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08. WORK ON VACAY "All about the beans and balminess." For the workaholics, find our list of coffee shops perfect for you.



Enjoying Accra without the price. We explore where to stay, eat and party for no more than you want to pay.

Christmas. A time that often presents a unique opportunity to completely unwind and step away from some of life’s mustdos, catch up with friends and family and reflect on the year as it becomes a thing of the past.



BACK TO BACK - CHRISTMAS NIGHTS OUT Do you think you can party every night over Christmas? DAME Africa has a party calendar just for you!


Fear not! We’ve got you covered with the best places across Accra for you to catch all of your favourite matches over the festive period.



Legon Botanical Gardens in Accra should be every Family's dream.

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ADAORA UZOR Editor-In-Chief & Managing Partner



Nomad. One of the most intriguing and inspiring words to come to life in recent years. The word, single-handedly denotes freedom, creativity, exploration and an ultimate sense of one who take control of her destiny, one who is demands more from life and one who is simple unstoppable, unphased, undeterred. My friends, meet the nomad. Born of millenials who want more from life, the idea of generating independent income streams is increasingly becoming more than just an idea to many people all over the world, making it possible to work and see the world. What is better than the idea of lounging by the coast and taking your day job with you. Yes, people are really doing this, the question is why aren’t you? 5

Hello everyone and welcome to this Christmas edition of DAME Africa magazine. Is it me or did 2018 disappear like a hot gooey, chewy chocolate cookie? Well, I hope you have all had an amazing year and are ready to seize every moment of 2019!


very year we hype ourselves up to make the coming year the most amazing, most fulfilling year of our lives and by February we’re looking in the mirror and cannot even remind ourselves of the promises we made two month prior. The good news is that this year, more so than ever, there seems to be an increase in young people taking their careers, life and money into their own hands, leveraging their skills and resources and freeing themselves from lack-luster employment. I’ve spent time with girls who have cried at the burning desires to achieve their dreams. Tears of a passion to do more than the average, to explore their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and control their day to day. And to be honest, those tears make me really really happy because they tell me that this girl really wants this and once she finds her self-belief she will be unstoppable. I, as I’m sure you also, can completely relate to these feelings because let’s face it, there is so much more to life than working a 9-5 towards destination Pension. There is an incredible world to see and dreams to conquer. If you dream of taking control of your future, your time and your money, I’ve sprinkled a few key principles you should inject into your consciousness as you step into 2019:


Develop an appreciation of your time as the most valuable commodity you have the ability to leverage The beauty of working for yourself is you can often control when, where and how you work. On the flip side, it is very

easy to lose sight of your input (time) to output (money, fulfilment, happiness) ratio and spend additional hours in the office for no additional reward. In other words you may be be in a situation where there is a fair exchange imbalance. Take some time and think about how well you are valuing your time, how much time you are putting into work and whether you are getting a fair exchange for your input. Once you understand this and where you are personally, your mind will increasing tune into getting more for your time and hopeful catapult you into making changes to redress the imbalance.


Self-evaluate regularly based on patterns that have stood the test of time. Having worked in the corporate world for nearly 10 years, I learned two major things about myself - 1. I love diving into short term or constantly evolving projects; 2. I don’t particularly like being told how to service my clients (by anyone including my clients i.e. I like to set my own rules) and 3. I am incredibly thorough but only when I love what I do. It was not until last month that I actually made these observations by identifying patterns of feelings experienced in the various roles I have held during my career and now that I have identified these traits, I was able to evaluate all the ventures and areas I am interested in and filter through to those that are most likely to make me happy in the long term. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable


This may not be the most original piece 6

of advice on my list today but it is a major key. Nothing extraordinary comes from doing the ordinary. We all have things we mindlessly love doing that are actually zapping heaps of time that we could be leveraging for success. So kick your time wasting habits and learn new habits that can contribute to your success.

