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UNIQUE MEDIA DESIGNS “An eye for design”

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O V E R V I E W Unique Media Designs Limited is a dynamic web development and graphic company, based in Kingston Jamaica. We have over thirteen (13) years of active involvement in the graphic and web development field. We offer complete web development, graphic design, printing and many other related services. We take the time to design and create unique ideas for your company. Our business enterprise has been associated with several sectors including: cable industry, computer supplies, consumer electronics, construction, entertainment, industrial equipment, religious organizations, security, and tourism. We work closely with our clients, helping them to avoid the pitfalls associated with taking a business online.

We deliver expert solutions for small, medium and large projects, all with a fresh look and cutting edge technology that enables you to do even more.

Some of Our Services include: G rap hic D e sign

Co ntent M a n a gem e nt

Web D e sign

E Co m m erce

Fl as h D e sign

Lo go / Id ent it y


IG D JAMAIC A IGDJamaica is a professional web development company that offers custom built website design, custom software development, online database development, search engine optimization and e-commerce solutions. We are dedicated to helping your company create an innovative and effective web presence that generates a significant return on your Internet investment. We also empower you by leveraging web technology in order to increase efficiency; enhance productivity; reduce operating costs; and boost customer satisfaction.

Web Ser vices Offered Web Development

We take the time to learn and understand your needs and give you advice on how to be successful in this medium. Our team can develop web sites that are fully tailored to meet your criteria, hence reducing maintenance cost by administering your web site with the help of our Content Management System (CMS). A properly designed web site will enable you to feed your web pages with fresh content without the assistance of a skilled Webmaster. Our CMS consists of several modules: Newsletter, Site (Company) News, Banner Ad Rotator, Inventory Management, Link Management, User Management, Photo Gallery, Site Page Management, Poll/Survey and Message Board. Custom modules can be added on request. Our design is visually attractive and “clean� with easy-to-use and powerful web interface. All page elements are optimized for fast download and superior performance that meets the requirements of those with dial-up connection.

03 Search Engine Optimization iis also an important part of our projects. An effective web site is accessible to search engines and those who are visually impaired. Web design means creative content, eye-pleasing layout, performance tuning, keyword search and proper page composition. These are the central aspects of a well-structured web site. Our e-commerce solution with powerful online marketing, gives you all the benefits of doing business online.

You can start accepting credit cards and other methods of payment online and can store, process and exchange sensitive information in a secure encrypted environment on your web site. Let us code, design and deploy the online extension for your business. If there is a challenge, we can build a solution based on the best web design practices including interactive Flash web sites, standard compliant XHTML web sites, dynamic database-driven ecommerce web sites, web application and web services. We also purchase your domain name, web host/email host and maintain your web site with the most reliable overseas company at an affordable cost.

Web Design Services Complete web site design, development and setup Database backend design E-commerce solutions Content Management Systems (CMS) Usability engineering, interface design, interaction design Website maintenance, updates and redesign Interactive Flash Banners & Intros Domain name search, registration and transfer XHTML compliant pages


Programming HTML, DHTML XHTML, XML, CSS JavaScript Flash ActionScript PHP, MySQL ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, JAVA




IGDJamaica specializes in highly creative, result oriented design for print and web. Our goal is simple: to increase the impact of your promotional materials to help you attract more customers. Whether you are an up-and coming company in need of professional brand building design or a large corporation looking for a reliable outsource department, we have the perfect solution. We are a full service studio offering complete project fulfilment in both print and web media. What this means is that not only can we design attention-getting logos, business cards, brochures, postcards, web sites and more, but we carry them through production for you as well. Your design can be printed, your postcards mailed, your web site hosted and maintained. Whatever your needs, we are capable. We have proven our capabilities by working with some of Jamaica’s top brands; each new project is approached with a fresh, collaborative spirit to ensure the best, most compelling work possible. Our emphasis is on combining simplicity with elegance to create sophisticated yet intuitive designs. We are commercial artists, with a responsibility to the brand and the product we have agreed to help promote. We try to keep in mind the equal responsibility we have as artists, to do what artists have always done; respond to, reflect upon and of course, influence the world.

