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I velvet morphine



How do you choose your outfits? – “I’m a massive bargain hunter,so if its cheap, I shall make a wise investment!” Why we love it – we love it because it mixes vintage with a modern edge, and it isn’t too “in your face”, it’s got just the right amount of individuality, without attention seeking. He show’s us he likes to keep warm with his trendy yet comfortable grey wooly hat and he’s oh so delicious black velvet blazer. Keeping a nice dark colour tone all through the ensemble, but contrasts it neatly with a paisley print shirt.


photography by dami banwo//written by aisha ayoade

X golden spikes

nasheeba bukuruWhy we love it – first things first, we completely adore her Aztec handbag, 18/coventry it’s all ethnic and cool and goes really well with the simple, blogger style outfit. -grey shirt The plain shirt is very well accessorized with that edgy spikey necklace which marks & spencershows she likes to add a mixture of patterns and textures (hence the bag). Then we have the classic demin roll up shorts made vintage looking with the light -vintage denim brown belt, well coordinated with the light brown socks. Saving the best for last, jeans cut into we have what looks like Jeffrey Campbells, beautiful, beautiful, Jeffrey Campbells. shorts All in all, this look goes above and beyond stylish, which shows us that less is more. Rated blogger material. -topshop necklace -jeffeery campbell shoes -aztec river island bag

photography by abby ayoade//written by aisha ayoade

XI gold digger

ellen gray Why we love it- We love it because it takes the usual jumper/shirt combo, and adds 17/coventry

a personal twist to it. The colour of the jumper is a brown-ish, green-ish mixture

- black which on paper sounds abit funny, but is clearly fabulous, vintage jumpers are what underground we like to see, the undertone colours are just what’s needed to go with to gold england creepers - primark tigths - dark blue topshop shorts

rope chain to make it stand out for that bit of elegance and edge. Then for the bottom half of the outfit, the braided brown belt co-ordinates really well with the whole of the outfit and ties it all together.Last but not least, no other shoe could possibly finish off this outfit than those beautiful creepers, very few people wear creepers right, but this looks amazing and makes a bold statement in contrast to the subtle outfit. Rated needle in the vintage stack.

-olive jumper independant store -tasselled primark bag -rope chain muse

photography by dami banwo//written by aisha ayoade

XI I psychedelic

kirsty Why we love it – This look is an explosion of fantasy and vintage. All the random goodison colours seep together to make this outfit very in your face, but of the amazing 21/coventry kind. She adds a bit of sunshine to her winter with the mixture of the bright and - Floral Coat marjoriedoo

the pastel colours, and the straw hat. The blazer sits just at the right length with her polka dot pink dress, the ruffles show us she isn’t afraid to push the boat out a bit and dare to go were other wouldn’t, and it’s working very well for her. She has accessorized to match the patterns on the blazer, but also her blue

- Polka dot dress hair. Last but not least, those gorgeous blue suede heeled shoes for a bit of marjoriedoo

levitation. Rated Alice in wonderland

- Lace Up Boot Topshop - STAW HAT River island

photography by abby ayoade//written by aisha ayoade

XI I I tweedathon

lulu ensor Why we love it- We love this look, because we love tweed, it’s a mix of Scottish 14/coventry and British heritage which is great because you get the best of both worlds, an immaculate tweed blazer could well with almost anything, and by anything I mean -forever 21 navy polka dot these trendy Chelsea boots, which, believe it or not, were first worn in the 1840s! So saying this look is vintage is an under statement. Aspects of this look are top ancient and classic in the best possible ways. For a bit of mixture we’ve got the modern style chiffon spotted shirt, and these thick burgundy leggings, which I -jack wills otterbury blazer think has the best colour tone to go with the blazer. Rated young Victorian. -red ponti seamed river island leggins -amos cowboy boots with chelsea detail

