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MOULDING & CASTING The “ZEED� workshop was part of a summer term, dedicated to parametric design, to design a concrete wall, 3 meters tall and 700 meters long. Concrete was chosen as the project material for its plasticity and tactile diversity. The purpose of the exercise was to develop understanding of the relationship between the fabrication processes and the design intent. My idea was to use polystyrene sheet moulds which are laser cut in a way that there are no leftovers. A cutting line creates two sides of a mold, positive and negative. That way a series of moulds can be created for the concrete to be poured. This relatively cheap process would allow mass production of tall concrete slabs. Arranged in a row with gaps allowing passing of light, air and sound, concrete slabs create continuous wavy form.

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Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015  

Damir Alispahic Architecture Portfolio 2015