My prayer for you is that once you get to your destination you discover it is only a 60% pitstop and you continue to excel beyond your wildest dreams.


Network - leverage the people around you and allow them to leverage

you There has never been a time of greater connectivity than the present. You are literally a scroll and a click away from practically anyone. Tell me one person you have absolutely no idea how to contact. OK let’s not go down the 3,2,1 degrees of separation street but you get my point. Even consider those in close physical proximity to you, friends, colleague and remember competition is healthy but collaboration is powerful.


Know your destination and start the journey where you are.

Visualisations are a tool entrepreneurs rave about. Pick up any how to entrepreneur, success, get rich book and there’s guaranteed to be a chapter or 4 in there about visualisations. I’m not sure I’m there yet with speaking to the universe but I do know how important it is to start with the bigger picture when it comes to your ambition. Think about it this way -

you wouldn’t get into your car and start driving without knowing or having an idea of where you would like to get to, would you? Similarly, there is so much value in picturing where you want to be and what the height of success looks like for you. Then map your way back, joining the dots backwards and identify the first few steps you need to take to start your journey to that dream destination.

My prayer for you is that once you get to your destination you discover it is only a 60% pitstop and you continue to excel beyond your wildest dreams. Love Adaora 7

Work on Vacay All about the beans and balminess There’s something therapeutic about the smell of coffee beans being brewed – if you know, you know. But if you don’t know, well, there’s still hope for you to join the clique. Not long ago, coffee shops in Accra were few and far between. Fast forward and there’s one mushrooming on every street corner. Now I’m spoilt for choice every time my thirst for some coffee surfaces, when I want to organise a quick meet or when I need to zone into a creative space. Nonetheless, such a dilemma is integral for the culture and tourism setup of Accra. A herculean task indeed but in no particular order, here are the picks of the litter in Accra’s coffee shop conversation. 8



‘House Majimbooo!’ and that’s just the way it goes. When you hear that phrase chorused by the eternally genial Vida employees, you know you just stepped into a Vida e Caffé branch. They sell you more than just eatables, the vibe is top notch as well. It’s energy, energy, energy from the minute you walk in – most likely the kind of energetic space you will like to be in if you need to be productive. Regardless of the size of company you walk in with, Vida can house you. I dare say with a pumped out chest, that Vida makes the meanest mocha drink in Accra. The perfection is realised when you can taste sweet chocolate and also just enough coffee to remind you that the mocha is still a coffee based drink. The cold drinks also make a case for themselves with the signature frios serving as a popular order among Vida first-timers and regulars alike. With salads, sandwiches, pastries and breakfast combos on hand to provide a cocktail of options, it is pretty easy to understand why each Vida branch gets so much traffic. You can sample Vida’s greatness in Labone, East legon, at Airport Shell, One Airport Square, Junction Mall, ICON House and Ridge. What is more impressive is the fact that the high standard cuts across all the branches. So, you see, there really isn’t any reason for you not to be on that Vida train.




A unique and unforgettable name. A household name. A leader in the game. A favorite of many. The reputation speaks for itself. Café Kwae. This establishment is also not just a coffee bar but has loads more to offer on its diverse and highly innovative menu. Beware, it takes a supreme amount of willpower to just grab a coffee and move out of Café Kwae. Yvette’s all-round attention to detail can be immediately picked out and it makes one feel at home. The small tables outside, with the weather on its best behavior, offer a more than ideal spot to have your coffee. Similarly, in the shop, it’s a mix of an intimate affair and ‘fraternity’ flavor with small tables and a large wooden table (that makes the room feel like a boardroom for brainstorming sessions) to receive just about anyone and everyone. The Apple Berry Cashew salad deserves a place in any museum but you can pretend your stomach is ‘any museum’. The crowning glory here is how there is an experience hidden in just about anything you purchase at Café Kwae. The imperious One Airport Square Building, right in the hub of Accra, houses Café Kwae. 10


