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MULTICULTURAL CENTRE MASTER PROJECT CULTURAL | COMPETITION - 3RD PRIZE BELGRADE, SERBIA 2011 MENTOR: PROF. VLADIMIR LOJANICA For my master thesis and project I chose the delicate matter of social integration of ethnic minorities and how architecture can help in the process. This theme was also part of the student competition organized by the local municipality which has a large illegal Romani settlement under its jurisdiction. The neighbourhood, on the outskirts of Belgrade, has been going through positive urban transformation lately, and as part of it the idea of local multicultural centre was born. Research for the project required active involvement with the local Romani community, learning their history and culture and understanding their problems. Visiting the location, talking with the locals and seeing the progress they are making, I was inspired to design a building that can be sustainable and easily built, but, more importantly, that could focus some attention to these people and their problems and provide them a way to the integration. The idea was that the building should assume autonomous and neutral identity to avoid associating it with a certain group. That way, it could become acceptable and attractive to both Romani people and the rest of the population.

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Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015  

Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015