Graphics Design Services Logo Poster Catalog Billboard / Banner

Other Services Brochure Magazine layout Letterhead package Product package design


V I R TUA L MAL L JAMAIC A is an online marketplace where consumers are able to shop for goods and services in Jamaica. VirtualMallJamaica makes shopping fast, safe and secure. which was launched by Unique Media Design Limited provides a portal for small businesses in Jamaica to be able to afford an e-commerce solution. The vision of developing a solution called is a suite of internet based services for small businesses, designed to get you up and running online quickly and easily. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. online services gives you your own professional online presence with a customized look and feel without the expense of buying a server, setting up a complicated infrastructure and hiring technical staff to maintain it. provides everything you would need to operate online. Your package will include your free domain name (, and the following easy to use functionalities: Inventory management Sales graphs, Shipping management system and Secure platform that can be connected to any gateway merchant The small business sector in Jamaica must realize the opportunity that online technologies create for businesses today. The wide market that exists both locally and internationally exposes vendors to greater business opportunities through increased sales and partnerships. Why do consumers shop overseas? Some of the reasons are: Shopping convenience The ease of locating goods Shipping management system and The facility does not exist in Jamaica

07 With our online storefront, you are able to facilitate the purchase of goods online, generate real time receipts, real time shipping calculation, real time payment processing, followed up by subsequent delivery of goods to your customers. brings that facility to small businesses, allowing their consumers to browse their store online giving them the benefit of purchasing their items through; cash on delivery or credit card thus creating that convenient and hassle free environment

Sample Vendor Storefront

for their clients. A facility such as this will definitely allow persons from different geographic locations the ability to shop in Jamaica. You can have a functional store front within 2-4 Weeks.



E J AM - w w w.e Ja m. biz

Email Management System(EMS) ‘’ Our Email Management System (EMS) allows you to manage your company email accounts by creating multiple email addresses with the ability to reset passwords. Why use a company email account: It is more secure. It creates a more professional image when interacting with clients through email. It provides a better monitoring and tracking of all emails received and sent out of the organization. It allows better management of your organizations' confidential information. We provide you with an e-mail address and 5 Gig storage space for incoming e-mails in the same way that Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail works. You can access and send your emails from any computer connected to the Internet with a web-browser. Unlike Hotmail or Yahoo!, you can access your emails from home or work using programs like Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, etc using POP3 through You can also receive an e-mail alert on your mobile phone (mobile phones must have e-mail compatibility; otherwise check your phone service provider). Works with E-mail Software(POP3) like Microsoft® Outlook and Outlook® Express Now you can manage your e-mail using the e-mail program on your PC like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, or other commonly used e-mail programs. Using POP3 access with your e-mail from is easy. All you have to do is set it up once and your e-mail program will check for new e-mail, saving your messages directly on your PC. Now you don't have to be connected to the Internet to view your saved messages. And you won't have to delete messages because you're running out of storage. 100% AD-FREE Many e-mail providers attach promotional ads to every e-mail you send. And when you check your messages online, they disturb you with big banners and pop-up ads. You have our promise that e-mail from will remain 100% ad free, so that your e-mails are always delivered just as you wrote them - with no ads attached. And when you use our Web-based e-mail to check your messages, all you'll see is a clean, professional layout - without banner ads.

09 Industry Leading Spam Protection Unsolicited e-mail (spam) is a serious problem for e-mail users. It has been estimated that half of all e-mail traffic is now unsolicited, and the number is growing. Distracting and unwanted e-mail can overwhelm you, making your e-mail unmanageable. E-mail from protects you and your business from spam. Your e-mailbox is protected by a patented, real-time spam detection system which eTesting Labs called the most effective anti-spam solution. When mass unsolicited e-mails are sent, they are detected almost instantly by the network and stopped before they reach you. Web Interface With All The Leading Features E-mail from offers a full featured Web mail interface that includes: e-mail forwarding, auto-reply messages, auto signatures, address book, personal calendar, filtering capabilities and message search. Every e-mailbox comes with 10MB Web storage, and if that's not enough, you can order more storage whenever you need it. PERSONAL E-MAIL ACCOUNT E-mail account with

Vacation / Autoresponders

E-mail - Disk Storage: (10 MB)

