir Alispahić

Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015  

Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015