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Editor’s Letter Welcome to Dame. A community which sees, hears and voices the women aged 50 plus. Exploring the beauty of age, the quarterly magazine only includes real models with no nips, tucks or touch ups. Dame is proud and embraces pro-ageing, showing that the idea of anti-age is merely a myth. Dame begins with a chapter celebrating three inspirational women who we can all look up too. Suzanne Noble, Elizabeth Burrows and Tricia Cusden all share their life story on how they came to their success and overcame any hurdles within the fashion and beauty industry. Together we celebrate their achievements, showing off proudly the mature women who are still at the top. Aside from this the magazine includes a range of fashion beauty and well-being features each providing thought provoking interviews, investigations and long essays. Avoiding the stereotypical, Dame’s articles explore a range of cross-generational topics from discussing the future of high tech shopping to feeling pretty in pastels. This issue features photography from Mireia Ludevid and Reza Gorji Hassani as well as guest writing from the queen of complaints Ingrid Stone, psychologist Sophie Kelly and organic health and beauty journalist Araminta Pender. Enjoy issue 01 and welcome to the Dame community. With love,

Trifonia Asmar x Editor in chief

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10 Suzanne Nobel

76 The M Word

14 Elizabeth Burrows

78 Yoga for the Non-Yogi

18 Tricia Cusden

80 What Makes You Click? The Life of Online Dating

Fashion 24 The Essential Edit 28 The Nature of Ageing 36 Linen 38 High Street of High Tech 42 The Statement Earring 54 Julie Impens

Beauty 60 Pretty in Pastel 72 High-drate with Hemp

82 Cyprus, The Island Tour 86 Letter of a Dissatisfied Woman



Women Who Inspire

Suzanne Noble | Elizabeth Burrows | Tricia Cusden



Suzanne Nobel Interviewer: Trifonia Asmar Photographer: Isabella Aceto

One business is just not enough

for American-born Suzanne Noble. Currently on her fifth venture it is fair to say she has earnt the title of serial entrepreneur. And she is not stopping there. Suzanne plans to keep setting new goals and adding to her long list of achievements. She says that learning something new every day and keeping an active social life is key to her happiness, along with accomplishing her goals. The mother of two, got her first taste of success at just 27 years old. Teaming up with a couple of her girlfriends, they decided to become TV producers of their very own astrology show in 1988. Up until this day it is still the only astrology show in existence. Eventually, after much work and many knock backs the programme was commissioned by Channel 4 and working alongside one of the major media channels in Britain, is where Suzanne’s business journey really began. “As I like to put it, we were three girls with red lipstick and big blonde hair who use to strut into Channel 4 offices. So, I am pretty sure that was part of the reason they got us in,” she says with a raised brow and sassy smile. It was not until after she got pregnant with her first child, that the producer decided to join her then husband in his newly established PR agency, Stunning PR. Knowing nothing about public relations Suzanne taught herself

Suzanne talks business, hot tub sessions and menopause. Leaving nothing unsaid. Following her own philosophy “nothing ventured, nothing gained” Suzanne Noble, 57, has become a leading female serial entrepreneur. Successfully creating social enterprise Advantages of Age and London based app Frugl. Expertise in entertainment PR, music and technology sector has moulded her to be a role model to any working woman.

the job role and how to run the business, which she did with a high success rate. The agency was transformed into a respected company with Suzanne, with clients such as Warner Brothers and Sony on board. “Ten years later we were running quite a successful business with about a dozen staff members. Along with turning over a million quid.”, and it’s fair to say Suzanne definitely earned the right to brag about her success. It seems that when an opportunity comes along she just can’t say no.. The inspiration for her third line of work stemmed from the birth of her second son. Through the frustration of not being able to track down the ideal baby sling in the UK she created the Better Baby Sling Company. Taking a trip back to her motherland, the US, Suzanne found the perfect yet practical baby sling and began to import the product within the UK, as she wanted to share it with all the mums back home. And so, she did. It is obvious by the way Suzanne speaks about her entrepreneurial journey that her hunger for success keeps her going, “I just believe I will make it in anything I do, that is just my nature,” she explains. There is a determination about her, which was vital when she decided to split her half of Stunning PR with her employees, when she made the decision to go digital. Staying true to

her instincts served her, along with her staff, very well. “I decided that I was going to let all my staff take their clients and split the PR agency up. So, then I went on my own and took my biggest client with me, which was an Icelandic children’s programme called LazyTown. It was very crazy and nuts. But LazyTown has got to be one of the pivotal moments of my life,” Suzanne says with no regrets. Bringing the programme to the UK and US, she even managed to collaborate with the White House, partnering LazyTown with Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign for children. Now all the focus is on Advantages of Age. Suzanne is taking on one of her biggest challenges yet, changing media’s narrative around ageing. No biggie. “I always think I might as well set myself one big influential goal rather than mini ones, it keeps me going,” she explains. Advantages of Age came to her in 2016, at a period of her life where she was in the mists of building the events discovery app for Londoners on a budget, Frugl. However, like many great ideas the concept behind the Advantages of Age community came when she was having a chats with one of her closest friends, in her beloved hot tub. A couple glasses of wine later the rant was in full swing; their irritations about the medias portrayal of mature women, and the rules behind what they can and cannot do at their age lead to


the forming of Advantages of Age. “It was then, in the hot tub when it clicked how ridiculous content around the ageing women is. So being a little merry I brought the URL and domain. By Christmas, Advantages of Age was set up and underway,” Suzanne reminisced with laughter. With the support of the Arts Council funding, Suzanne and her co-founder, Rose Rouse, created a community for women and men ages 50 to 75 years, giving them local nights’ outs and social events from drumming to poetry readings, along with an online magazine where the group can contribute and share their stories. The Advantages of Age community has grown tremendously, with over 3000 subscribers on Facebook within two years. “We literally had people telling us they were going to leave London because they felt lonely but now they have stayed because of the friends they have made at Advantages of Age,” she says. It is not just the creation of Advantages of Age which has left the founder with appreciation and admiration for the ageing population, but each individuals’ personal growth in confidence within the community. The AoA style bus in 2017 was a prime example of how the community can have a laugh and be proud of being a member of the mature demographic. Parked just off Sloane Square, the style bus gave members of the group a chance to get dressed up and socialise. They took the bus

around the capital enjoying the sites and indulging in endless bottles of prosecco. “The event we did on the style bus has got to be one of the most rewarding moments of my career yet. It was truly amazing, and was cheered on by social media for weeks after. It was at this moment I felt like we had made a real connected group,” Suzanne explains filled with nostalgic memories. “I will never forget those people walking towards the bus. I was practically crying. Firstly, for the fact people even turned up but also because of all the wonderful people it attracted.” Emotional about what she has achieved Suzanne’s does not see Advantage of Age as work, but a beloved hobby.

the best. At the time, I wasn’t a good girlfriend and I had to tell my partner. We ended up breaking up. From that stage in my life I started to feel invisible, which was not for me.” Taking the matter into her own hands, and getting in control of her life again, Suzanne decided she needed a bold change in her life. “I decided to dye my hair pink,” she explains. Admittedly for some the phrase ‘midlife crisis’ would come to mind. But not for Suzanne. “All of the sudden I became the opposite of how I felt. I became this totally visible person to the point where I can walk down the streets and someone would walk by me and be like great hair,” she says, proudly whipping her hair with confidence.

However, her hard work has not come without sacrifices. Aware that she needs to convert the social enterprise into a business, Suzanne admits that she is skating on thin ice by funding her own projects, “I realise there is an element when you have to speculate to accumulate. I have speculated enough now, the accumulation part needs to start happening.”

It is the positive thinking and belief in oneself which helps push powerful women such as Suzanne Noble to the top. With the social enterprise recently celebrating its second birthday, the founders have many social events to come, including a big birthday night out. Suzanne plans to keep on working until she decides she has had enough and it is time to stop. There is no stopping this female entrepreneur, before she decides she’s ready to stop.

Physically, it was the menopause milestone that had Suzanne in a hot flush, but as expected she managed to turn the dreaded menopause into a positive. Dating a man 16 years younger than her at the time, the effects of ageing did not come without any complication. “I started to feel so unsexy. The beads of sweat running down your back when you are out and the hot heat rush that would last a few minutes, was not

“As my friends commonly ask, can you be all the colours of the rainbow? And I think yes. Being all the colours of the rainbow is doing whatever you want no matter what others think.”

“I will never forget those people walking towards the bus. I was practically crying. Firstly for the fact people even turned up but also because of all the wonderful people it attracted.” 12



Elizabeth Burrows South West London’s bespoke tailor, Elizabeth Burrows, 65, recycles, reclaims and reproduces one-of-a-kind vintage garments, from African batik to Hawaiian rayon patterns. Elizabeth takes Dame on a tour around her vintage store, 331.