100% AD-FREE

E-mail Mobile Alerts

E-mail Filtering

Web-based e-mail interface


POP3 access

Mailing Lists

SMALL BUSINESS E-MAIL ACCOUNT Own purchased domain name

Web-based e-mail interface


SPAM/UCE and Virus Filtering

100 E-mail Accounts

E-mail Filtering

Up to 15 MB Disk Storage


50 GB Data Transfer

Mailing Lists

E-mail mobile Alerts

100% AD-FREE

Vacation / Autoresponders

POP3 Access


YAR DTI C KE T Welcome to an effective and convenient way to purchase event tickets in Jamaica. When you shop on, you will be first to know when, where, and the time of the event. Also, be the first to gain exclusive give aways and early bird specials from some of our event partners. YardTicket is a division of for the sole purpose of convenience to persons who choose to purchase event tickets online. Promoters/Organizers/Event Coordinators/Project Directors, are welcomed to use this medium to advertise and sell their event tickets. Each promoter will recognize the ease to their patrons plus an immediate access to funds to help boost the planning and bringing the event to life. extensive experience with the world's top search engines and social networking sites allows clients to take advantage of specialized and highly targeted marketing and ticketing solutions that garner measurable results.

Advantage of using to sell your events ticket: Funds are accepted in a secure environment Reduce your receivables on outstanding tickets Better able to plan and cater for your event Reduce the risk of ticket agents been targeted for theft Reduce the cost of printing excess tickets Create easy access to purchase tickets


Long term, will facilitate the purchasing of not only event tickets but tickets to theater, clubs, movies and sporting events. will save you time and money now that you can purchase event tickets from a remote location where there is internet service or even your handheld mobile device. So therefore you can avoid the last minute rush to ticket outlets and avoid the traffic by using Take the hassle out of buying presold tickets when you purchase it online, all the time, with ‘Search. Click. Buy’

online tickets


inTo uc h Em a i l M a r ket ing

"The most effective way to stay in front of your Client" InTouch email marketing package puts you in front of your customers until they are ready to buy. Three packages are available; Advantage Bronze, Advantage Silver and Advantage Gold that can be tailored to your specific needs. By selecting one of our inTouch packages you can start sending out feature rich, engaging, effective emails to your customers. We can target different groups and individuals that have interest in your products and services. Each email can be personalised with customer specific information (name, email, address, etc...). inTouch Email Marketer is a true all-in-one communications platform and includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML emails. It is fully-featured email marketing software which has been developed by marketing experts and includes the following useful features: inTouch FEATURES Completely browser based

Automated bounced email processing

No per email fees

Free, built-in spam checking

Surveys and feedback form

Variety of email templates

Step-by-step campaign wizard

Per user email throttling

Custom fields for personalization

Easily import/export contacts

In-email dynamic content blocks

Pause and resume sending

Unlimited auto responders

Automatic event logging

Split test email campaigns

Forward to a friend link

Powerful, automated triggers

Google Calendar integration

Full campaign statistics

RSS email campaign archive

Google Analytics integration

No duplicate emails - ever

For a look at these and other features, please visit:



Spread the Word Through Viral Marketing Social Media Marketing is gaining attention for your organization through social media sites. Over the years it has been observed that for businesses; although there may be a wide range of offered products, there is a far greater demand for growth based on the uniqueness of your organizational brand will offer. Social Media has fundamentally changed how consumers will engage with your brand. Through our consulting technique we will grow your business with solid customer service approach, an increased awareness plan and competitive strategies through social media sites.

Social Media will be used on your behalf to: • Build relationships that make your brand more trusted. •

Differentiate your brand through emotional connections that make the brand more remarkable and unmistakable.

Nurture loyal fans, and create new powerful brand advocates.

Through the use of these factors and new strategies we have devised to fulfill the unrealized potential of your organization, you will gain from increased sales, boost in market awareness while achieving a sustainable competitive edge and increase the reoccurrence of existing customers. Through the creation of a new marketing model we will attempt to generate an invention of new values for customers which will in turn create a marked improvement in organizational growth. Our social media marketing will work to produce content that draws awareness and persuade users to not only visit corporate website but to also like and share it with their social networks.

14 Social Media Marketing service can be summarized by the following: 1.

Identifying the targeted customers, analysing their needs and designing strategies which generate values that will match their expectations.


Developing a new system through social media in order to achieve a high level of customer awareness and an increased level of satisfaction.


Developing robust data collection drive which will go towards increasing your customer base.


Implementing new promotional strategies such as seasonal specials, also the creation of a buzz in the slow periods by issuing discounts as well as catchy special packages.

