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“Brothers” by Damien Redmond This song was written for my brother Liam ,my three brother's in law Marc,Gavin and David,also for a couple of my closest friends who I also see as brother ratty wayne and junior. When I get a chance I aim to record a backing track for you to play along with. The Song has certain sections which you are encouraged to play with structure of the song by repeating certain parts as when you feel is necessary. The first part tries to use syncopated rhythms for an effect like the theme tune to “mario bros” later in the song there is a picking part where the thumb tends to leap from the E string to the G string. Once you get a hang of the picking part here you will find it is used up to the last four bars which are the same as the 1st four. Any Questions or suggestions are welcomed


an accoustic guitar fingerstyle song i have written

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