Deep down everyone needs a second cup of whatever their hooked on. It’s just one of those things you don’t need to fight. With engaging spaces, Second Cup Coffee Co. invites you to sit back and have multiple rounds of your favorite beverages and possibly, even make additions to your favorites’ list. Located in the heart of Accra Mall, Palace Shopping Center, Achimota Retail Center, West Hills Mall and on the Osu Oxford street, every Second Cup branch feeds off the energy from its macrocosms to create an environment which is almost always bustling. All the perfectly lit Second Cup spaces have a contemporary feel with boothseating setups to facilitate ‘business over coffee conversations’ as well as various other seating arrangements for whichever purpose. Out there in the Second Cup world it is about more than just coffee. The roster above the counter makes it very clear and could leave you in a limbo for a while. The parfaits and smoothies get a lot of love from most people but the artisan infused tea is a gem that seems to have gone under most people’s radar.




Wake up and cake up! East Legon and its environs, listen up. This multifaceted café located in East Legon is just a stone’s throw away from Agape House New Testament Church and is the quintessential spot to make your coffee run in the morning. With trendy décor and an eternal soul-taming vibe, Café Jackie Dee easily passes for the place to be any time of the day. In keeping with the generic nature of most eateries in Ghana, their menu incorporates meals which can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is truly all-inclusive as healthy bunnies can always have their full salads, undiluted smoothies et al while the more liberated bunch can go wild with the exotic meaty choices, lipsmacking pastries and shakes. The traditional coffee types are available and an option to embellish these drinks with white chocolate, caramel etc should not be overlooked. With ready-made richly flavored cakes and muffins on hand to offer a perfect complement to your drink, Café Jackie Dee is definitely a worthy investment in one’s happiness. They’ve certainly done their homework on customer relations given that Aunty Lisa and her girls can’t help but fashion a smile and be attentive to every visitor’s minute needs. There is a modest salon in the café which also offers a quick glow up while you enjoy your order. Definitely a hidden gem in these streets. 12



ne of my favourite things to do at any time of the year when life gets stuffed with responsibilities and I find myself forgetting to make time to care for my mind and body, is to bid farewell to the rest of the world, check into a hotel on a Friday night and spend an entire weekend awakening and releasing endorphins - just me, myself and I. Here’s a list of options for making sure your self-love weekend is just what you need. Friday night- your home for the weekend. For this special weekend, you’ll need a haven that allows you to start as you mean to continue; one that offers versatility and luxury and the first place that comes to mind is Movenpick Ambassador Hotel. Luxury, sophistication and an exquisite lounge bar to set the night off right. Movenpick’s comfortable rooms and great views make for an excellent foundation for your weekend. And for the main event... an ultimate treat to indulge in; the one thing no selflove weekend is complete with - a spa day. Across Accra there are a number of spas so you can venture away from your haven to another for a full day of pampering. Movenpick’s wellness centre, delivering intense relaxation. While you’re here and if you want your weekend to be one of absolute seclusion from the buzzing outdoors of Accra city, step into Movenpick’s wellness centre and spoil yourself with one of the many thai spa massages on offer. Niobe Spa, where your escape from the ordinary begin. 13

LOVE THY SELF This spa is woven through many establishments across Accra and beyond. From the prestigious African Regent Hotel, East Airport to Lizzy Sports Complex, East Legon and their latest branch at 39 La Tebu Crescent, East Cantonment; Niobe Spa offers a sanctuary of relaxation, offering a range of treatments to delight your body and mind. Allure Spa in the City, a place to rejuvenate and restore. As its name denotes, this day spa in Accra is designed to draw your senses into a state of calmness and bliss. They combine ancient forms of natural therapy and healing with modern technology to help you rebuild capacity, reduce stress, release tension and rejuvenate. 14

Christmas on the beach


hristmas. A time that often presents a unique opportunity to completely unwind and step away from some of life’s must-dos, catch up with friends and family and reflect on the year as it becomes a thing of the past.

