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Church Budget Report Needed Each Week $4,352.94

Received Last Sabbath $2,857.75

Needed 2013 $26,117.64

Variance -$1,495.19

Received 2013 $18,566.00

Variance -$7,551.64

Church Calendar: February 16-23 Today Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sabbath

1:00 pm Potluck Lunch 1:45 pm We Believe 6:00 pm Praise/Prayer 10:00 am Bible Study 6:00 pm Raitz Health Group 6:00 pm Fellowship Meal & Bible Study 6:30 pm Light your World- Pastor Clark 11:00 am Speaker: Pastor Chester Clark III 1:00 pm Potluck Lunch

LTES Gym Sanctuary Conference Room Suggs Home Raitz Home Chung’s Home Conference Room Sanctuary LTES Gym




Pat Hurd (February 16), Linda Bray (February 17), Maria Martinez (February 20), Nicole Tomazin (February 20), Channah Liles (February 21), Gladiola Griffin (February 22), Jerry Henderson (February 22), Ronan Neal (February 23), Tiffany Britt (February 25), Reita Suggs (February 26) Dylan Neal (February 26)

Contact Information: Pastor-Chester Clark III Head Elder- Jeff White LTES Principal-Vicky Lauritzen Church Secretary Church Email Church Website Church Office Church Address Melissa Forney PO Box 1526

501-520-1315 706-218-1755 706-278-2736 706-226-2166

706-226-2166 Dalton, GA 30722

Serving Today:


Presiding Deacon: Jerry Faith Greeters: Debbie Paulson, Shirley Poer Audio-Visual: Duane Schlapa, Matthew Pepper Organist: Vivian Raitz

Tonight: 6:23 pm Next Fri.: 6:29pm

FEBRUARY 16, 2013

Collegedale Academy

Adult Sabbath School

Concert Band

9:30 am-10:30 am

Lesson Study

Through A Glass, Darkly

Adult Classes

Sanctuary: John Chung & Bryan Cheever-Right Front Kelson Smith & Elaine Hayden-Left Rear Parlor: Tony Neal Conference Room: Jeff White & Bob Pepper

Sabbath Worship Service Feb. 16, 2013-10:45 am Prelude

“The King of Love My Shepard Is”

Praise Music

Children & Youth Sabbath School Classes 9:30 am—10:30 am

Cradle Roll (Birth- 3) Kindergarten (Ages 4-6) Primary (Ages 7-9) Junior (Ages 10-12) Earliteen (Ages 13-15) Youth (Ages 16-22)

LTES Downstairs LTES Downstairs LTES Downstairs LTES 5-6 Classroom LTES Downstairs LTES 1-2 Classroom

Heather Neal April White Melissa Forney Brianna Cheever Shawn Burks Joseph Liles

Dalton SDA Church Announcements

Holy Ground



Whitney Aumack

Opening Hymn

My Maker and My King


Tithes & Offerings

Church Budget

Brian Wright

Offertory Music

Amazing Grace

CA Band

Lambs Offering

Worthy Student

Ben Nwadike

Children’s Story

Please join us this afternoon at 1:45 pm in the sanctuary for the continuing presentation of “Who is God?

Special Music

Brent Bradley- rehabilitation Ephraim Nwadike (Ben’s Brother)- Cancer Brenda Garrett-recuperating from shingles Valerie Garlet’s brother-in-law, Mark-Heart Attack Tiffany Raitz-Wolfe- Lyme Disease Treatments Jamie Holmes- Thyroid Cancer Bill Paulson- Surgery/Pleural Effusion

John & Kathy Schleier

Call To Worship

VISITORS - Welcome to the Dalton Seventh-day Adventist Church! Let us know how we may serve you by filling out a Welcome Card found in the Sanctuary pews and placing it in an offering plate during the Tithes & Offerings time. Please join us in the gym for a fellowship meal after the service.

Praise & Prayer Requests

CA Band


Mica Myers & Susanne Clark Deuteronomy 6:4,5

Praise & Prayer


Closing Hymn

Bob Pepper American Hymn Tune Sketches Who is God? Nearer, Still Nearer

Closing Prayer Postlude

Lindsey Crumley

CA Band Pastor Chester Clark III #301 Pastor Chester Clark III

“Fanfare Prelude on Lobe Den Herren”

CA Band

*Collegedale Academy Concert Band Directed by Gregory Lindquist

February 16, 2013  

church bulletin

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