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To Mr. Robert Straubhaar

Please Mr. Robert Straubhaar have a peinitence and read this letter to the end. This letter is writing to you personally Ms. Martina Vuri from River Side. I mark this letter on the outside of the envelope like this, simply for you to open and read and not throw it away. You know I’ve been to you and to your company and telling you that somebody is trying to set me up with those untrue and faking letters. And that is all true and listen now you fuckin Nazi piece of shet. I don’t give a shet, who send you those letters, but you will continue to take ship workers from me, and I will continue to send you ship workers like we do it in the past. If not, if you stop to taking workers from me, I will destroy you and your fuckin River Advice company. If you don’t believe, or you think I cannot do that, You will have to ask yourself twice. You know you fuckin Nazi bustard in the previous years how many workers I send you in the hotel department. Well all of that workers are endlessly thankful to me for giving them employment, because you don’t know, what means for some Eastern European to get employment on a river ship especially in this economic crisis. Well all of that people which I employ them, no matter whether is girl or boy can conduct and do whatever I will tell them on your river ships. So be careful in the future, if some of your ships catch food or alcohol poisoning, because as I sad - my people will do everything for me. So you can search to employment contracts to see how many restaurant waiters, bar waiters and cooks I send you till now, and each one of them is capable of putting some kind of poison to the food or drinks on my request. Yes of course you are very clever Nazi shit and you realize till now, this is menace. I am ordering you, not baking you, to continue taking workers from me like in the past, especially now when the Croatia is entering EU or otherwise you and your fuckin company are finished. And for those previous letters whoever send you, yes it’s true. I have at least 20 experienced restaurant waiters to send you, on place on that fuckin Stoil Borisov, but because they didn’t want to pay 2000 euro, they went to work nowhere. What do you think, I will give employment to some Eastern Europeans for your 250 euro sheety commission? - No chance and only in your dreams. And You fuckin stupid Nazi shit, you don’t watch news to see that Croatia Is the most corrupted country in Europe? That’s why from now on you will take workers from all East Europe just from me and nobody else, or otherwise I will destroy You and Your fuckin company forever. Here we want to say something and on Croatian: Ili uzimaces samo radnike od mene, ili unisticu te za sva vremena tebe I tvoju jebanu kompaniju Nacisticku vas.

From your dear Martina and Damir Vuri River Side

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