The beauty of an Accra Christmas is that the last thing you will want is to be cooped up indoors around a fire - not that this doesn’t also have a charm of its own. An accra christmas is vibrant, activity-filled and blessed with gorgeous, beaming sunlight all day and a warm summer's breeze all night, perfect conditions for Christmas on the beach. The city of Accra is a capsule of hustle and bustle, encased by the beautiful coast which delivers a number of beaches for you to escape to.


Coco Beach Coco Beach is frequently referenced as one of the prettiest beaches in Accra. Its landscape is 6 acres of pure, undisturbed relaxation which is perfect for a quiet evening stroll. Labadi Beach Easily the most popular beach in Accra, Labadi Pleasure Beach is a hybrid of beach and city life. If you are looking for an activity filled beach with an array w eateries and bars to keep you going then this is the beach for you. Kokrobite Beach If you are looking for the untapped nature of Coco beach but a more subdued offering of food joints and facilities of Labadi beach, then this may be just the one for you. This beach offers an appreciated balance, allowing you to relax in peace or enjoy a cold beer Bojo Beach When it comes to beaches in Accra, Bojo beach is one that scrapes the top of the pick for many people. The idyllic beach offer serene views, soft sand and crashing waves. The beach holds a special charm over its visitors who enjoy the scenes of local fishermen at work tilapia farming and fishing. Bojo Beach

Kokotobite Beach

Labadi Beach 16

Back to Back - Christmas nights out




Twist Club

Republic Bar





25 th 27 th


Carbon Live

Sky Bar 25


Bloom Bar








Carbon Airport


th 17

WHERE TO STAY Kempinski - a haven of luxury and first class service. This hotel is the place to stay to set the foundation of a 5 star experience in Accra. Set within a contemporary, captivating building, the property has 269 of the largest luxury rooms in the city, fabulous suites and a spa coined the largest spa in West Africa. The price tag for the splendour of Kempinski is approximately $357 / per night

Big Spenders There’s no denying that Accra isn’t the cheapest place to holiday, however, there are levels to this… Accra offers the opportunity to live lavishly, enjoying many high-end delights during your stay. 18

WHERE TO EAT Whether it's a date, dinner with the boys, or a quiet night for one, dine in opulence at Santoku. This classy restaurant is wellrecognised for its elegance and exquisite Japanese cuisine. With an international team of sushi chefs, excellent wait-staff and master mixologists, Santoku delivers fresh and tasty food and an all-round classy experience. Meals range from 120 - 350 cedis

WHERE TO PARTY There is an array of bars and clubs across Accra to enjoy but for a good night and superb service fit for a King, Carbon is the place to spend your night. You’ll have all you need, from great music to great table service to help you party like a rockstar. Price tag - well the drinks flow all night so how much can you handle? 19



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Sleep, eat, drink, repeat Enjoying Accra without the price For the proudly frugal amongst us, choosing a holiday destination may be even more exciting when you realise what your sterling or dollar can get you, allowing you to live a lavish life without making a dent in the bank. I would like to say Ghana offers this but my friend, the truth is Ghana dey cost o! The good news is the high price tags are not universal and there are a number of places you can select for a more cash-friendly and enjoyable experience.

Stay in the heart of the city Urbano hotel offers comfortable, affordable accommodation in the centre of the Accra action. Located in Osu, Oxford Street, we won’t miss a beat from this hotel. 21

Food, drink and sports at Honeysuckle Honeysuckle is a pub-style establishment with a broad blended menu to please. From fried yam to juicy wings to delicious, this place gives you flavoursome food, great service and comfort at every visit without the price tag.

Setting the tone for the night We don’t care what anyone has to say, the best nights start at Purple Pub! A popular street bar with great music, an infectious buzz and the infamous five fingers cocktail aka the sweet killer is the perfect place to meet friends, pre-drink and leave with your pocket half full for the rest of the night.

