Page 1 “A Scale/Arpeggio A day !” Scale or Arpeggio type/s:___________________ ______________________________

Key Signature/s:___________________ ________________________________ Number Of Octaves: _______________


Monday Tuesday

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Fingerboard Position: Lowest note: Highest Note:

Fingerboard positions can be written using Roman Numerals. Lowest and Highest note of the scale can be written use A letter name for the string, Followed by the number of the fret. A capital “E” notes the 6th string ( bass string) and a little “e “ notes the 1st string (treble) so 2 octaves of “A Pentatonic minor scale” in 5th position would be : Fingerboard V position: Lowest note: E:5 Highest note: E:5 Scales should be written (using tab,standard notation or fingerboard diagrams and played.1

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a guitar scale or arpeggio a day  

blank practice sheet for guitarists

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