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. . . Distribution. Studios & Production. Fashion & Merchandise. Developing Record Company Publishing Management Booking Events

LEADING NEW D.A.M.G provides a single home for artists, utilising eight core business arms to deliver new music to the masses, providing services in:

London based company Discovering Arts Music Group (D.A.M.G) is at the forefront of new music, signing and discovering talent early in Publishing / Mantheir careers. agement / Booking / Studio / DistribuD.A.M.G prides it- tion / Production / self on nurturing young Events / Merchantalent and building acts dising / Developthrough its armoury ment/ Fashion of resources. Utilising our creativity, passion D.A.M.G offers a centralfor songs, client service, isation of resources, ensurhosting exclusive events ing artists have everything and global resources, they need in one place inwe help develop those stead of relying on numerartists into global suc- ous third party companies. cesses. We also provide advanced strategic marketing initiatives and opportunities in new technologies, ensuring

that our developing artists are given all the latest tools and support essential for launching their careers. By taking care of the business and organisational elements, our artists can focus purely on the music. Through adopting cutting edge methods and mould breaking concepts, D.A.M.G have set their sights on becoming one of the leading music companies in the world as well as setting the bar for next generation companies.

OVERVIEW record company













We are proud to work alongside some of the best emerging artists, as well as world-class songwriters and producers. The expertise of our London-based artist management team is extensive, covering all areas intrinsic to the music business which includes, but are not limited to: Financial Planning & Budgeting /Organisational Planning / Technical Operations / Business Development / Artistic Planning / Programming / Marketing

CURRENT artist roster

D.A.M.G currently represents artists from a wide array of genres including Electronic, Soul, R&B and Pop.


“Music Chose Us” is D.A.M.G’s event programme, which currently has two divisions; “Music Chose Us: Live” and “Music Chose Us: DJs.” Since 2013, Music Chose Us: Live has taken over big venues such as The Brixton Jamm’, King’s Cross Big Chill, 93 Feet East and Hoxton Bar & Grill, promoting future and current bands and singers, unrestricted by genre or reputation. Showcasing the UK’s most promising and exciting local talent, “Music Chose Us: Live” selects its artists from hundreds of applicants, each vying for a record deal and ensuring the highest standard of entertainment. D.A.M.G founder Elliot Avnon set up “Music Chose Us” to find the next “big thing.” He states that ‘“Music Chose Us” will offer the chosen act the opportunit to work with the best producers, songwriters and studios


the UK has to offer, aiming to release a full album via all platforms. We want to provide London’s audience with a star quality music experience.”

The inaugural event for “Music Chose Us” launched on the 27th of February 2013 and has received overwhelming attention from the press including The Fly, All In London, Guestlist, Artrocker, Music Week, Idol Mag, Loud & Quiet and DIY, not to mention The Daily Star. “Music Chose Us: DJs” is the most recent event series to be created by D.A.M.G and looks to showcase genre defining DJs and producers in the electronic scene. Unlike “Music Chose Us: Live”, “DJs” aims to host nightclubs rather than live venues which tend to focus on singers and bands.



D.A.M.G is home to numerous talented artists, songwriters and producers, as well as original film and TV music composers. Using creative services such as song plugging and synchronisation, we work closely with leading music supervisors and advertising agencies worldwide, for such song placement opportunities as movies, games, series and commercials. Creative executives in London work with the industry’s leading Motion Picture and TV music supervisors and Advertising creative executives to research and provide song suggestions (upcoming, new or catalogue material) for their projects. D.A.M.G is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to promote our catalogue titles and hits as well as spotlighting

current artists, songwriters and emerging talent on our rosters. We offer global administration of royalty distribution and income tracking. D.A.M.G is fully committed to the exploitation and licensing of each and every song in our catalogue.To successfully master this task, we employ talented individuals with a genuine passion for songs and a spirit for enterprise.

At D.A.M.G, we understand how vital it is for our listeners to have easy and widespread access to our music. To achieve this, we use our in-house global network service to ensure our music is easily accessible, whilst we remain in full control of distribution.

D.A.M.G operates accounts on all the major music digital retailers such as iTunes, Spotify and Bloom, making our artists’ music widely available in album, EP and single format as well as being eligible to be Official Chart entries.

A feature on the website allows the viewer to see which digital retailers and streaming platforms distribute our artists’ music in their region. On the website, our world map feature uses interactive dots, which show where our music can be found.

The studio’s atmosphere encourages the creation of extraordinary music and the latest in digital recording technology, which has been put into practice by recording some of our artists we develop. Following the completion of the studio, we have developed enough space for the live room, a private entrance for unloading equipment; and a lounge set up for relaxation and privacy. D.A.M.G studio has now seen an array of sessions, many of which have found their way out in to the world via releases on D.A.M.G recordings or other labels.