The real turn up Now Accra offers something for everyone’s definition of a real turn up. For the easy-going, fun, social butterfly, head to Bloombar for an outdoor, vibrant night of good music, good cocktails and good company. For the clubbers, Twist is the only place to be. 22

The pick of the lot - African Opulence


here where the iridescence of Africa pierces through opaque surfaces, the fever of the live melodies painstakingly caresses you, and your taste buds form an instant bond with the tang of your meal, that’s where THE BUKA rises — and stands tallest among her contemporaries. In the words of the renowned Pan-African leader, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, ‘Africa must unite!’ Now, show me a better way to knit Africa together other than the use of food and I will show you a sour cube of sugar. Fortunately for us all, THE BUKA is alive to this fact. This is your restaurant that prides itself in being a pan African restaurant and does well to bring Dr. Nkrumah’s words to life; I guarantee you it is that feel-it-all, eat-it-all spot. Rustic but with a dose of sophistication, THE BUKA offers a warm embrace with its depiction of the quintessential

traditional African opulence as its setting. A 360-degree swivel of the head in the main dining area will see you greeted by bamboo and wooden structures…and oh, a well-stocked bar. On Wednesday and Friday, the tempo is turned up a notch. You will be serenaded with soulful renditions of ageless African tunes from a live band when you grace the BUKA premises. You see, BUKA sells you more than just food, the experience is unparalleled. Unto the culinary excellence, believe the hype, Nana’s Special Light Soup is indeed one of the many stars of the show. Imagine a bowl of soup littered with peppered snails, crab, fish and other delightful accompaniments – definitely worth starting a spoon-fight with your date over. Renowned political figure, Nana Ohene-Ntow is the inspiration behind the soup’s name tag and it is so exceptional that it is only served between

12 and 3pm each day. A hefty plate of lustrous aprapransa and an intimidating crab (just the way I like it) will also leave you with a ray of sunshine all over your face. The allure of that glorious plate was indeed something to behold – love at first sight, if you do believe in that. The real question to ask is, ‘What can’t you get over at THE BUKA?’ If you’re in the mood to transcend beyond the shores of Ghana, a plate of plump amala from THE BUKA is a more than gratifying choice. And with myriad meat and fish doused in egusi soup to complete the equation, that much-talked about Nigerian goodness can be tasted right here in Accra. There is more than enough charisma over at THE BUKA to suck everyone into her bosom this Christmas. So what are you waiting for? 23

An Oil of Ghana


rom a young age, and by young I mean the teenage years of brewing vanity, there has always been one special request on my list of homecoming gifts passed through to friends and family returning from a visit to Ghana - without me may I add. Known as a natural beauty product of Ghana, Shea butter is a household favourite, loved for its incredible benefits to skin and hair. Whether it’s to repair your hair, skin or even cracked lips, Shea Butter’s rich, moisturising agents prove to be the perfect substance to keep you glowing and popping all year round. 24

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Shea butter for hair Shea butter for skin Shea butter comes from a nut of the African Shea tree which absolutely must grow in the fountain of youth as one of the key benefits is skin cell regeneration aka younger looking skin. Shea Butter helps with your skins tissue cell regeneration which is the softening of the skin. This not only helps to combat the first signs of aging but also helps with the appearance of wrinkles that already exist.

Being a natural, I know first hand the benefits of Shea butter on hair due to its ultra moisturising and nourishing properties, this creamy oil is the ultimate hair food of life! Its creamy thick texture makes it a brilliant sealant and conditioning agent bringing dry, frizzy locks to life.