When Elizabeth Burrows, was

stuck behind her school desk learning to sew, she had no idea that this would be the moment which would start her life long career. 47 years later she is still sat behind her desk, still with her precious sewing machine but this time, she’s in her very own vintage store, 331. Located in Earlsfield, the store is filled with clutter, character and culture. Taking the tailoring skills learnt from her childhood, Elizabeth has built her profession on altering, recycling and recreating vintage clothing. And with her exploration of raw materials and multi-cultural sewing techniques she has become the bespoke tailor of South West London. No client is left without their desired one-of-a-kind garment. Born in London but raised in a small city, Famagusta, on the east coast of Cyprus, Elizabeth was first introduced to fashion and textile clothing in her early school years . Back in those days, sewing was a compulsory subject for girls, and so she was able to learn the foundation of her skills from an early age. “You couldn’t get anything fashionable in Famagusta, hence why we used to sew and make our own clothes. So, I guess that is what started probing me off into clothing and fashion industry,” she says. Returning to London in 1971, when she was 18 years old, Elizabeth became a bilingual secretary.

However being cooped up in her stuffy office five days a week was not what she had planned, not exactly the ideal setting for a young women who was used to spending most of her time outdoors in sunny Cyprus. Feeling imprisoned, Elizabeth decided to go back to what she loved. Clothing. Soon after meeting her long-term partner, Matthew, who shared the same passion, the two began selling their own garments around London’s famous market stalls. From recycling jeans and creating a range of new denim jackets to making waistcoats out of old brocade curtains, nothing was off limits Whatever the couple could get their hands on, would be used to create something completely new. “Oh gosh, we made loads and loads of things but the main thing was that we always recycled,” Elizabeth explained. Traveling from Kensington market to Greenwich and Camden market, the newlyweds decided to open a little shop in Putney, by converting Richmond Road’s local butchers into a vintage clothing store. During her time at the Putney store Elizabeth had to juggle her work between the shop and markets. That being said, they were never too busy to make the most of Britain’s many festivals.Every summer without a doubt the couple would take their son and tour the UK’s festivals selling their handmade garments

Interviewer: Trifonia Asmar Photographer: Mireia Ludevid

all around the country. “Even when our son was tiny we used to drag him along and around the festivals all summer, the poor boy! We did the likes of Glastonbury, and the little festival in Norfolk, Suffolk and down on the beaches in Cornwall.” reminisces Elizabeth. Piling up their van with tents, camp chairs, plenty of food and anything else they could fit in, off they went for the entire summer. As busy as they were, it still wasn’t enough for Elizabeth. So in 1986, wanting to expand to a larger store, Elizabeth decided to relocate her family from Putney to Earlsfield to open up store 331. And 32 years on the couple are still living above their cherished store. Thanks to the combination of her and her husband’s hard work and free living lifestyle, Elizabeth is able to keep working and doing what she loves, even when faced with difficult and unfortunate obstacles.“Unfortunately, now my partner is very ill so I have decided to work the shop and just do one weekend event in Marylebone, called Cabbages and Frocks,” explains Elizabeth. Committed to her job and customers she has found a way to become a full time carer for her husband and still keep the core of her career going. Despite her need to work, Elizabeth enjoys what she does. Keeping her life active and social she refuses to let her work go. “I am still learning


“I am still learning at my age, so why shouldn’t I keep working and pursuing what I love.”

at my age, so why shouldn’t I keep working and pursuing what I love,” she says, going on to describe how it is the physical side of the job which comes with the job which allows her to keep pursuing her work. Seeing her vintage re-designs and handmade clothing on each customer, brings great pleasure to the designer. “Another thing which is lovely is helping my customers figure out what would go and suit their personality,” she goes on to say. Transposing her tailoring and sewing skills Elizabeth began to venture into a more intricate part of the business, offering her customers a repair and refining service, creating one-off designs for each client. Elizabeth creates a personal atmosphere in store 331, by interacting and creating relationships with each of her clients, turning her work into a social activity and her clients into close friends. Her friendly manner allows Elizabeth to understand each customer in their unique way, and this enables her to take each of her clients favourite but over worn garment and recreate it to their taste. Cutting no corners, she allows each client to choose their preferred lining, material and trimmings, providing both Elizabeth and her customers a way work together to reinvent an exclusive garment. Unique, personal and intimate are just some of the words described by Elizabeth’s happy customers. “This


is the part of my job which is fun and rewarding. People become more imaginative and daring with their clothes,” she says. “I actually just made a jacket recently for someone in an olive Napa colour. It was so beautiful and his girlfriend loved it so much, she wanted one too.” Many of her customers want that special something which will stand out from the crowd but still want it to represent a part of their lives, they also turn to Elizabeth to seek design advice. After hundreds of designs and years of garment making, there was one item which stood above the rest. Last Christmas Elizabeth saw her best design yet come to life. Turning her client’s personality into a wearable garment, the talented tailor created a coat of many faces. The outside of the coat was demure and classic, but when opened, the piece was filled with a turquoise and pink three dimensional flower embellished lining, portraying the client’s inner personality. “It looked very classic, very calm from the outside and then she opened up and it was like WOW,” she says. Dressing in her very own designs, Elizabeth swirls round in her Scottish-inspired, multi-layered, tartan skirt explaining how each person becomes a part of creating their clothes, as does she. The tartan skirts are just one of many culturally inspired garments available in her store. Hawaiian

rayon shirts, Polynesian patterned blouses and multi wear silk cardigans imported from Bali are also some of 331’s staple garments. Nevertheless, like all of Elizabeth’s items, they are limited edition. Only creating three items in three different sizes, her designs are guaranteed to stay one of a kind, avoiding mainstream fashions. “My main objective is to create all these patterns and prints using various skills. I particularly love the African prints because they are batik,” explains Elizabeth. Attending many events, including the Lambeth show, she gains inspiration from the mix of people she meets, as well as the music and cultures she encounters. Another perk to her job. However, it does not come without its difficulties. The physicality of running the shop and attending the markets has become tiring and strenuous on her personal life, unwillingly Elizabeth has begun to cut down where she can. “I prefer going to the market compared to running the shop. Although we are in a cosmopolitan environment, which we are, it is more interesting when you are out meeting people from all over the world,” she concludes.


Tricia Cusden Photographer: Simon Songhurst

At 70 years old, Tricia Cusden is the founder and creator of beauty brand Look Fabulous Forever. Celebrating the beauty of the mature market, Tricia embraces the nature of ageing across all her work. Viewing her company as more than just a beauty brand she visions Look Fabulous Forever as a movement which is set to challenge the tradition perception of ageing beauty and embrace its benefits.

“Why would I wish to be

and I say leave us alone.”

Interviewer: Trifonia Asmar

younger?” ask Tricia. Fed up of living in a society which ignores the elder face, the creator of Look Fabulous Forever queries where women her age fit into today’s world. With an endless list of how the mature demographic is no longer valid in the eyes of the beauty industry, Tricia took matters into her own hands. She has filled the gap in the market and made the ageing population visible again with her beauty brand. Look Fabulous Forever is a beauty brand which sells, promotes and educates its customers on pro ageing products. Aiming to show women that anti-ageing is merely a myth, the concept is a forbidden topic in Tricia’s eyes, “Anti-ageing products are the most patronising thing anyone could suggest to me,” she expresses with frustration.


