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Church Budget Report Needed Each Week $4,352.94

Received Last Sabbath $3,453.50

Variance $899.44

Needed 2013 $34,823.52

Received 2013 $30,371.07

Variance -$4,452.45

Church Calendar: March 2-9 Today 1:00 pm Mon.-Fri. Mon 6:00 pm Tues 10:00 am 6:00 pm Wed 6:00 pm 6:30 pm Sabbath 11:00 am 1:00 pm

Potluck Lunch LTES Spring Break Praise/Prayer Bible Study Raitz Health Group Fellowship Meal & Bible Study Light your World- Pastor Clark Speaker: Pastor Chester Clark III Potluck Lunch-Whisenant

LTES Gym Conference Room Suggs Home Raitz Home Chung’s Home Conference Room Sanctuary LTES Gym




Nicole Humphrey (March 2), Cathi Rogers (March 2), Gideon Liles (March 2) David Nwadike (March 3), Marissa Voegele (March 3), Barbara Link (March 5) Garnett Britt (March 6), Louise Faith (March 6), Kathy Schleier (March 7) Corbin Schlisner (March 7), Kim Reed (March 8)

Contact Information: Pastor-Chester Clark III Head Elder- Jeff White LTES Principal-Vicky Lauritzen Church Email Church Website Church Office Church Address PO Box 1526

501-520-1315 706-218-1755 706-278-2736

706-226-2166 Dalton, GA 30722

Serving Today:


Presiding Deacon: Brent Goodge Greeters: Pamela Blackwell & Cathi Rogers Audio-Visual: Duane Schlapa, Matthew Pepper Organist: Vivian Raitz

Tonight: 6:37 pm Next Fri.: 6:42 pm

MARCH 2, 2013

Sabbath Worship Service

Adult Sabbath School

March 2, 2013-10:45 am

March 2, 2013 9:30 am-10:30 am

Lesson Study

“Marriage: A Gift from Eden”

Adult Classes

Sanctuary: John Chung & Bryan Cheever-Right Front Kelson Smith & Elaine Hayden-Left Rear Parlor: Tony Neal Conference Room: Jeff White & Bob Pepper

Children & Youth Sabbath School Classes 9:30 am—10:30 am

Cradle Roll (Birth- 3) Kindergarten (Ages 4-6) Primary (Ages 7-9) Junior (Ages 10-12) Earliteen (Ages 13-15) Youth (Ages 16-22)

LTES Downstairs LTES Downstairs LTES Downstairs LTES 5-6 Classroom LTES Downstairs LTES 7-8 Classroom

Roseanne Liles Eduardo Garrido Diane Schlapa Barron Stevenson Kenneth Britt Joseph Liles

Dalton SDA Church Announcements VISITORS - Welcome to the Dalton Seventh-day Adventist Church! Let us know how we may serve you by filling out a Welcome Card found in the Sanctuary pews and placing it in an offering plate during the Tithes & Offerings time. Please join us in the gym for a fellowship meal after the service. Our speaker today is Alistair Huong, former student and colleague of Pastor Clark. Though still a young person, Alistair has already had a rich experience in ministry and evangelism around the world. He has spoken widely on several continents and served as a Vice President of GYC. He recently completed a M.A. Degree at Southern Adventist University and currently serves as the Executive Director of, a ministry started by young people to offer free online messages sharing the Seventh-day Adventist message with the world.

Praise Songs Call To Worship

SAU Friends Holy Ground



Alistair Huong


Ben Nwadike

Opening Hymn

Face to Face


Tithes & Offerings

Local Church Budget

Jeff White

Lambs Offering

LTES Worthy Student

Jeff White

Children’s Story

Eduardo Garrido

Offertory Music

SAU Friends

Intercessory Prayer

Ben Nwadike

Special Music

Emily Jorge


2 Corinthians 4:6

Ben Nwadike


The Converting Light

Alistair Huong

Praise & Prayer Requests

Closing Hymn

At the Cross


Valerie Garlet’s Brother-in-law Mark-Cancer Ephraim Nwadike (Ben’s Brother)- Cancer Brenda Garrett-recuperating from shingles Tiffany Raitz-Wolfe- Lyme Disease Treatments Jamie Holmes- Thyroid Cancer Bill Paulson- Surgery/Pleural Effusion

Closing Prayer

Alistair Huong

Postlude and Dismissal

Shauna Chung

Dalton SDA Church Mar. 2 Announcements Pg. 2 Heritage Ministries would like to thank Carol Burton for donating her hand made teddy bears to those who are lonely. The bears bring such joy to the people that receive them. Thank you, Carol! GCA Academy Days: This two-day event is for students in grades 8-11 who are interested in experiencing academy life at a boarding school. Academy Days will be held March 15-16, 2013, in Calhoun, GA. Online registration is available at For more details and information, call Brigett Pangkey at 706-728-4760. LTES Fruit: March 20 will be the last day to order fruit this school year. Please support LTES by purchasing Temple Oranges, Pink Grapefruit and Citrus Samplers! 24 hour Citrus Hotline #706/529-4758 or email Thank you in advance for making this year a success!!! Sermon Notes:

Sermon Notes:

March 2, 2013  
March 2, 2013  

March 2, 2013 Bulletin