If you are lucky enough for wrinkles to be the last thing on your hit list, Shea butter is a wonderful and powerful moisturiser packed with vitamin E and A. Dry skin, be gone! 25

Christmas is a time for giving and shopping


hristmas is a time for giving and shopping! Thankfully there is a wide choice of malls across Accra and here are just a few favourites for you to get that last minute shopping done in your quest to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Accra Mall Located at Spintex Road Open Tues - Sat: 10:00 - 22:00 and Mon & Sun: 24 hours

Marina Mall Located at Airport City Open Mon-Sat: 09:00 - 21:00 and Sun: 12:00 - 20:00 A&C Mall Located at Jungle Road, East Legon Open Mon - Sun: 08:00 - 18:00

Junction Mall Located at Nungua Open Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00 26

Cost of eating out in the city

Brunch Bistro 22 Fresh, flavoursome gourmet food all day. Average cost of a starter, an option from the lunch menu and a drink - 118 cedis Address: 22 Ndabaningi Sithole Rd, Accra, Ghana

Cafe Kwae

Burger and Relish

Quirky little cafe with a huge, exciting all day menu Average cost of brunch with a brunch cocktail - 80 cedis Address: Ground Floor, One Airport Square, Airport City, Accra, Ghana

American style joint with great looking, tasty burgers Average cost of a starter, main and a drink - 100 cedis East Legon: A&C Mall, Legon, Ghana Osu: Dadebu Rd, Accra, Ghana 27

Coco lounge


One of Accra's most recommended spots for class, ambience and high quality food with a menu boasting of an array of dishes, spanning across and pulling together a range of internationally recognised cuisines. Dishes range from 45 - 85 cedis Address: Icon House, Stanbic Heights, N Liberation Link, Accra, Ghana

Urban Grill High-end dining with amazingly delicious food and a wine collection from around the world to satisfy any palette. Dishes range from 55 - 250 cedis Address: Icon House, N Liberation Link, Accra, Ghana

AM:PM Dishes that pack a punch and the perfect spot to catch live sports whilst enjoying one of their crafted cocktails. Dishes range from 45 - 130 cedis Address: 16 N Airport Rd, Accra, Ghana 28


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Hence, finding the ideal spot to host the undying adrenaline-themed exploits of the youth, while simultaneously providing older folks with the serenity and comfort to ring out their deep laughter and ideas, will definitely be the gateway to pulling off a family day out worth everyone’s while.


hat’s Christmas without a family day out? When all hopes to get the family in one space seem to be lost, Christmas comes around. There’s always that one day during the Christmas season set aside to remind ourselves that family is all we’ve got. Hugs lasting longer than usual, smiles refusing to fade, laughter getting lost in the trees and conversations eating into the night. What’s there not to relish about these? The family system in Ghana traditionally identifies with the principles of collectivism where it is natural to have differing generations intertwined with one another.

From the maze of walkways to the greens that envelope the place, Legon Botanical Gardens is the place you should be bookmarking for your family day out. A large portion of what seems like boundless Legon land has been converted into an all-inclusive spot that serves entertainment and therapeutic needs, among others. Rope climbing offers a pulsating experience for the younger generations, with laughter and shrieks chorusing around the course. As if that is not enough, there are levels of courses and a zip-line that make up the High Rope Course, tempting older kids to pit their wits against height and hope that their zest will pull them through. A walk around the grounds is an adventure in itself because you are due to find abandoned platforms that make you feel closer to the second republic, and a nursery with limitless flowers and plants to beef up your floral knowledge. Back on the main scene, chirp chirp will be enough to attract all generations to the bird watching and feeding section of the park. 30

There’s also the avenue to embark on jolly canoe rides that shuffle groups between islands and peninsulas, while closely conferencing with elements of nature. To enjoy the cordiality of nature, the more secluded woodlands will be the opportune spot for the older folks to recline their seats and inhale all of nature’s juices while sharing their hearty laughs. They can go into overdrive rest mode knowing that the youngest of the kids will be occupied in the play area, with diverse play structures and watchful attendants at their disposal. With a barrage of activities to engage in across acres of land, a giant map, however complex to decipher, sign posts and a board full of rates are stationed at vantage points in order to facilitate the movement and decision-making of visitors. The user-friendly campaign by the management of the park reverberates through their website where useful information about facilities can also be readily discovered.