The company’s cosmetic products are specifically formulated to suit mature faces, eyes, and lips for women 50 years plus. Convinced that the idea of anti-ageing was thought up by a 30-year-old man, she does not entertain the idea at any cost. “It is stupid to prevent ageing I cannot go backwards I have to go forwards. There is no resolution in me for that,” says Tricia. “Presenting me with the notion that I should want to do everything in my power to look and be younger is nonsense. It is a contradiction. So, the brand

Tricia sees herself as late bloomer when it comes down to her career. She prioritised the upbringing of her two children, so she only began her higher education and working life at 36. However, that has not held her back. Following the duties of motherhood, she decided to head back to school as a mature student, and after completing a four-year degree, Tricia found herself running her own management training consultancy, Tricia Cusden Consultancy. After 12 years of commitment to the business she became a one women band and set up her own consultancy training in motivating staff in various business sectors. “By 64 I was more or less retired, I had a private pension and a state pension so I didn’t really need to work from a financial point of view,” explains Tricia. Even though Tricia did not need to work, after just a year of retirement she needed a purpose, she needed something to make her get out of bed in the morning. Bored with the limitless time she had on her hands, it was time for a new direction in her life. “I was finding it quite difficult to know what to do with myself and I suppose I needed inspiration for me to think about ways I could get out the house and do something new and exciting” says Tricia. Thus, the worldwide beauty

brand Look Fabulous Forever, was unexpectedly conceived. Constantly debating society’s ageist outlook on life with her daughters and friends, Tricia discovered that there were no beauty products or campaigns which spoke to her demographic. It was not long after these conversations that Tricia soon realised that she could turn her frustration into a passion project. Something small to pass the time, or so she thought. The initial idea of Look Fabulous Forever was never part of her strategy or long term plan, yet five years later, the brand has become an internationally successful beauty business. Describing the company as her new lease of life, Tricia managed to create an unforeseen new chapter in her life. After much convincing and social media educating by her daughter, Tricia took to Youtube to promote the company with her own beauty tutorials for the mature face. Initially not convinced that this was the right platform for women her age, she was soon proved wrong. Watching her views increase form 100 views per day to 1000s, Look Fabulous Forever took off. “From that I started a weekly blog which started to be sent out to a few 100 people. We now send them blogs out to 130,000 - 140,000,” Tricia explains further. From the video



tutorials to the unique pro-ageing products, the UK based company has reached far and wide, from the likes of Hawaii to Saudi Arabia. But like any business the company faced many highs and lows within its journey. Look Fabulous Forever hit its most pivotal moment to date back in 2015 when Tricia was invited onto the BBC Breakfast show to talk about the beauty brand. Whilst described as her most exciting and terrifying moment in equal measure, Tricia saw this moment as the peak of the brands success. The three minute airtime of promoting the brand and products consequently resulted into the website nearly crashing as the orders flooded through. “I think I shook from head to toe for four days, because I was terrified I was going to run out of stock and the business would collapse as a result. It was like a tsunami of orders,” says Tricia. It was in this moment that Tricia suddenly realised her small project had turned into a business within the space of just four days. As a result, the company’s employees expanded, sales increased and Tricia now saw herself as an ambassador for the mature market. Working 11 hours, day in day out for the next month, the workload became bigger than anticipated, yet with the support of her friends and employees she did not give up. Even if the thought did cross her mind a couple of times. Nonetheless the unexpected job didn’t come without its perks. Earlier this year Tricia was fortunate to travel to Los Angeles to attend the

Oscars Academy Awards ceremony and once again this was all due to the success of Look Fabulous Forever. The brand’s beauty products were selected to be included within the Oscar nominees gift bags, meaning stars from the likes of Meryl Streep to Allison Janney were getting their hands on the products. “It was completely mad. We went to various promotional events and ended up at Elton John’s Oscar party. Who would have thought five years ago when we had the idea, that we would be in LA because of the Oscar,” reminisces Tricia. Look Fabulous Forever recognises the natural beauty of ageing, along with showing that no matter a woman’s age she can look fabulous. But Tricia is not oblivious to the idea that beauty can also be seen as a novelty, and she has become sceptical of this dynamic process, as she realises that the industry she is working in is an industry obsessed with youth and it’s constantly moving towards a youthful approach. “Mature women are moving in the opposite direction to the youth orientation and the focus of the concept of beauty. Therefore, you have this terrible dichotomy between the age and beauty. This is what we are stopping at Look Fabulous Forever,” says Tricia. With the launch of its new skin care range coming this year Tricia hopes to keep proving that anyone can be fabulous at any age. “Let’s look into the mirror without flinching, let’s celebrate our ageing faces, and let’s look at our wrinkles and say they are fine.”

“It was completely mad. We went to various promotional events and ended up at Elton Johns oscar party. Who would have thought 5 years ago when we had the idea, that we would be in LA because of the Oscar.” 21




Trends | Accessories | Retail | Features


The Essential Edit

Dame’s guide to the top ten items you need in your wardrobes this spring summer. The low key items will have the highest impact on your fashion. Transforming any outfit into a statement style. Words By Trifonia Asmar


THE SHIRT DRESS The shirt dress is a staple garment in any wardrobe. Easy and comfortable the extended shirt can translate for any occasion, from a shopping trip with the girls to a dinner date with a loved one. Add a belt to enhance the waist, or an oversize bag to add some casual chic. Khaki Contrast Top Stitch Shirt Dress, ÂŁ69 from Sosandar




THE BASKET BAG From oversized totes to rounded clutches, the basket bag comes is all shapes and sizes. With the wooden bag reminiscing scenes of the French Riviera, this accessory will be sure to get you in the mood for the summer months ahead.

THE CAT E Forget the rounded shades. The feline feeling is the way to go this spring summer to achieve the perfect frame adding a little retro to any outfit.

Wooden Basket Bag, £45 from V by Very



Amber Cat Eye Sunglasses £45 from Oliver Bonas


The one-piece outfit is ideal when you’re pressed for time. Worn on its own or with a simple lace tee underneath, the outfit can be transformed in multiple ways. Showing power and strength with one simple garment. Khaki Jumpsuit £55 from Next


Spring summer 2018 is the season of oversharing and bold statements. Let your accessories do the talking. A drop down earring is perfect to make any outfit stand out, from a minimalistic white linen dress to the classic white t-shirt and jeans. Silver drop down earrings £10 from Principles at Debenhams



THE CRAYOLA CO-ORD Paint the streets: red, blue, green and yellow. The brighter the better. The two piece colour co-ordinate is perfect to liven up anyones day.


Red Co-Ord Blazer £55 and Red Co-Ord Trousers £45 from Little Mistress

7. 8. THE TIMELESS TRENCH A coat which will not loose its place in the wardrobe. The trench coat will cover you for any unexpected weather this spring summer. Make a difference this season by adding a little ruffle detail, and you’ll be sure to stand out from all the rest. Shower proof frill hen trench coat, £65 from JD Williams

THE LAYERED NECKLACE One is not enough. Layer up your delicate necklaces to create a new look. Mix and match your favourite jewellery to create something personal and unique to you. 2 in 1 Circle Necklace, £17.50 from White Stuff


THE MULE Have your Cinderella moment, with the heeled slipper. The low cut mule brings elegance to a effortless style. Perfectly paired with a pleated skirt or the go-to jeans. Yellow heeled mules, £62 from Topshop

THE WRAP AROUND SKIRT Ditch the jeans for a wrap around skirt. The light and slowly garment allows easy movement and is perfect for the summer months. A wrap around skirt can get you feeling flirty and feminine in no time. Beige and cream tie up waist skirt, £22.99 from New Look


The Nature of Ageing Great style is timeless. Great fashion is ageless. From the mature wrap dress to the classic shirt dress, less can definitely be more. See your reflection in all generations with each outfit and show that one trend fits all. This spring summer Dame shows how fashion is fabulous for all ages .

Words and styling by Trifonia Asmar, Photography by Mireia Ludevid, Make up & Hair by Martha Green, Model Zoe and Mayi Reid







Linen is back, and just in time for the summer months ahead. This spring summer it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a sustainable material with a story to tell.


Linen. The material many find themselves having a love hate relationship with. “For me it wrinkles too much” says stylist and personal shopper Greet Moens. However, for Sunday Times Style fashion assistant Lila Flint Roberts “linen is a light and breezy material which fits nicely with pastoral vibes.” Yet the many myths about the material’s ability to crease and it only being a summer material, holds many customers back from purchasing the perfect garment. The I Love Linen campaign has come to the UK to set the story straight, proving these “facts” are actually myths. The campaign demonstrated how the all year-round material can not only change your wardrobe, but the environment too.

The I Love Linen campaign is an organisation which recognises how precious linen and its crop flax is to the environment. The main aim of the campaign is to reach out to the British consumer educating them on the story of flax and linen along with helping them understand where the fibres for clothing come from and the benefits of these fibres. And while it is an unwritten rule not to compare flax and linen to anything else I Love Linen is moving with a time where consumers need to think about their choices. Recognised by the European parliament as a sustainable material and crop, the campaign is supported by the European Union and with many partners including retailers such as: John Lewis partnership, Jigsaw, Toast, and many more.

because it works against the stereotypes of linen,” explains Julia Ast, material support specialist for GGHQ Fashion Intelligence. In addition, it is not a material that should just be worn in the summer, it is actually ideal for the winter too, due to its regulating fibres it can also keep you warm. It’s the perfect temperature regulating material! Leaving you cool or warm whatever the weather.