D.A.M.G’s London headquarters is home to a state-of-the-art recording studio, the creative hub for the company’s most talented songwriters, artists and producers. Inspired by the successes of small studios such as Motown’s Studio A, D.A.M.G run a studio where artists are able to actualise their ideas at the highest standard, being able to experiment away from the pressures of running up bills at commercial facilities.



1. HEADPHONE EARRINGS & WINGS NECKLACE Made of: • White Headphones • Silver Blanks • Silver Charms In The Shape Of Wings • Silver Chain

2. ANGEL EARRINGS & DIAMOND EARRINGS Made of: • Black Guitar Picks from TECHPICK • Gold Charm In The Shape Of A Wing • Gold Blanks

3. ANGEL NECKLACE Made of: • Golden Jack • Golden Winged Charms • Gold-Black Chain • Gold Blanks Price: £20

Price: £30

Price: £30

THE “ROCKER” JEWELLERY COLLECTION Whilst music is paramount at D.A.M.G, it is only one aspect of the multifaceted company, which has recently dived headfirst into the world of fashion. There are an infinite ways of infusing music with fashion, making this such an exciting prospect. Instead of the traditional printed t-shirts and hoodies, D.A.M.G constantly seeks unique selling points. With music at the heart of every piece, this unique range incorporates elements of musical instruments, allowing you to express your style and reflect your individuality. These stylish hand crafted pieces are perfect for fashionable music lovers, whilst at affordable prices. Above are a small number of items within the range.



1. Banner (1000 x 440)

D.A.M.G’s audience spans across the vast music scene from bedroom DJs, die hard Indie fans, commercial lovers and beyond. We have a registered user base of 20,000 people in the UK alone which has proven to be very active, with 80% of our current base purchasing online within the last 6 months. Our young and connected following regularly scout through our site to find more about D.A.M.G music services, new artists, releases, events and merchandise, making us perfect canvas for advertising. We understand how essential both an online and physical advertising presence is, and for that reason we tailor-make each campaign, based on the companies’ requirements. Our online advertising takes several forms such as digital banners and hotboxes, newsletters and our brand new D.A.M.G App.

Hotbox Large (205 x 260)

Hotbox (265 x 62)



With regard to physical advertising, we provide numerous services such as flyers, banners, posters and even street art.


Examples on right show how our adverts look: 1. Banner (1000 x 440) 2. Hotbox (265 x 62) 3. Hotbox Medium (265 x 121) 4. Hotbox Large (205 x 260) 5. Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

Newsletter 5.

For further information, please request our media pack. Email:

Hotbox Medium (265 x 121)



As a company which strives to be at the forefront of technology, we are pleased to announce the D.A.M.G App. Users will have access to music from our entire music catalogue and keep up to date with the latest releases with new music added into the rotation regularly. You can explore our database of music, get the inside scoop on the latest news, win competitions or purchase tickets for our D.A.M.G events.You can also discover what’s happening within the core services we provide.

App Features Music: Users have access to listen to music from our entire music catalogue and keep up to date with the latest releases. New music is added into the rotation daily Explore: The explore feature allows users to search for D.A.M.G artists, or genres. Browse and preview tracks from D.A.M.G latest releases and download them directly to your phone via ITunes or Google Play. Build your own collection of D.A.M.G tracks by adding them to your personal “RecordBox” and share with your friends across the social network. Events: Latest D.A.M.G events and artist performances, what’s happening where and when. Forget the days of waiting in line, purchase your tickets for D.A.M.G events, delivered directly to your smartphone and jump the queue when you arrive. News: Get the inside scoop on the latest news, win competitions, and what’s happening within the seven core activities i.e Publishing, Song writers, Composers, Syncing, DJ Sets, Limited Edition Products, and Merchandise to name a few. Connect: D.A.M.G’s Interactive Fan Wall allows users to post directly to the app and connect with all social media activities i.e Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ connecting with friends across the globe and sharing D.A.M.G content with them.

Avaliable on iPhone and Android

DEMO submission Process

D.A.M.G is always on the lookout for new artists, so if they have the talent and the confidence, all they need to do is contact us. Instead of the archaic practice of handing in a demo CD to a manager in the hope they listen to it, D.A.M.G have entered the 21st Century and revolutionised the concept of track submission. Our unique Demo Form allows the application to link their track via their music platform of choice (Soundcloud etc) as well as being able to provide artwork, details, and links to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube as well as any further details they wish to give us.

If you’ve got the ability, come and join the journey of Discovering Arts Music Group.

To learn more about the company, our artists or to request MP3s or images, please contact our Public Relations Team. L: +44 020 74199745 | M: +44 0 7549761571

D.A.M.G Information Pack  

The official Information Pack about Discovering Arts Music Group. You can find everything you need to know about our company here.

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