photography by abby ayoade//written by aisha ayoade

XI V mother nature

vanessa mbella This outfit is really straight edged and clean cut, it’s a breathe of fresh air, 18/coventry it isn’t over-worked, it isn’t over analysed, it’s just plain and blissful. We love the tangerine coloured blazer paired with the dark brown leather trousers, -orange blazer clothes it makes the outfit look natural and earthy, but they are also two colours that compliment each other really well. The black underneath is lovely because it’s no show hassle, and a patterned top might have made it too over powering. The long cross necklace is correctly collaborated and adds that perfect amount of “bling”, which -muse gold is very well supported by her studded shoes to make the look surely and truly cross chain wonderful. Rated Glitz and glamourer. -brown leather skinnys h&m - black brogues -black primark top

photography by abby ayoade//written by aisha ayoade

XV we got sunshine

wendy akomolafe 20/coventry -black top primark

We love this look because it reminds us of Gillian Zinser (Ivy from 90210), in the way it uses the flowy maxi skirt and contrasts it with a dark t-shirt, but yet keeping it look quite warm and summery. We all wish we could pull out our latest pair of hotpants, but I don’t think the rest are ready for that. She accessorizes quite heavily with about 4 rings on one hand, which is never a negative, then we spy a little yellow smiley face on her skirt (cheeky), to make us all feel that -striped skirt bit more cheerful. It’s been ended with plain brown loafers to keep the whole primark mellow theme going on there. We love because it’s simple yet summery. Rated Beach honey. -brown belt topshop - suede dolly shoes primark

photography by abby ayoade//written by aisha ayoade


How do you choose your outfits? – “I try and wear things different to what anybody else has, like I see a top I really like, if I see someone else in it then I won't get it.I Like to keep my style a certain way but wear clothes that are more unique.” Why we love it – We love this look because he manages to take traditional and cool - BARBOUR and make a beautiful love child. Barbour jackets were first made in the 1890s, yet INTERNATIONAL he still makes it work well, I guess traditional is the new black.He adds a classic NYLON JACKET edge to it with his almost tartan, checkered shirt. It’s an undertone outfit, but makes a statement, this is one that would definitely stand out from the crowd. - RALPH LAUREN CHECKERED SHIRT The nike blazers add a bit of youth to the look, just to throw a bit of teenage spin on it, and to make it his own. We love this look because it’s a classic -BLUE TOPMAN British number that will without a doubt get heads turning. Rated as a lady killer. CONNOR FREEMAN 16/COVENTRY



photography by dami banwo//written by aisha ayoade

I I I man in black

luke oneill How do you choose an outfit? - “if I think they go well togetherlike the smart hat

16/COVENTRY and shirt and shoes go with the blazer sort of thing” Why we love it - We love it

- h&m bowler hat - black blazer COW

because this James Bond-esque look is simple and oh so suave, it’s mature and sophisticated but he works it so well.His clean cut blazer is complimented with a nice,neat white shirt which gives a fresh appearance. The straight leg formal trousers make it nice and boyish, then the look is rounded off with good old Irish brogues to add a bit of heritage.The cherry on top is the bowler, to include some personal style to our Mr. Bond look. We love it all! Rated smooth criminal.

- plain white topman shirt -black h&m trousers -black topman brogues

photography by dami banwo//written by aisha ayoade

I V beautiful bargain buyer


Three words which sum up our opinions, we love it because she finds needles in a stack,and pretty needles at that. Her jacket looks so high-end and “in vogue”, we adore it. The best bit is, she doesn’t do it in a subtle way, no no no, she does and BIG AND BLUE.The glasses throw in a bit of cuteness and preppyness, just to make it that bit more fun. She adds a sly bit of leopard print, not too much, -rolling stones not too little, just right.Everyone needs a pair of humble black tights that go t-shirt with every possible situation,especially this one. The loafers look beautifully vintage and add a contrast to the designer look outfit. Rated bold beauty. -blue faux fur coat

-pogo glasses -brown tassel loafers

-black new look tights -leopard print primark skirt

photography by dami banwo//written by aisha ayoade

V moon stomper

danniella Why we love it- We could name a reason why we love every single item of clothing in the outfit from head to toe. First of all the jacket, it’s not just any jacket, evans 15/coventry