But what is the story behind the marmite trend? Linen is produced from a natural fibre made from the stalks of the flax plant also known as Linum usitatissimum. Unknown to many the plant is close to home, with 80% of the worlds’ flax production based in Europe. “Flax is grown right across the north of France all the way up to Holland. It really is a local plant as it is grown up to 120km away from the centre of London,” says Gill Gledhill, The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp strategic partner. Furthermore, evidence from the campaign’s research suggests that the linen fibre is the oldest known to mankind with an estimated discovery in Egypt in 36000 BC. Nonetheless as the knowledge of the fibres potential ability evolved, the production of linen moved to Europe via France, Belgium, Scotland and Northern Ireland, making it the linen hub of the world. “It is a very traditional fabric, which is a great selling point. In addition, it has been woven with hand worked machines over the years creating a strong material making it very durable, perfect for clothing and furniture,” explains House of Fraser’s buying assistant, Nadia Al-Yousif.

“Creating loops when knitting the fibre together creates elasticity allowing a wrinkle free fabric”

So, why linen? While it is 30% stronger than cotton, its main advantage is its longevity. The more you wash the product the smoother it gets, which means you avoid your clothes from ruining after just a couple washes. And with its breathable and ventilating properties linen clothing is ideal for absorbing water, leaving you with no sweat marks on a hot summers day. Result.

Forget about the stereotypes, the truth is out. “I would advise you not to sit down in linen it creases way to easy,” says Roberts. But this is just another myth. A lot of the properties of the final linen product starts with its creation., since it’s a material which can be created through various techniques depending on the anticipated final appearance. For spring summer 18 knitting is a key skill when handling and turning the fibres into material. Giving it a new and fresh appearance as opposed to the traditional aesthetic. “Creating loops when knitting the fibre together creates elasticity allowing a wrinkle free fabric which you hardly need to iron, which people are really surprised of

While flax may only represent 1% of global plant fibre textiles, it can be used right across various industries. “Flax is distributed and 60% of its usage is in the fashion industry leaving 30% for home textiles and 10% for technical applications,” says Julia Ast, material support specialist for GGHQ Fashion Intelligence.

Although the linen fibre is notoriously known as a serial waste material, Ast describes it as “a breath of fresh air”. This is simply due to the fact that for every year the flax plant is grown in Europe, it results in the capture of 250,000 tons of CO2. And even though the I Love Linen campaign deters from comparing the linen material to cotton and other textiles Ast explains “by swapping a cotton shirt for a linen blouse can preserve up to 13.5L of water.” It is the time to be smart about your purchasing. Thinking before you buy could result into you doing your bit for the environment whilst looking fabulous and on trend.


High-street or High-tech? The future of shopping no longer revolves around retail. It is all about the in-store experience. Words By Trifonia Asmar, Images By Hero

Retailers begin to transform today’s shopping into tomorrow’s experience. As today’s customers’ demands rise, so must the customers experience in stores. While e-commerce is an emerging market, brands are striving to entice consumers back to the high street in order to keep their stores at the top of the market. New trends suggest that the combination of both online and in-store experiences will be the key in upholding the future of the UK high street. From the in-store activities to the digital mirror; what are the main trends which will get retailers shinning at the top? The UK high street rut has been all over the headline in 2018, forecasting declining sales for high-street retailers. The Office of National Statistics’ report show that shopping sales have only risen 1.5% compared to 2017. Although there is a slight increase in annual sales, the quantity of items being brought from December 2017 to February 2018 shows a decline of 0.4%. Furthermore, the Office of National Statistics’ retail sales index analyst Andreas Constantinou explains how online shopping could also be a factor to consider when looking at the slow income on the high street, “as of February 2018, 17.2% of all retail sales were internet sales.” Nevertheless, although it may be an obvious correlation there is no hard evidence. It can only be presumed that e-commerce has had a direct knock on effect on the act of physical shopping. “While it is possible to explore the differences in growth between internet and non-internet sales from available data, it is difficult to establish a causal link between the two with certainty from this information alone,” Andreas explains.


Despite this, businesses continue to suffer as average prices are rising. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that retailers begin to do all they can to help rebuild their market. For many combining both physical and online shopping is the answer. For others, service is the key. H&M visual merchandiser Amy Monteith says, “I think a good retail experience goes back to the basics. Good customer service and fashion knowledge from all staff members is key.”

Service with a smile, being greeted at the door, personal stylists? It is just not enough anymore. With America’s department store chain Nordstrom opening its first service focused store with no merchandise, named Nordstrom Local, it seems like the world of retail is in the midst of a new era. Nordstrom Local offers the customer a life of luxury whilst indulging in a spot of shopping. Although the store will include some garments for shoppers to try on, there will be no inventory or purchasing within the store. The purpose of the Nordstrom Local is to keep shoppers from feeling overwhelmed by too much choice allowing customers to enjoy shopping again. A spokesperson at Nordstrom says, “as the retail landscape continues to transform at an unprecedented pace, the one thing we know that remains constant is that customers continue to value great service and convenience. Finding new ways to engage with customers on their terms is more important to us now than ever.” For those who wish to purchase items from the retailer there will be a personal stylist on site who can navigate and bring in the pre-ordered garments for the customers, along with online pickups and tailoring of purchased items, making them the perfect fit. The department store will also host a range of leisure services perfect for any ‘girls’ day out’ whilst the customers waits to receive their new items. From nail services, cafes, bars and onsite alterations and tailoring, Nordstrom Local has become a multi services for its consumers. Spanish bzand, and one of the UK’s leading retailer, Zara opened its first online and offline flagship store in Westfield Stratford in May. The innovative store reached a 4,500-square meter radius where it is split into four main sections offering the traditional women’s, men’s and kids’ lines along with the addition of the dedicated online and offline collection area. The new sector of the store will feature an automated pick up collection, enabling customers to pick up purchases made online in and out of the store. The new intelligent system is designed around the optical barcode reader which is able to scan codes and accept pins given to the customer upon

“While it is possible to explore the differences in growth between internet and non-internet sales from available data, it is difficult to establish a causal link between the two with certainty from this information alone�



“Brands should not be questioning if they need less working people but thinking do they need to be more productive” making the order. Within a few seconds the computer will deliver the order to the in-store mailbox where the customer can efficiently collect their new purchase. The vending machine service not only makes shopping quick and easy it also allows the customer to be in control. But how does this work? Behind the scenes of the online and offline technology, will stand two small warehouses holding the stock along with a robotic machine, Zara’s dynamic robot which will move through its small warehouse and handle the orders. With the dimensions to work with up to 2,400 packages concurrently there will be no long queue or hanging around for staff. The chairman and CEO of Inditex, Pablo Isla, stressed the relevance of both concepts in the company’s latest press release, saying that they mark “another milestone in our strategy of integrating our stores with the online world, which defines our identity as a business.” However, although Zara is moving technology forward with their new robotic staff, could this lead to job losses for the human staff members already with the brand? “The most valuable part of any retailer is their people. They make the difference whether the brand makes a sale or not.” says Alistair Crane, CEO of Hero. Hero is a consultancy of designers, engineers, retail specialists and data scientists, who together help strategize new technologies which will improve customer services. Crane along with his partner, Adam Levene, launched Hero just two years ago. A company which, not only works with global retailers to transform billions of analogue retail spaces into smart stores of the future, but who is in support of in store staff. Making their job service-driven and valuable to any company. “What you want is a human who tells you what looks good and what doesn’t look good, you want to feel like someone has your back,” says Crane. Focusing on immediacy and the ultimate experience for the consumers Hero enforces a new strategy to build the bridge between the associates and customer in order to stay connected to the customers, wherever they are. From live video chats of the staff shop assistance presenting the clothing, to offering advice

and assistance with ordering products, Hero is there to give customers the best possible experience within the retail brand. They aim to give the retailers a way to keep control of their customer’s relationship. “Brands should not be questioning if they need less working people but thinking ‘do they need to be more productive.’” concludes Crane. European fashion retailer Mango has found a way to merge its high-tech experience and high quality staff service as one. Recently announcing its partnership with telephone company Vodafone, they introduced the first phase of the digital fitting room installation within its high-street stores around the world. With Mango recognising that in 2015 the e-commerce market reached over £500 billion, the development of the digital mirror aims to blend the brands online retailing and physical shopping experiences. The new concept allows Mango’s customers to have the power when shopping. Upon trying their chosen garments in the fitting room the shoppers can scan their items via the digital mirror to contact the shop floor staff. Making their shopping experience systematic and service-driven, the shopper is able to request different sizes, colours and style through the mirror, delivering the message directly to the staff. Adding to the experience, the mirror also has a mind of its own, becoming the customer’s new best friend. Features include the mirrors suggestions of additional clothing to complement the clothing chosen or extra styling items to complete an outfit. A mirror and fashion friend, what more do you need? The concept has been designed through Internet of Things (IoT), a network of physical devices, allowing the brand to constitute a digital transition and create a unique experience for its customers. The success of the high street lies in an equilibrium between experience and customer satisfaction. With retailers adding high tech features within stores and working on customer service it is time to question if the future of the high street relies on our robot friends and their technology or is it simply down to better in-store service?