*As part of our Christmas special, we explore

a novel attraction on the entertainment scene. Buckle Up. * If there was ever a good time to appreciate the splattering of mud and the labyrinth workings of a trail, this is it. When the turbo engines are revved and the offroad tires screech to a less than melodic tune, then you know you are in den full of ATV and Quad Bikes. It is not far-fetched to categorize some, if not all, facets of Ghanaian culture as accommodating. Travel and modernity have seen the introduction of concepts that are largely considered non-native onto the local scene, although the core of the cultural makeup remains intact. However, Accra still has some way to go to fill its ‘entertaining activities to do here’ sheet, but then again, there is no ceiling for liberal, want-to-do-it-allindividuals across the world. In a bid to fill up that sheet, step forward The Aburi ATV & Quad Centre.


The first of its kind in Ghana and definitely candy for the free-spirited, The ATV & Quad Centre has entered the fray at an opportune time – Christmas season. A period in Accra where the city is bustling with energy and human traffic tops each preceding year. The December 1st grand opening of this quad center adds a much needed spin to the hitherto formulaic Christmas entertainment list. The center boasts of muddy courses (among other equally electrifying tracks and courses that extend into the Aburi mountains) that elevate the thrill of riding. A plethora of bikes are also available for the bike connoisseurs to choose from and try out those jaw-dropping stunts. Similarly, tutorials are available for novices like me who just to get this activity of their bucket lists. Quite possibly, the center’s full potential is realized when you visit with your squad. Pitting your wits against one another in a custom league raises the stakes and has the bragging rights more coveted than ever. Children are also not left out of the fun, as the center offers packages to accommodate them. I might have caused you to question your geographical knowledge of Ghana, with respect to Accra and Aburi. The truth is, the N4 Highway has facilitated the marriage between Accra and Aburi so now, the 40 odd minute journey seems shorter than ever. VISIT THE INSTAGRAM PAGE OF THE ABURI ATV AND QUAD CENTER to stay updated on new developments. 33


‘Accra Stay by Plan’ The phrase that means everything and nothing. In December, chances are you are more within an earshot of hearing these words than you are seeing snow fall in Accra. Natives of Accra appear to be arithmetic gurus in terms of their finances, while stopping at nothing to live their best lives. Indeed, this is a testament to the city that can only be killed by enjoyment and never turns down a call to duty.

original war atmosphere with the entire environment. Players are more inclined to feel and think like actual troops when they get hooked to the battle layout, despite being deeply immersed in the high-spiritedness and fun of the game.

All suited and booted up, greenery everywhere, hopper stacked, barrel pointed, in pole position, target locked, ready to unload on the enemy. Something like Battlefield or Call of Duty but this time around, set right here in Accra. With the largest paintball arena in Accra, Doom Paintball Ghana affords you the luxury of enacting your favorite videogame moves in real time. In light of all the linear, monotonous paintball setups that involve just being handed guns and told to shoot one another with no sense of intricacies nor tactical nuances being deployed, the brains behind this arena have sought to create an

accommodating of new troops who are eager to show what they have got for the first time. Their packages are dependent on the number of bullets you and your team are going to need and there is gear in all sizes. With an effervescent online presence, information about Doom’s services can be readily acquired from their Instagram page (doom_paintball), coupled with some interesting facts about paintballing in general.

Just about a year on from its grand opening, Doom manages sees some regular faces on a fortnight basis, while being equally


Premier League over Christmas? 36


remier League over Christmas? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with the best places across Accra for you to catch all of your favourite matches over the festive period.


