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Church Budget Report Needed Each Week $4,352.94

Received Last Sabbath $2,925.00

Needed to date 2013 $100,117.62

Variance -$1,427.94

Received 2013 $103,018.14

Variance $2,900.52

Church Calendar: June 22-29 Today 1:00 pm Sun 3:00 pm Mon 6:00 pm Tues 10:00 am Wed 6:00 pm 6:30 pm Sabbath 11:00 am

Potluck: Schlapa Art & Vivian’s Wedding Praise/Prayer Bible Study Fellowship Meal & Bible Study Light Your World Speaker: Alistair Huong Potluck: Schleier

LTES Gymnasium Sanctuary Conference Room Suggs Home Chung’s Home Conference Room Sanctuary




Pam Blackwell (June 22), Elaine Dyer Green (June 27)

Anniversaries Winston & Wanda Stephens (June 24)

Contact Information: Pastor-Chester Clark III Head Elder- Jeff White LTES Principal-Vicky Lauritzen Church Secretary-Nicole Humphrey Church Email Church Website Church Address/Phone Number PO Box 1526, Dalton, GA 30722

501/520-1315 706/218-1755 706/278-2736 423/762-0659 706/226-2166

Serving Today:


Presiding Deacon: Art Hurd Greeters: Debbie Paulson & Shirley Poer Audio-Visual: Phil Rafey Organist: Vivian Raitz

Tonight: 8:59 pm Next Fri.: 8:59 pm

JUNE 22, 2013

Adult Sabbath School

Sabbath Worship Service

June 22, 2013 9:30 am-10:30 am

Lesson Study

“Heaven’s Best Gift” (Zechariah) Sanctuary: John Chung & Bryan Cheever-Right Front Sanctuary: Kelson Smith & Elaine Hayden-Left Rear Conference Room: Jeff White & Bob Pepper Parlor: Tony Neal

Praise Songs

9:30 am—10:30 am

LTES Downstairs LTES Downstairs LTES Downstairs LTES 5-6 Classroom LTES Downstairs LTES 7-8 Classroom

John & Kathy

Call To Worship

Children & Youth Sabbath School Classes Cradle Roll (Birth- 3) Kindergarten (Ages 4-6) Primary (Ages 7-9) Junior (Ages 10-12) Earliteen (Ages 13-15) Youth (Ages 16-22)

June 22, 2013-10:45 am

Adult Classes

Sally Garrido Linda Chung Alyssa Partlo Chad Schlisner Shawn Burks Joseph Liles

Dalton SDA Church Announcements VISITORS - Welcome to the Dalton Seventh-day Adventist Church! Let us know how we may serve you by filling out a Welcome Card found in the Sanctuary pews and placing it in an offering plate during the Tithes & Offerings time. Please join us in the gym for a fellowship meal after the service.

2nd Reading for transfers: TRANSFER OUT: Debra Salyer to Brayton SDA Church in Graysville, TN TRANSFER IN: Tiffany Gordon from Calhoun SDA in Calhoun, GA Arthur Carlson and Vivian Raitz would like to cordially invite the church family to attend their wedding here in the sanctuary tomorrow Sunday, June 23, at 3:00 p.m. Also to the reception, which follows, in the gym. No gifts, please. Please see picture on the small foyer bulletin board! Praise & Prayer Requests Vivian & Art as they begin their new life together

Holy Ground



Pastor Chester Clark III

Opening Hymn

Showers of Blessings

Tithes & Offerings


GA Conference Ministries

John Chung

Offertory Music

Keni & Heather Neal

Lamb’s Offering

John Chung

Children's Story

Duane Schlapa

Intercessory Prayer

Jeff White

Special Music

Keni & Heather Neal


Psalm 82:2

Sermon Closing Hymn

Jeff White

The Good News About Judgement Pastor Chester Clark III Christ the Lord, All Power Possessing

Benediction Postlude and Dismissal


Pastor Chester Clark III Vivian Raitz

Dalton SDA Church June 22 Announcements Pg. 2 What a blessing to have new carpet and walls! Many people worked extremely hard to make this possible. We need to express our appreciation to Southern Accessories & Accents, which is owned by Debbie Davis, for all their help in refurbishing our church. They have generously given advice and purchased items for us at no charge and provided their services at their own cost. We need also to thank Jerry Henderson for his services in getting the carpet for us. Along with Valerie Jackson for organizing and making the church renovation possible. When you see these people, please say Thank you for all they have done to help the church with this project. GOLF TOURNAMENT: Registration is now open for the Dave Cress Memorial Golf Tournament on September 22 at the Nob North Golf Course in Cohutta, Georgia. Proceeds go toward a scholarship fund for student tuition assistance at Southern Adventist University. Fees are $65 each for those who sign up before July 15 ($75 after that date). For more information visit or call (423) 236-2829 July 14 - 21, 2013 - The Natural Remedies Seminar The theme is “Natural Remedies” which will focus on the basics of what it is and its usage. Topics will include Natural Remedies Myths, Depression, Chronic Pain, GMO, Nutrition, and much more! Daily there will be a hands-on cooking class. In the afternoons, there will be 12 hours of practical training in Hydrotherapy, Massage, and Food Preservation. There will also be a 3 hour track on Poultices. For more information or to register, call 1.800.844.1099 {ext 1043} or 423-521-5058. Registration is OPEN!!! The Special Early Bird price is $369 until May 6th (Regular price is $450). July 31 - August 4, 2013 - The Regaining Eden Seminar The theme is “By Beholding” which is based on the premise that whatever you behold will eventually transform you, whether positively or negatively. Topics will include What is Abuse, Depression, Overcoming Anger and Bitterness, Sustaining Your Emotional Health, Pornography, How Food Affect Recovery, and much more! Daily there will be a 3 hour cooking class and a Q & A Session. For more information or to register, call 1.800.844.1099 {ext 1043} or 423-521-5058. Registration is OPEN!!! The Early Bird price is $270 until June 3rd.

Dalton SDA Church June 22 Announcements Pg. 3 Sermon Notes, June 22, 2013:

June 22, 2013  

Dalton SDA Bulletin

June 22, 2013  

Dalton SDA Bulletin