The Statement Earring Forget the ‘It’ bag this year the statement earring is hitting its height. A great compliment to any outfit, earrings are easily adopted and well executed on all styles. Although the ear accessory obsession is not anything new, things have got a whole lot bigger this season. From the extra large architectural sculptures to the single shoulder-grazing chain. The earring is the personality behind any outfit. The bigger, bolder and brighter the better.

Words and styling by Trifonia Asmar, Photography by Mireia Ludevid, Make up & Hair by Martha Green, Model Maria Christofi

Both Pages: Earrings, ÂŁ12 from Asos Shirt, ÂŁ29.99 from Zara




Both Pages: Earrings, £12.99 from H&M Dress, £39.99 from Zara Boots, £49.99 from Mango



This Page Earrings, £8.99 from H&M Top, £12 from COS Blazer, £49.99 from Zara


Both Pages Earrings, £8.99 from H&M Top, £12 from COS Blazer, £49.99 from Zara Trousers, £25.99 from Zara


Both Pages Earrings, £27 from & Other Stories Top, £19.99 from ASOS



ulie impens

With the new launch of her second accessory collection ‘The Garden of Eden’, Julie Impens speaks to Dame about the journey behind her brand. Words By Trifonia Asmar, Images By Mireia Ludevid




For Julie Impens it was not her life journey which gave inspiration behind her jewellery and scarf collections but the historical narratives describing her culture. Combining her love for fine art and jewellery Julie transported her art work onto a range of printed silk scarfs and jewellery detailing. Thus, the birth of the eponymous brand.

her work, each detailing and skill used amethyst to peridot, connoting the to make her accessories tells a story. femininity behind the accessories. The As well as finding inspiration from the bright colours paired with the delicate past and the present, Julie materials allows the pieces finds muse through her be the centre of attention “It’s surroundings, from people rewarding to on any outfit. she has encountered to know people Her silk scarf collection conversations she has goes one step further, want my had and the history delving deeper into the design for she was taught. Julie moved from France to England of Julie’s fine such a valued archive ten years ago, to study jewellery design Her first collection art by reprinting her gift” at Central Saint Martin’s where the was based on the 17th patterns onto the scarfs. designer realised her passion can be century French Baroque. “I decided to make scarfs turned into a business. The array of as I have always loved “I have After graduating in necklaces, earrings them. But I use them done many and bracelets showcase three 2010, she started to to creates a multi-purpose accessory fine art expand her knowledge dimensional structures, layering wearing them on bags, clothes, hair exhibitions and proportions. “I always and passion for art and as the standard neckerchief,” by exploring the fine like to have dimensions and says Julie. Offering a range of shapes around the art industry. “I have layers in my work showing and sizes, the baroque inspired world from done many fine art material can add colour and pattern Moscow to depth to each individual exhibitions around the piece,” Julie explains. to a simpler outfit. New York.” world from Moscow to The latest collection, ’The Currently available online within New York. After that Garden of Eden’, focuses on the UK ( the I wanted to get back beaded florals using a range of delicate designer is set to start selling her into jewellery so decided to combine gem stones. These designs represent items internationally, along with the two by mixing what I have learnt the story behind the works of Julie’s fulfilling her dream of opening a store from Central Saint Martins with my local French parish back in Paris. in Notting Hill. But her proudest experience in fine art,” she explains. “The new collection uses a technique moment so far? “It would have to be “When I was a child I wanted to be which was used in very poor parishes my one of a kind commission work. a painter, I always knew I wanted to in France as the churches didn’t have From engagement rings to a 30-year be an artist. But my parents told me it enough money to buy fresh flowers anniversary present its rewarding to would be easier to find a field which every week. So, the women of the know people want my design for such I could find work in. So, I decided to parish would bead flowers using sea a valued gift” Julie concludes. become a jeweller and I fell in love beads,” she says. with it.” However, adding her own craftwork Coming from a French and Belgian to the beaded items the designer background Julie is fascinated by the replaces sea beads for gem stones. She history her roots hold. Visible through uses a range of precious stones, from





Make-up | Skin Care | Hair


Pretty In Pastel Words and styling by Trifonia Asmar, Photography by Reza Gorji Hassani, Make up & Hair by Martha Green, Model Valerie Curtis at Mrs Robinson Management

Dare to be different this summer. Feel pretty in pastels. No colour

is written off when it comes to the beauty looks of spring summer 2018, as the pastel colour palettes took centre stage on the runway this season, showing no limits. An array of eye-popping light hues covered the stage from the likes of Valentino’s use of pink blusher draping across the model’s eyelid spreading down to her cheekbones, to Missoni’s application of acrylic eye paint showcased in various colours from lavender to mint tones. With the summery months creeping upon us it is time for a change in your beauty regime. Forget the classic bronzed holiday face. Put the focus on the colour that will make a difference. Aquamarine eyes, rose cheeks or even a peach lip stain. It is time to become more confident with your makeup bag. It cannot be denied that this season’s make up and beauty trend may leave you second guessing. Considering last year saw the year of the no makeup make up trend, this summer it has turned a full 360. However, paired with the universal beauty colours such as the light pinks and light corals on your lips and cheeks the look will be on point. Beauty expert and founder of Awesomeover50 Heather Sinclair explains how “using the colours sparingly keeps a more natural look for the mature face and it is the best way to go when showing off the trend.” The trend is easily transposed for any occasion, allowing you to play around with different looks depending on the occasion. “For a daytime or work environment pastel make up is a lovely palette to take advantage off,” says Sinclair. Dame’s makeup artist Martha Green tested out the best of the pretty in pastel trend on sixties model Valerie Curtis.


All pages Jumper Dress, ÂŁ49.99 from H&M Hooded Cardigan, ÂŁ59 from Zara



Orange Eyeshadow palettes are like boxes of chocolates. There are the ones you always go for and the few which you never touch but like the look of. For both it is usually the bright and tangy options which are neglected - the orange flavours. Admittedly this shade is a little harder to apply however with the right technique it looks great. Compared to the cooler colours, which can come across ashy resulting in a washed-out look, the warm orange tones are ideal for a bright, summer look. “Orange tones follow a warm colour palette which you can pair with some bronzer to get the same warm tonal effect. This will warm your entire face not just the eyelid.” says Green. As shown with Curtis’ orange eye look the traditional eyeshadow powder has been replaced with a 3INA cream eyeshadow. The product is initially a cream however when dried the texture transforms into a dusty eye shadow making it easily applicable with a smooth texture. Cream based eye palettes are taking over the shelves this season with beauty brands such as NYX, Bobbi Brown and L’Oreal introducing numerous shades to their cream shadow collections. “MAC Trend Forecast spring 18 palette is one to recommend. This cream based palette consists of 6 on-trend shades with buildable coverage. It includes soft pastel peaches, yellows, lilacs and blues with richer red and browns to add depth to the eye,” say MAC makeup artist Sam Steer. Follow Green’s three steps to the perfect summer eye 1) Like any blank canvas there is one essential step before getting creative with colour. Preparation. To allow your eyes to standout in all the right ways be sure to apply an eyeshadow primer for a long lasting effect, allowing you to be out all day and night without your makeup dissolving away. This can be done with eye primers such as Clinique’s Touch Base for Eyes. Smoothing the entire eye lid, the primer grips onto the shadows colour along with providing a waterproof protection layer. 2) Place a concentrated amount of the orange colour on the eyelid and then with the brush, smoothly blend the colouring into the socket of the eyelid. Like all facial features each individual eyelid differs in size and shape. With a smaller eyelid, you may not have much of a socket so just take the shape a little higher than the crease or a fold. When blending the colour together, try to stay true to your natural eye shape. So, although you may lift the colour higher to create an arch be sure to trace the shape of your eye. 3) Completing the look add a soft blush and lip colour which is barely visible but adds dimension to the overall look. Not only will this keep the look natural and sophisticated, it also allows your eye makeup to be the focus. “Using the colours sparingly keeps a more natural look for the mature face and it is the best way to go when showing off the trend,” says Sinclair.