Champs Sports Bar



DAME AFRICA CITY STORIES HELLO KWARLEYZ RESIDENCE 61 years on and after every blink of the eye, there is an impressive real next street corner in Accra. As far as sporadic development in Accra goes, the real estate block has received one of the better ends of the deal and the evidence is there for all to see. 2018 saw yet another addition to the ballooning real estate family in Accra. To close out September, Kwarleyz Residence arrived unto the scene in a manner that could only be described with one word: splendor. In a room filled with familiar on-screen faces and bigwigs, Nana Kwame Bediako, a Ghanaian business mogul, was given the audience to officially launch his 5-star contemporary real-estate project. Kwarleyz Residence, managed by Ascott Limited, features serviced apartments of various kinds which bring luxury, architectural ingenuity and elegant design schemes to the fold. Residents are also privy to the comfort of a sophisticated gym, a swimming pool, a bar that overlooks the Airport City, an all-day dining room and more. Surely, Kwarleyz is your home away from home. YOU CAN LOCATE KWARLEYZ RESIDENCE INSIDE AIRPORT RESIDENTIAL AREA. IT IS INDEED AN UNMISSABLE EDIFICE

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The All Africa Music Awards is 5 years old and for the first time, the annual event was hosted in Accra, Ghana. From November 21st to

Copyright AFRIMA 2018

November 24th, tourism was the focus and Accra was littered with more diverse faces of Africa than usual, which reinforced the Pan-Africanism

that the show hinges on. It was sheer delight throughout the 4-day fest as the underlying idea since the conception of this event has been to showcase Pan-Africanism through music and culture. The segmented continent of Africa has dynamic musical influences, melodies and structures that need to be appreciated. There is no better way than this to get these myriad musical personalities into one space to celebrate and feed off one another. Amidst the flurry of entertaining activities and thrilling musical performances on the awards night and in the clubs, major stakeholders in the music industries of Africa also parleyed on how to fully realize the potential African music has from

an economic perspective. Credence was given to the depthless well of musical and artistic talent spread across the continent but the absence of an efficient structure to aid in the monetizing and promotion of musical craft/talent proves to be the continent’s Achilles heel. On the awards front, Nigerian heavyweight Davido bagged the most coveted accolade of the night as he was adjudged the African Artist of the year. The night was equally memorable for Teddy Osei of Osibisa fame and Yvonne Chaka Chaka who were celebrated for their legendary status on the continent, as well as Afrotonix, Betty G, GuiltyBeatz, Fally Ipupa, 2Baba a host of other hardworking artists who we awarded for their stellar years in music. 39

ROYAL VISIT November 10, 1961, HM Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Ghana for her 5-day tour of the newly independent nation. This iconic moment will be referenced 57 years later when other highranking members of the Royal Family, Prince Charles; the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camila; the Duchess of Cornwall, made a stop in Ghana during their tour of Africa. From November 2nd through to November 6th, Ghana played host to the Prince and his wife and treated the pair to an array of fine cultural and social displays just as is characteristic in any African household. The underlying purpose of the royal visit was to bolster the age-old ties and values that exist between the UK and the Commonwealth nations, and dialogue on mutual priorities. Being big on modern-day environmental issues, the Prince also met with some stakeholders in the industrial league and had a roundtable dialogue about the long-term effects of plastic pollution, where he championed the usage of the law to keep our environment on the right side of the line.

circles were invited to light up the room and create a real diversity in conversations. The royal couple also jetted off to Kumasi, in the Ashanti region of Ghana, where tradition and culture through the chieftaincy is popularised internationally. They were guests-of-honor at a traditional durbar held at the renowned Manhyia Palace and were given a graceful tour of sections of the Kumasi city. While in Kumasi, the Duchess in her capacity as the President of the Women of the World Festival, also attended an event for Ghanaian women in leadership positions and charged women to support one another in their quest to level the gender playing field.

As part of Ghana’s hosting package for the royal couple, the office of the presidency held a state banquet where notable figures in art, business, media and culture 40



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