Some Social Media Marketing Benefits includes: 1. Ability to take full advantage of its current strength: • Creation of Twitter® and facebook® accounts so as to generate constant awareness on fan pages. • This includes the building of strategies and operation modes around profitable services as well as to increase the awareness of less gainful services which will in turn increase sales. 2. Marked expansion of customer base: • Follow up with all new customers to ensure that their experience at your organization was a memorable one which will ensure positive future recommendations to other potential customers.

15 •

Networking will also be conducted by our Social Media Marketing Consultant by attending social events to promote your business as well as becoming part of local associations that are tailored to your company’s purpose

3. Increased Return time for customers: • This will be achieved through the creation of Discount cards as well as loyalty cards, all specifically tailored to your requirements; the samples of which we can provide at your request. 4. Increased Sales: • This will be achieved through a robust social marketing campaign on your behalf to your ever increasing client base. • Flyers of new ideas or specials will be worded, designed and marketed to your e-mail base on your behalf.




Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with your good work. It far exceeded our expectations. “Not only was it superlative, it is refreshing to work with such a dynamic team of young professionals. It speaks volumes for the future of our country, which is in very good hands. I thoroughly enjoyed working with your staff. Once again, thanks for an exceptionally well done site. ” Horace Harris Managing Director, Twin Palms Estate Web Site: “FurnitureLand and Karmen's Kollection are pleased to be among the first companies to use the services of a new and growing business. Every company we have taken a chance with since we started business 26+ years ago, has done well and remained loyal to us, despite their success and growth. IGDJamaica is no different. They represent professionalism and that gets me every time! They are never impatient...and I call 5-10 times a day...about the obvious or simplest thing.....because I want to be sure, I have to be sure, it's my job. Always patient, always courteous and they always seem to know what they're doing. That makes me confident. Thank you IGDJamaica! We appreciate and thank you and wish you God's continued blessings.” Dennise McGregor Operations Manager, Karmen’s Kollection Web Site: Telephone: (876) 929-1063

17 “IGDJamaica: Courteous, sensitive to small business needs and technical support is tremendous! We are more than satisfied with the construction of our website, the delicacy, the colours, and the layout! You have been recommended to our friends, family and business counterparts.“ Kereene E. Sinclair Marketing & Operation Manager, JIM Enterprises Limited Web Site: Telephone: (876) 960-3041 “We are pleased to have met IGDJamaica, due to the fact that we were looking for a local website company that would complete our website. We had several bad experiences with companies and personnel who promise to create our website. Since IGDJamaica has completed the creation of our website, we have been receiving several sales and hits. People are pleased with our website and we are happy with the service we are receiving from this company. The important aspect is that this company is Jamaican base. I would recommend them.” Andrew Sharpe Managing Director, Authentic Caribbean Holidays Limited Web Site: Telephone: (876) 754-2368 “MedeCus Health Insurance Agency had the pleasure of working with IGDJamaica earlier this year. We outsourced the creation of a flash animation which was displayed at our booth at a local convention that was of extreme strategic importance to our company. We were very pleased with the end result. Based on the foregoing, I arranged for IGDJamaica to create a rather lengthy and complex flash animation for this year’s Insurance Association of the Caribbean’s (IAC) Annual Conference. Both the IAC delegates and I were very pleased with the final product. Based on the quality of their technical resources, their unyielding commitment to excellent Customer Service and their very reasonable approach to pricing, I hereby recommend IGDJamaica to your organization without hesitation. Please feel free to let me know if I can be of further assistance.” Aaron Shaw III VP, Information Technology, MedeCus Health Insurance Agency Web Site: Telephone: (876) 929 6181


S e nior O ffi ce r s : Ronald Stephenson Chairman, C.E.O. Visual Communicator, Marketing Consultant, Auditor and Accountant Contact: Damien Harris Managing Director, Chief Web Developer, Graphic Designer CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) Professional Site Design E-Commerce Designer Master CIW Designer MCP (Macromedia Certified Professional) - Dreamweaver MX 2004 Developer Contact: Mark Tracey Consultant Specializing in research and development Andrea Forbes Business Development Executive Contact: Kerry-Ann Giddarie Chief Graphics Designer, Web Designer Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Contact:

UNIQUE MEDIA DESIGNS “An eye for design”

CO N TAC T I N F O R M AT I O N : Address:

90B Red Hills Road Shop#8, St. Andrew Plaza Kingston 19, Jamaica W.I.









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