Purple Ultra violet may have been crowned Pantone’s colour of the Year for 2018, but when it comes to beauty it is the lighter softer lilac shades which are coming out on top. Evidently purple is having a beauty moment this spring summer. “In parallel to the fashion trends. Pastel colours are more girly and has a softer approach to the face. Lilac shades are going to help brighten and open the eye,” says Steer. Evolving from the 80s fashion and beauty trend, the purple effect gives a nostalgic aesthetic to makeup looks this summer. From girl’s girl Cyndi Lauper to Supreme star Diana Ross the purple eye is a trademark look for many female iconic stars. However, it seems that these looks are on the comeback with today’s female stars bringing it back. Join the likes of Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez and apply a purple eye to your look. On trend and in season, you can’t go wrong. The versatile colour can work with any skin tone. While a lighter pastel lilac is flattering on a paler skin tone, a deeper pigmented purple makes a strong look for the darker skin. To find the perfect purple for yourself involves a little mixing and matching of the range of colours. It’s no lie that as a rule pastel eye colours tend to have a light pigment when applied onto the skin. “Although MAC is excellent for a range of colours, the quality is good. But I would say brands like Morphe or Urban Decay are better pigment and quality and value for money,” explains Green. The trick is to use pigmented packed eye shadows, showcasing a variety of shades. Or you can do this yourself by layering of a few preferred purple shades to create a fierce look. Follow Green’s three easy step to gain the perfect purple eye. 1) To gain a full colour coverage start by applying a solid purple colour over the eyelid with a large surface eyeshadow brush. Once completed add the pigmented pastel purple on top, blending the two tones together to gain the ultimate colour texture and tone. Don’t be afraid to experiment before finding your favourite mix. 2) To open up the eye, add a lighter shade of purple in the corner of the eye. Gently blend the light shade joining both the base and corner colour together. Not only does this tip make the eyes wider, however this is perfect to make you look awake and alert at any time of the day. 3) To complete the look, add a couple of brush strokes of mascara to give that extra length. Avoid using eyeliner where possible as the dark black can be heavy on the eye altering the entire look. But, if you can’t go without your beloved liner try using a softer colour such as a brown buffed pencil. Creating a sultry look blends in with the overall look, ensuring it is not too over the top.




Pink If the pastel eye isn’t for you, how about using the trend in a subtler way. Go for a pink rosy blush cheek to bring your face to life. With the art of contouring on its way out, it is time to put the sponge down and pick up the old favourite, the blusher brush. Or you can go against all the rules, and just use your fingers! It may seem like the more traditional way to use the trend however this season it is not about the dolly-like rosy circles, the pink cheeks have a new look. This spring summer sees the pink blusher taking a strong turn. Follow your cheek bones structure and the look will leave you looking fierce yet flirty. Sinclair explains how “the use of pinks on the cheeks and lips ties the face together ensuring you don’t go over the top.” Making the two in one lip and cheek Estee Lauder tints a perfect way to match the tones along with saving room in your makeup bag. “You can apply the tints with your fingers and they are great as you can use them on your lips as well. Although they come in a small compound they are lasting too which always helps,” says Green. Sometimes, finding the perfect shade of pink to complement your natural flush maybe a little tricky. For those with the fairer skin tones one single swipe of the Bobbi Brown Blush in Pastel Pink is ideal. Darker skin tones need a deeper shade to bring out the pink pigment. This can be achieved with Guerlain’s Bloom of Rose, Rose aux Joues Blush. “Stick with a cream blusher as they blend far easier and will add a healthy flush to the cheeks” says Steer. The cream blushers create a natural finish, whilst still highlighting the temples of the cheek. Follow Green’s three tips in achieving the perfect blushing cheek. 1) Cream blushers are a lot nicer to use due to their smoother texture, making it more powdery and effective. In addition, when picking your blusher don’t be afraid to use more than one shade. Blending is always better. 2) Apply your blusher higher on the temple, as it is a more sophisticated way to wear the pink than on the apple of the cheek. Apple of the cheek blusher is ageing as it is a stereotypical classic look so it is best to avoid that. 3) To gain the best outcome when applying any make up your skincare is essential. If it’s a casual lunch or evening do always make sure you moisturise.


‘High-drate’ with Hemp

The power of pot may have been a ritual for the free spirited, however cannabis infused beauty products can leave you feeling relaxed and glowing within the eyes of the law Words by Trifonia Asmar

The Body Shop heavy duty lip care, £4.50, .MGC Derma cells & peptides eye cream, £65, The Body Shop heavy duty face protector, £8.50, The Body Shop hard working hand protector, £5, MGC Derma hyaluronic facial ph balance toner, £40 MGC, Derma CBD active firming anti ageing mask, £70


Hemp oil and cannabidiol (CBD) have become the big bosses within the beauty industry. Containing high vitamin levels, it has been proven to work wonders for both your skin and mindset. And this time the ‘forbidden plant’ is completely legal.

Estee Lauder are introducing and enhancing the highquality product due to its proven benefits. Clinically proven to have numerous advantages to both health and beauty, it seems to be the product of the season. But why should you indulge in hemp?

Cannabis infused beauty seems to be the new trend this year, yet it has left many questioning the ethics behind the products. The two main ingredients which stem from the cannabis plant, and are commonly used in beauty products, are hempseed oil and cannabidiol (CBD). Although they are closely linked to the marijuana plant they are not classed as a drug of any sort.

Hemp has the world’s richest source of polyunsaturated fats. Which is great news for the body as it is unable to produce this fatty good on its own. Polyunsaturated fats are key for both the inside and outside of the body. Containing GLA (gamma lincolenic acid), it is a great form of Omega 6, crucial when producing moisture and hydrating the skin. “The oil is of high nutritional value due to its 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 essential fatty acids, which matches the balance required by the human body,” explains The Body Shop’s PR assistant, Amelia Schmidt.

This is due to the fact that hempseed oil is uprooted from the seed of the plant, whilst CBD is extracted from the flower of the plant. Despite what is assumed the only buzz these beauty infused products will give is the satisfaction of radiant skin. Unbeknown to many, psychopharmacologist Alexia Polysidis explains how “Cannabis products are already part of the pharmaceutical fluctuation and its cultivation has been authorised and subsidised by the European Union.” With over 70% of products in Europe using ropes, yarns and fabrics from spinning cannabis. So why avoid the beauty products?

With emollient and lubricating properties which penetrate the depths of the skin, hempseed oil also regulates the water which is lost on a day to day basis. Helping avoid cracked and dry skin, the formulas leave your pores and skin naturally rejuvenated all year round. “The Body Shop have proudly pioneered the use of Hemp in beauty products since 1992. With the range’s hero product being the Hemp Hand Protector. One being sold worldwide every nine seconds,” says Schmidt.

As a completely non-psychoactive compound derived Hempseed oil is ideal for the growth of from the cannabis plant, using the hair, nails and skin. In February beauty beauty infused products they will “The brand’s aim is to website Cult Beauty launched its first not leave you flying high. “Unlike renovate the face of cannabis-based skin care line, MGC marijuana, hemp only produces skincare and shake up Derma. “The brands aim is to renovate a minuscule 10pmm of TCH and the face of skincare and shake up the the industry” therefore is not classified as an illegal industry,” explains Cult Beauty senior drug, conforming to the UK and EU’s account manager, Rachael Houghton. regulation,” says a representative of The pure collection includes the CBD The Hemp Shop. Brightening Facial Cream along with the Hyaluronic THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the Facial PH Balance Toner. In addition to a glowing chemical responsible for the psychological side effects complex, The Hemp Shop predicts that the essential and euphoric feeling of marijuana, when used in large oils produced by hemp have the potential in becoming quantities. “There are more than 60 substances found a significant agent within the aromatherapy oil range, exclusively in the cannabis plant, which are called holding scope for medical and therapeutic benefits too. cannabinoids. THC is the main active ingredient, but Indicating signs of tranquilly and anti-inflammatory there are many more. One of these is non-psychoactive these products are ideal for insomnia and regulating cannabidiol, which has been shown by research to have female hormone system. many therapeutic actions,” says Polysidis. Becoming one of the top, but not so ‘new’, beauty trend Hemp and CBD infused products have been around this year the cannabis infused beauty products have only for centuries. Incorporated within clothing fibre and one side effect leaving you soft smooth skin. beauty serums the plant can be made into thousands of biodegradable and recyclable products. This not Top 3 benifits of Hemp and CBD product? only makes it economically beneficial but kind to the 1.It increases the natural moisture of the skin, environment. Even bringing together the unlikely paring keeping the skin hydrated and helps cure eczema. of Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg in 2016 with 2.It can help slow down the effects of ageing skin their VH1 cooking series. However, the products which use the herb have traditionally been kept under the radar as they are widely misunderstood. Commonly associated Marijuana, hemp and CBD products are often avoided. But today, a record number of beauty brands from The Body Shop to

by repairing the skin naturally

3.Hempseed oil contains building blocks of hair and nails making them grow 4.It is an anti-inflammatory 5.Regulates female hormone system