-cherry red doc martins -dog tooth h&m trousers -selfridges fred perry polo

it’s a raw British Harrington, but that isn’t the best part, the best part is that this raw british Harrington jacket is a Specials jacket (the awesome 80s Coventry band), which makes it individual, and stand out from the rest. Rocking the fred perry original polo, brings the top half of the outfit in balance, Harringtons and polo shirts correspond in the coolest way. Then we have these carefree, flamboyant dog tooth print trousers, which clearly only the brave could wear and survive with, and she carries it off so well to compliment the whole “specials” two tone theme. Then for the tip of the ice berg we have the one and only punky red docs, which makes her look like she belonged to the 80s. Rated true “rude gyal”.

- the specials harrington jacket -white g-shock

photography by abby ayoade //written by aisha ayoade

I V back to the past

Erin Jones 16/RUGBY, WARWICKSHIRE - black harrington jacket - white fred perry polo - h&m denim shorts - nike sb floral blazer

Why do we love it – this look is cooler than ice. Her ensemble is a mixture of very random different garments, to make one beautiful master piece. It’s effortlessly cool and those beautiful nike blazers are pastel coloured and floral, to add a bit of opposition to the retro look, but it still looks hot. She looks like she’d just come tumbling out of the 80s with her eastpak backpack. She has been kickin’ even further back with the 1960s Harrington jacket. We all need a white Fred Perry polo forthose days when we’re feeling a little “ this is England 88’ ” and want to rock it like a skinhead. Last but not least, the green bobble hat, it complements the colour scheme so well and adds a smooth finish,oh and looks amazing with her red hair. Rated retro expert.

-eastpack day pack - green h&m bobble hat - primark tights

photography by abby ayoade //written by aisha ayoade

VI I urban pixie

shadi jahromi 17/coventry - primark denim jeans - grey adidas t-shirt

Why we Love it – we love it because it’s so “street” and urban.Whoever said adidas was dead needs to wipe their steamy glasses and take a look at how this outfit has relit the adidas flame,and shows us how the brand could be worn in an entirely different style. he white polo collar peeking through the top makes the look elegant and neat.Where would we be without those classic stonewash skinnies that go well with any, and make this outfit look care free and desirable.

- white ralph lauren polo -topshop leather jacket - polka dots nike air max

photography by dammi banwo//abby ayoade //written by aisha ayoade

VI I I mix and matcher

qing chen 22/coventry university student - topman cable knit cardigan

Why we love it – we love it because it makes us all jealous and want to scramble for our nearest wooly jumper/cardigan and pour ourselves a nice hot cup of tea. The muilti coloured jumper has warm oranges which make the outfit look vibrant and summery, but also cold blues for that icy wintery effect to go with the blue undershirt. The sand coloured chinos pick up the dark oranges in the jumper very well and pullthe whole look together.The brown leather hi tops are a cross between cool and formal, which is exactly the favour needed to make this look perfect. - corduroy lee Rated winter wonderer trousers -blue ralph lauren shirt -brown gucci brogue boots photography by dami banwo//abby ayoade //written by aisha ayoade

I X camo soldier

Jordan Lott

We love the way it stays consistent with the colour scheme throughout whilst 21/birmingham mixing an element of different patterns from the aztec vest top to the awesome camo back pack. We’ve got the cool 5 panel hat going on there aswell which sets - vintage shop him apart because we don’t see those around nowadays, so self initiated style is jacket & jeans clearly present, he’s obviously a trend setter. There’s a jumble of multiple textures in this outfit, so it’s got that rough look, and doesn’t look too over -aqua topman thought. The colour of denim trousers are picked up on the plain zip up hoodie hoodie underneath. This outfit really shows that layers don’t have to be over powering if they are styled correctly. Rated leading man. -h&m aztec vest top -brown new balance -flatspot 5panel

photography by abby ayoade//written by aisha ayoade

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