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PORTFOLIO/PROTOTYPES 50 51 560 BUILDING BLOCKS Measuring more than 180 cm the paper skin couldn’t have supported it’s own weight without deforming. It’s faces were, therefore, broken into groups of closed geometric surfaces all connected to each other. New faces inside the body of a bear were constructed adding thickness to the skin which ensured better stability.



The process started with a 3d model of a Teddy bear which had to be triangulated. Assembled by hand, the number of faces had to be as low as possible, but still high enough to keep appearance of a Teddy bear recognizable.

The final step before the physical model could take shape was the flattening (developing) of the surfaces into patterns that could easily be laser cut and assembled. Gluing it all together took three of us a week to complete.

The final number of faces was 842.

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Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015  

Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015