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The ‘M’ Word It is time to break down the stigma around menopause and talk out about the taboo of women’s intimate health. Words by Araminta Pender

with so much media coverage about menopause in

recent years, it seems as though the stigma surrounding ‘The M Word’ is finally being lifted. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Lorraine Kelly and Kirsty Walk have all shared their menopausal experiences in interviews and even television programmes. Liz Earle now has her own Well-being website, with articles on how to ease hot flushes and night sweats, plus Michelle Heaton and Meg Matthews have both launched books on the topic this year. More women are becoming vocal on the subject, which is encouraging for those who have previously suffered with the symptoms in silence. A recent survey revealed that 45% of women felt that they could not talk to their friends about menopause. It is a pivotal time in every woman’s life, which everyone will eventually experience, therefore it is time to speak out and share the experiences with others. Let us break down the menopausal wall and turn this taboo subject into a normal conversation between friends. Menopause can affect women in different ways. Hot flushes, tiredness, anxiety, mood swings and depression are all recognised and talked about menopausal symptoms. Yet when mentioning Vaginal dryness the silence beings. Recognised as the silent taboo amongst them all vaginal dryness, is an uncomfortable and personal symptom. As it is rarely discussed, many women are shocked to discover this change to their body when they enter the menopause. As a result a lot of women find that they are unable to discuss it with their doctor or even partners. The emotional impact of these changes to the body can be severe as they can be difficult to accept, resulting in a loss of self confidence and sexual confidence, which in some cases can have a knock-on effect on relationships and marriage.


But why do some women experience dryness during the menopause? During the menopause women undergo natural hormonal changes, most notably a fall in the levels of oestrogen. Oestrogen levels are closely linked to vaginal lubrication. As the oestrogen levels fall during menopause the tissues of the vagina can become dry, and lose their elasticity and strength. Persistent vaginal dryness caused by the hormonal changes during menopause is also known as vaginal atrophy. Vaginal dryness is very common affecting over half of post-menopausal women aged between 51-60 years old. Sex, intimacy or even day to day life can then often become uncomfortable or painful for many women, sometimes to a debilitating degree. Fortunately, there are ways in which this side effect can be relieved, so there is no need to live with this uncomfortable dryness. Treatments include: hormone replacement therapy (HRT), vaginal oestrogen creams or pessaries and lubricants or vaginal moisturisers. It is a good idea to talk to your GP about your symptoms as they can help you to decide which will be the best method of treatment for you. It is vital to remember that vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause, and it is perfectly normal to experience. But, it does not have to be ‘just one of those things’ that you suffer with in silence. Menopause is not all doom and gloom. I think we can all agree that menopause is not the best rollercoaster ride of your life. On the plus side, there are now more products that ever on the market to help you get through this trying time. From intimate lubricants to tea and skin care products, there are brands out there that have got you covered, so that you can start to feel like your old self again.

YES Intimate Lubricants & Vaginal Moisturisers YES products are formulated from plant extracts to give the most natural feeling lubrication possible, without having to worry about side-effects, irritation, synthetics additives, chemicals or animal testing. Most synthetic chemical lubricants use glycerine which can actually irritate the delicate mucosa membranes. For day to day comfort and rehydration use a natural vaginal moisturising gel like YES VM which releases water to vaginal tissues over time, helping them heal, repair and providing the necessary moisture that women need for comfort. For intimacy there is a range of natural but highly effective intimate lubricants, both water-based and plant-oil based. YES WB and YES OB offer unprecedented glide and reducing friction to make sex comfortable and pleasurable again. Both YES WB and YES VM are available on NHS prescription.

Odylique Selection Box Ideal for mature or dry skin, Odylique presents a collection of four travel-size, high nutrient, antioxidant products to lock in hydration and boost regeneration. This gorgeous set of organic goodies includes: Odylique Ultra Rich Wonder Balm, Odylique Avocado 24H Replenishing Cream, Odylique Silk Touch Cleanser and Odylique Organic Superfruit Serum. Treat yourself to little TLC.

Supersize Deep Sleep Pillow Spray & Eye Mask Clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, this sweet smelling pillow spray is infused with lavender, vetivert and wild camomile essential oils. Simply spritz over your pillow before getting into bed and pop on your silky new eye mask - included! Perfect for beating that menopause-induced insomnia.

Green People Toning and Hydrating Mist Feeling flushed? Green People’s alcohol-free skin tonic and cooling spritz, might be just what you need, filled with all natural ingredients including organic Aloe Vera, Orange Blossom, Rose Water and Marshmallow. Spray as often as required onto face, neck and body for an instant hydration boost. It also doubles as a toner.




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Lifestyle blogger and psychologist Sophie Kelly shares how her newly discovered love for yoga has helped her balance her hectic life in all the right ways. Sophie exposes the truth about the common yoga myths. Words by Sophie Kelly

Lifestyle blogger and psychologist Sophie Kelly shares how her newly discovered love for yoga has helped her balance her hectic life in all the right ways. Sophie exposes the truth about the common yoga myths. Yoga, at first glance many will turn their heads and this defiantly not. But forgetting its connotations and hollywoods representations, yoga is surprisingly great. Honestly, I never would have thought bending my body into strange positions and breathing deeply in a room full of strangers could be so beneficial. But bizarrely it is. I came to yoga after a difficult period in my life. I had tried it a few times before, and I found it was nice and relaxing, but the ‘earth did not move’ so I had not really understood what all the fuss was about. Fast forward a year or so and my twice weekly class of bending in strange, painful positions had become a regular fixture in my life. As my commitment went on I started to find it helped me process my emotions, calm my worries, and frankly get me in the best shape of my life. Complete mental and physical magic, I like to call it. After a few months I was feeling pretty confident in my downward dogs and my triangle poses and decided to graduate to a more advanced class in the centre of the city. Arriving at my first class I had not anticipated how intimidated I would feel. I was a mildly flexible women in a baggy t-shirt and suddenly I was surrounded by meditating, hyper-toned lithe bodied people decked out in head to toe Lulu Lemon. It was like accidentally walking into an Instagram post. The imposter syndrome kicked in hard and I felt an urge to apologise for interrupting everyone and run for the door. Luckily I persevered and quickly found out I had no reason to worry as everyone was absolutely lovely and no one was judging my baggy t-shirt and red face. A lot of friends and acquaintances I have met overtime admit they would love to try yoga but there seems to be quite a bit of worry around the whole “im not flexible at all!” or “oh I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to be the worst in the class”. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have heavily glamourised yoga and created a perception that it is reserved for toned, tanned skinny minnies who live in Bali and seem to run on strange coloured juice. I have news for you, it is not. Realistically it is for anyone

and everyone and the benefits are wonderful. Regularly practiced yoga teaches you essential techniques on how how to calm yourself, focus the mind and cultivate some balance in your day to day life. It enhances self-compassion, and compassion for others, which filters into a lot of personal relationships. Use it to help you listen to your body and become more comfortable with the bits you do not like rather than working against them. Ignore all the ridiculous yoga stereotypes and grab yourself a mat and give it a go. Here are 3 myths about yoga if you are feeling a bit nervous about going to your first class.

1) You have to be flexible.

No. Not at all, yoga is not about turning yourself into The Rubber Man. Physical flexibility is a fluctuating thing and some days I can keep my legs dead straight and curl my palms right under my feet - and then others I can barely touch my toes. One of the top physical benefits of practising yoga is that it facilitates and increases physical flexibility. So don’t worry, no one is expecting you to turn up bending like a Russian gymnast in your first class.

2) I won’t be able to keep up with everyone else.

When you’re on the mat it is just about you. It is the time to go into your own mental and emotional space and cultivating self compassion. Yoga is not a competitive sport and the whole philosophy of practice is about aligning you mind, body and spirit and listening to your body. Sometimes in classes its natural to look around the room and think ‘oh god how can everyone be staying in this position for so long? By all means it is human nature to compare ourselves but your fellow yogis are not judging you and neither is your teacher. So do not worry about what anyone thinks and remember it is always completely ok to spend half a class in a heap on your mat. If that’s what your body seems to want.

3) Isn’t it like a religion?

No it’s not, but yoga does have a huge spiritual element and this is something I will admit I struggled with upon first beginning to practice. I soon realised you can take as much or as little of that side as you want. You will not be unknowingly joining a cult by going to a class and after 3 years of practice I am only just getting comfortable with the whole ‘chanting’ thing. It can ease you into your spiritual world if you would like that, or you can focus more on the physical benefits if you so prefer but it is entirely your practice and your choice.


What makes you click? The life of online dating Ready to get back into the world of dating, but don’t know where to go? Today it seems like online is the easiest of options for all ages. Quick easy and in most cases very effective. Words by Trifonia Asmar

The global market research

company, Mintel, recognises that a big percentage of the over-55 demographic feels that online dating is not for their age group. However, with one third of marriages now starting from online platforms, is it time to change this perception of online dating for the mature market? There are many misunderstandings about the mature market getting back into the dating scenes. The assumptions seem never ending: they are looking for commitment straight away, they want a mature serious relationship… And in some cases, it’s even assumed that they want someone younger on their shoulder. But that’s all these comments are, assumptions and misconceptions. Dating at any age can be a challenge. The worry over trying to find someone you instantly ‘click’ with, having to make conversation with a complete stranger and the anxiety before the dreaded first date, arguing with yourself if this person will get you, the pressure of it all is often too much! “It is hard to get the


confidence back and get stuck in with dating as it is at my age, let alone having to create an online profile for people to judge and compare you on your looks,” says single mother of two, Maria Davies, aged 57. “I would prefer to physically meet a nice man who shares the same interests as me, as opposed to using dating apps,” she adds. It doesn’t have to be this nightmare it’s been made out to be. Online dating means with a touch of a button or a single swipe to the right you are one step closer to meeting your potential new partner. Mintel confirms that the value of the UK’s online dating market has grown over the last five years, with an increase of over 73.5% since 2009, and it is not set to stop any time soon! Forecasting that the online dating market will continue to grow, by 2019 the usage of the sites will have increased a further 36.4%., showing that anyone and everyone is moving to online dating with the hope of finding their perfect match. However, if you are like Davies

and the physical aspect of your first encounter with a potential new partner is important, you still have options in the online world! Dating websites such as and Mutual Attraction, could be the best choice. With over 70% success rate, these sites concentrate on presenting more opportunities for immediate meet-ups, and they are recognised as “offline dating sites”. So, although you may be signing up online to find people, these dating platforms focus on meet-ups rather than chatting over the internet. Face-toface interaction is the way to make the daters feel more comfortable and confident when dating rather than leaving their fate in the hands of a selfie. “You really have to be a confident person to make the most out of dating apps. They are quite time-consuming and can be a little bit of a rollercoaster ride. But it has made people speak more about dating, which is great.” says Lydia David, Head of Matchmaking at Mutual Attraction. On the other hand, you have dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and

Happn where it’s all based on a picture and a quick decision. These apps are there for people to make snap judgements on someone’s looks rather than hobbies or interests. It’s a completely different style of dating, and in general the older market tends to sway away from them. Nonetheless many find they work just as well, as it suits their lifestyle a bit better. “Using Bumble taught me how to get myself out there and talk to men again,” explains recent divorcee Nicola Aresti, 53. The quick, easy-going nature of Bumble, and other similar apps, tends to lift the pressure off and builds confidence, since their design and layout seem more like a game than online dating. Despite the positives of the online dating world, 22% of the UK’s population are being put off due to the level of security and dishonest identities found on the dating sites, and we don’t blame them. The notorious catfish is a term heard daily, due to the number deceitful profiles that can be found on any site. Infogram researchers

found that 81% of users lie about their physical appearance making others believe they look different, are younger or older than they really are, and sometimes they go as far as to lie about their whole identity, pretending to be someone completely different. Catfishing is very common on the dating scene; but the sites are fighting back. There has been a lot of improvements in the verification process when joining the websites and the power of the report button helps eliminate any unsafe or dishonest users, adding a safety net for users who may feel uneasy. “I never considered using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble as I considered them quite unsafe, but chatting with my neighbour and finding out how her dating life has improved from it I just couldn’t resist,” says Aresti. For Caroline Demitrious, 62, her online dating story became her love story. Demitrious started using in 2015 where she first met her now husband Anthony Demitrious. After several dates the couple discovered that through their

common interest and like-minded personality, they were a perfect match. Now happily married she advises many of her single friends to reach out and use dating sites. “As long as you are sensible when using the websites and do not give out too much information at the start, then I personally do not see anything wrong with it. I went on some interesting dates before meeting my husband but it was all a learning curve and now I have the family unit I always wanted,” says Demitrious. So why not get started on your online love story too? Or online fling. Whatever your preference, now seems like the perfect time to give it a go. With 1,400 dating sites now available from the likes of Tinder and Bumble to E-harmony and Matches, we agree that it might be an overwhelming start, but give yourself the time to really explore the different options. Find the right one for you and your lifestyle, and take David’s advice and “make an extra effort and go in with a positive mind. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy it.”



The Island Tour

Sunny weather, rich culture and tasty traditional dishes all year round, Cyprus is the perfect holiday for 2018. The Greek Island located in the Mediterranean Sea, is land to many popular holiday destinations, from the island’s capital Nicosia, to the home of some of Europe’s best beaches found in Ayia Napa. Each destination is unique to the island and only a short car ride away from one another. Filled with picturesque views, historical architecture and friendly neighbourhoods, Cyprus is one to tick of the list this summer. Words By Trifonia Asmar, Images By Konstantinos Georgiou



PAPHOS: Paphos is a city located on the southwest coast of Cyprus. Inhabited since the Neolithic period the city embraces its history with various site to explore. From the Tombs of the Kings, dating back to the 4th century BC, to Petra Tou Romiou the heart of where the goddess Aphrodite’s emerged from the deep seas. Locals say if you swim around the rock three times, you’ll unlock the secret to everlasting beauty and happiness, so why not give it a try? Along with its historical value, the city has undertaken many new modern developments, now open for the locals and tourists to enjoy. New Paphos includes the cities harbour where you can go for a relaxing walk along the coastline, enjoy a spot of shopping and indulge in a glass of wine whilst enjoy the traditional Cypriot delicacies at the locals’ favourite Manzanillo Restaurant.

AYIA NAPA: Ayia Napa is one of Cyprus’ most favoured resort town famous for its beautiful beaches. East of the town offers the popular headland Capo Greco offering an active day of sea cave exploring, cliff diving and hikes. However if it is more of a relaxing holiday you are looking for, Capo Greco also included one of Cyprus best hidden secret beaches, the pine fringed beach of Konnos Bay. A destination perfect for a relaxing day in the sun and stunning views. In the evening enjoy a walk to the Ayia Napa Monastery which stand in the centre square of Plateia Seferi. Or head down to the Ayia Napa Harbour’s family tavernas and enjoy the freshly caught seafood.

LARNACA: Larnaca is a port city on the south coast of the Island. Know for its salt lakes, sandy palm-lined promenades and medieval castle there is much to explore around this city. Alternate between the two main seafronts Finikoudes Beach and Mackenzie Beach, where you can find sandy beaches, an array of restaurants, bars and ice cream parlous. The cities Ali G Salt Lake is encircled by nature trails and populated by flocks of flamingoes, and the perfect place to enjoy the early summer sunset. Experience Laranca’s culture at the the 9th century church of Saint Lazarus containing the tomb of the saint said to have risen from the dead. Along with taking a trip down to the medieval fortress of Larnaca Castle which serves as an open-air theatre and local history museum displaying a vast collection of archaeology exhibits.

LIMASSOL: Limassol is a city off the southern coast of the island. Home to some of Cyprus’ prettiest and wealthiest vineyards, the city celebrates its annual wine festival between the months of August and September. Known for the centuries-old Limassol Castle, in addition to the Cyprus Medieval Museum which presents a collection of pottery, tombstones and artefacts dating back to the Neolithic to the Roman periods. The newly rebuilt Limassol marina provides views of yachts and clear seas. Carefully built to blend in with the rustic old town Limassol it is a sight to see. From fine dinning to bars, shopping to cafes the marina is a place for everyone to enjoy and relax.

NICOSIA: Also known as Lefkosia, Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus. However unlike any other standing capital, Nicosia is the only divided capital city in the world. With the visible UN buffer line the ‘Green Line’ floating in the sky of the city it holds rich history and is a constant reminder of Cyprus’ patriots. With the ability to cross into Northern Cyprus take a day trip and see the beautiful ruins of the cities remains. Not forgetting to visit the famous Golden Beach also known as the turtle beach in Famagusta. With numerous galleries, museums and shopping malls the city is filled with activities. However to gain the true Cypriot experience enjoy a day and night trip to the old town Nicosia. Walk through the authentic cobbled streets, shop at the one of a kind Cypriot boutiques, and enjoy a outdoor dinner at the local restaurants. All whilst listening to the sound of the Greek Bouzouki playing by the locals sat in the corner cafes.


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